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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers!! If the show hasn't been canceled yet, it is only a matter of time.

    I was really looking forward to this show, i loved both of the Odd couple film, granted the second wan't any where as good as the original, but compared to the show was still lights years away.

    The show's acting is okay at best, i mean 50% of the time it is good and then it is over the top and unbelievable. and then at times it seems like they are not even trying to act but are just saying their lines. And this is coming from me, who actually liked their chemistry in 17 again. Both Thomas Lennon and Mathew Perry seemed like they were best friends, but in the Odd Couple it clearly isn't the case.

    The Dialogue is too cheesy, even though i see that they tried keeping original theme in mind, but it just didn't translate in to modern day through the writer of the show.

    The Laughter maker, this thing drove me nuts within the first 4 minutes. I mean it didn't stop, as if every line said, every movement, was hilariously funny.

    Overall this was a good idea and a great concept, but poorly executed.

    Give this 2/10 for the effort and the thought of bringing back great stories and ideas to life.
  • first of all they should lose the laugh track even though I am a fan of it but I think it does not fit here . I really like Matthew but to be honest he is not doing so well here especially in the first half of the season. it feels like he is reading from a paper he really can do better and he is always stressed and often kind of screaming, he needs to be more comfortable. but overall the script is good and really funny and just with some improvements this show can be great. Thomas Lennon is doing really good and I like him the most in the show. I am looking forward to the next season and I think it is going to be really good. I give it a 6 of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    America has managed some superbly crafted TV series. In no order of merit, Hill Street Blues, L.A Law, E.R. and NYPD Blue. So, what happened,,,,,here ?????.

    Someone has managed to take the superbly written Odd Couple, by Neil Simon, and turn it into the biggest load of shallow junk I've ever struggled with, I say struggled, because I truly wanted to like it, and I am also amazed that Mathew Perry is involved with the production of this series.?????

    I don't need to tell mature film fans, that the original Odd Couple movie is a classic. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau hit the nail right on the head. Thanks to the genius script writing of Neil Simon.

    I honestly cannot understand why Mathew Perry wanted any part of this garbage?????

    If American can touch base with superb human drama's as above, why cant they do the same with comedy.???????. Mathew Perry, you are acting your heart out with what amounts to shallow junk......
  • Rick34437 April 2016
    It is so hard to get into this show today when you were so use to watching the original Odd Couple show. No one can be such a slob as Jack Klugman, he played that role so good. I'm not saying I hate the new show, it has it's good laughs. Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon do a great job to be Oscar and Felix. It's hard to fill the shoes of the original cast but they do a great job. Each episode does keeps your attention because you never know what is going to happen next. If you blink you will miss some funny thing. The thing I see wrong is that they have changed Oscar and Felix since the original show. If you are going to keep the same characters then at least keep the way they live the same. Oscar Madison was a complete slob but in the new show he is not even close to that role. I really don't see this show going to much further. It's to far away from the original show.
  • drago_8527 February 2015
    I was actually looking forward to this for two reasons: - it was said to fill the void after 2.5 Men, covering the premise before Ashton - namely the laid-back vs. stiff one (like Charile and Alan). We all know the concept is not new at all but worked in 2.5 Men for the whole first 8 seasons and toward the end I really missed it. On the other hand, Perry was and still is my favorite "friend", I enjoyed his previous TV shows "Mr Sunshine" and "Go On" and I wanted to see him in action again.

    After seeing the pilot I feel like listening to the recent work of once a favorite music band of mine - The Prodigy. Man, I want to like it! Here is what I saw:

    • there is no chemistry among the cast at all

    • jokes, situations, dialogue seem forced (very) and not funny. - acting in the first 12 minutes is of unbelievably low quality, Perry is like some underachiever from mediocre acting class (I could not believe this and I don't wanna get into much detail about the rest of the cast).

    It started to pick up by very (and I mean very!)small steps toward the end, prompting me to give another chance to the second episode but after 5 minutes into it nothing really changed. So, this is good-bye from me.
  • This show had it's moments and at times I did laugh. I think my biggest problem with the show is that I remember how well Jack Klugman and Tony Randall played Oscar and Felix. They are very big shoes to fill and I am sure I am not the only one who will compare all of them. I also had problems trying to separate Chandler Bing and Oscar Madison. This happens frequently when an actor plays a part for a long time as Matthew did in friends(10 years).

    The best part of this show was when Dave Foley and Wendell Pierce were at Oscar's. I was saddened to see that Dave is only in one episode though.

    I believe the show has potential and given time they can do well with the show. But sometimes it is better to just remember how great some of the old shows are and make new comedies.
  • When you try to recreate something that some people are considering it a classic, obviously you are going to get bashed. How about when that something tries to recreate two "classics"? So. There is a 1968 American black comedy film written by Neil Simon,and starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. AND...a 1970 TV series starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman! Both are considered as "classics". (Also there was a play back in 1965 and a ...cartoon with the same characters) Haven't seen the movie and I barely remember the series (except the characteristic music theme) so I'm not going to compare them with the 2015 incarnation.

    It's about Felix and Oscar. Two divorced men. Felix is neat and tidy while Oscar is sloppy and casual. They share a Manhattan apartment, and their different lifestyles inevitably lead to conflicts and laughs.

    Obviously such a premise is not as modern as it might looked half of a century ago but there is still enough material to create some comical situations.

    In the 2015 version Thomas Lennon stars as the neat Felix and Matthew Perry as the loose Oscar. I'm now watching the 11th episode and I can say that after a slow start, it is getting better. There is some chemistry between the 2 actors but is Thomas Lennon that holds the show in my opinion. Perry is a great comedian but here is mediocre. As Oscar, the only feeling I get from him is that he cares about Felix. Otherwise the comedic elements are less prominent.

    The script in the latest episodes is good. Some of the secondary characters get more plot lines and that benefits the show. Especially Lindsay Sloane who plays Emily a bartender who is in love with Felix.

    There is a fake laugh track that I always consider a minus.

    Overall: It's OK. Not bad. I'll keep watching. I know there is some hate but IMO don't take it into any account. It's possibly because there is the recreation of 2-5 classics and maybe because Matthew Perry has many haters. For me it is lighthearted and enjoyable.
  • I have to say that I laughed watching the pilot episode. Matthew Perry is perfect as messy Oscar Madison, a New York City sportscaster. Thomas Lennon is perfect as neat Felix Unger. This Odd Couple still has the classic theme song is set in New York City. This Oscar and Felix has great chemistry together. The supporting cast includes Yvette Nicole Brown as Oscar's assistant. Dave Foley and Wendell Pierce are Oscar's friends. This sitcom has great potential and I'm sure that Jack Klugman and Tony Randall are smiling somewhere in heaven. As Felix and Oscar go to being divorced men in New York City in 2015. Perry's Oscar is perfect in the role while Lennan's Felix is also perfect without being over the top.
  • I never watch the old "Odd Couple" series as it was before my time yet of late I've caught on to the new CBS series called "The Odd Couple" with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. The story is simple they are two friends with likes and dislikes and thoughts and ways as different as daylight and dark! Yet both share a New York city apartment and they become caring house like mates who work the way thru life with different attitudes! Oscar(Matthew Perry)is an outspoken pretty boy type who's more of a ladies man while Felix(Thomas Lennon)is more shy and neurotic and a loner type who likes to do crazy stuff! All of this makes for fun laughs and wit! Plus to add some sugar and spice eye candy is provided in the form of the sexy Teri Hatcher who sparkles as Oscar's girlfriend Charlotte. Overall good funny comedy show to watch that brings laughs and entertains with it's differences.
  • The laugh tracks they always put in comedy shows is so awful , just for that alone I don't want to watch this show. But I do like Perry shame he has another flop on his hands . I think he tries to hard to be funny and it just does not work . I could not even watch the show all the way through the darn laugh track really put me off. I did not laugh at all . So will try again with next episode , but do not hold out much hope . But as usual you have to write more lines for it to be published which is absolutely stupid. Anyway I was sitting her in the dark and right beside me this giant cockroach just crawled up the wall eeek , Well I am use to them so I just swatted him with my fist , so I generally need to go wash my hands now .
  • Matthew Perry hasn't had a lot of luck since 'Friends' ended. It's not for the want of trying. 'Studio 60' failed due to script issues, 'Mr Sunshine' wasn't given enough time by ABC, and 'Go On' felt too much like 'Community' to last. But to Perry's credit they were all shows that tried to be different.

    It's strange then that 'The Odd Couple' is the only one to make it to season 2 and beyond, because it's as unashamedly retro as you can get.

    Perry makes a convincing Oscar, and is ably supported by Thomas Lennon, who steals most of the scenes he is in. There's an all-star writing team behind the cameras, and a decent supporting cast in front too, so while this show will never be a classic in the way that 'Friends' was, it's a solid enough sitcom.

    I've seen that the ratings for Season 3 have been quite low, so I think sadly it might not be long before Matthew Perry has to look around for another show once more.
  • The show has potential but it is hard to concentrate on the plot and the acting with that awful and annoying laugh track blasting after every line of dialog is spoken. It is very loud and serves no purpose. I think we know what is, or is not funny and when to laugh. Hearing canned laughter does not make it funnier and does not make me want to laugh.

    I am anxious to see how the characters evolve and how Oscar and Felix's relationship grow. So far their relationship seems shallow which leaves the writers with plenty of opportunity to make this the next great sitcom. Please don't blow it. I will be watching for more chemistry to develop between the main characters as well as the supporting cast.
  • I love Perry, and his previous shows such as Go On and Mr Sunshine were good. And The Odd Couple is exponentially better - better actors, setting, jokes - it definitely deserved a few more seasons. Seriously - the cast is flawless - only good, charming actors.

    The downsides were the old school jokes and canned laughter - we can't have those in this day of age. Friends-grade humor is pure cringe nowadays, and the actors carried that show purely with their personalities.

    The Odd Couple also has good personalities but they're just not enough to carry the show trough the not-so-impressive, unoriginal and often ridiculous jokes.

    Perry was a bit dead in the eyes on many occasions which worried me about his health. I really hope he's OK and taking care of himself for the sake of his fans at least. We love you.

    The obligatory love interest sub-plot was pushed way too early and became a main thing way too fast, which also probably drove the viewers away. Again, it's not the 80's - this show should've been about Felix and Oscar, and occasionally friends - not cliché love interests. At least the plot of Felix and his girlfriend had comedic elements to it, and they were both played by funny actors, unlike how it was with Oscar. The elderly woman who played his girlfriend doesn't even belong in a comedy. She made the already terrible, cliché, pathetic love interest sub-plot for Oscar even more unwatchable.

    With all the crap that's on air nowadays - this show definitely wasn't as bad and it deserved to continue. I wish all the best to Perry, I hope he's in good health and will certainly continue to watch whatever's next in his career.
  • I think the pilot started in a good way, Fast comedy is present which is really good comparing to the new comedies filled up with empty unnecessary pauses.

    The casting is really great, Matthew Perry was and still hilarious , especially in his shows after friends like "Go On" and "Mr. Sunshine" which should'v been renewed but seemed like NBC had weird things going on,, hope Matthew Perry and CBS give the show a chance.

    The other characters like the awkwardly frisky Thomas Lennon and even Wendell Pierce are playing a key roles , and more importantly the Comedy bits are distributed among the cast fairly they ordered 7 episodes so far so fingers crossed .

    Although the pilot was good,, the second and third episode the rhythm of the comedy tuned down drastically,, i'll keep on watching but who knows when i'll get bored if it keeps up like this !! also yeah .. the laugh track might got a bit annoying ... hope they tune it down much.

    Anyway,, the show deserves an 5 but i gave it 6 because i was bored :D and it's just the premiere so let's see how things are gonna get.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm going to make myself look like someone who needs to get with the times, I know. During the 80's through the 'aughts' I was all over the sitcom scene, but for whatever reason, I haven't been able to connect with the more recent/current sitcoms, this one being the exception. I was laughing out-of-control many times in every episode. When I first heard that they were putting out a remake, I immediately put Perry in the Felix Unger frame of mind, seeing similarities in Chandler Bing, but to me he put his own big stamp Oscar Madison in convincing fashion. Unger was exactly what he was supposed to be, the supporting cast was superb, and the memorial tribute to Garry Marshall was best one could possibly have been created. I'm surviving without it, but this sitcom was wonderful times for me.
  • This show has grown on me. The first season seemed not so funny, but as I have allowed the characters to grow, the show seemed to get funnier. Thomas Lennon has really been showing his acting attributes, and looking back on his other movie and TV roles, he is a pretty funny guy. Good chemistry between Thomas and Matthew. Wish it would ha e done better for them.
  • this contains all the right elements to make a good show , including the hit play , the great actors and the writers. but it doesn't bode well for the series that the pilot was so forced . the jokes and the dialog is just too fast and cramped . the whole writing seems forced . it looks like that the no of jokes that can be included are more important than timing , delivery or in some cases , even the quality.

    the plot is just all too clear and the larger story seems likely to be non existent . the places to explore from hereon seems all too predictable and all too " so what else is new ?"

    i don't personally have a problem with laugh tracks ( most of my favorite comedy shows have had them) . but at least nowadays,they do not seem necessary . i mean if the audience is not getting your joke without the track telling them , then it probably isn't that great . the pairing of the perry and Lennon is good and has a lot of potential but seriously , they need to put their hearts in and not increase the no of jokes just for the sake of it.
  • I remember watching the 70s incarnation of The Odd Couple with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman and to me it was one of my favorite sitcoms.

    I also remember with the New Odd Couple with Ron Glass and Demond Wilson and it wasn't very good since many of the episodes were remakes of the Randall-Klugman series.

    Now, more than 30 years later, The Odd Couple is back, with Thomas Lennon as Felix and Matthew Perry (who is also the executive producer) as Oscar. It doesn't look a lot like the first two versions since there is a different supporting cast. Instead of the poker gang of Speed, Vinnie and Roy and also the Pigeon Sisters, there's Dani, Oscar's assistant played by Yvette Nicole Brown and Lindsay Sloane as their upstairs neighbor Emily.

    The one character that's absent from this version is Murray the Cop. Al Molinaro made the character famous in the original and John Schuck took over the role in the Glass-Wilson version.

    Also, Oscar is no longer a sportswriter, he's a sports radio talk show host. Felix is still a commercial photographer.

    On the plus side, Lennon and Perry have good chemistry as Felix and Oscar. On the minus side, the episodes have a lot raunchier humor than the Randall-Klugman version.

    The one thing the producers did right was bringing in Garry Marshall, who produced the first two versions as a consultant. With The Big Bang Theory as a lead in, it has been even more successful in the ratings than the first two versions. But can it sustain itself without Big Bang?
  • garychapman7227 February 2015
    This is truly awful.

    I'm not sure whether it's the terrible acting, poor delivery or the lazy writing. The jokes, if one can call them that, are unimaginative and instantly forgettable. If it wasn't for the overbearing laughter track you'd miss them entirely.

    It's nothing that a complete change of writers and actors couldn't turn around though.

    I'd like to say that it won't make it past this first season. Unfortunately, given how easy it is to churn out this banal crud without thinking, I wouldn't be surprised if they just keep cranking that handle.
  • I don't know what's wrong with guys saying sound track is distracting. I watched the show till now and everything is perfect from writing to acting. Please get over the classic actors who played in 1970s. Don't judge something before hand. Enjoy the show, its great. Perry is back with sarcasm, and this Felix, is the limelight of this show. After how I met your mother, I'm finally be able to enjoy a sitcom. Don't compare, it's absurd. This show is worth at least five seasons. Plus, don't mislead people who are reading these reviews before watching the show to ensure 100% fun. If you believe me, jokes are totally legitimate, new and funny. This show is nothing like the old classic, so I don't see how this comparing thing is working out. This show is ongoing, just grab an episode, you will never regret those 30 minutes. And one last thing, those laugh tracks are not a problem, there is a lot of slapstick comedy is going there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I start this review, I'm letting you know that this review may contain a few spoiler alerts, so if you can't handle spoilers, then don't read this review. Without further ado, let's start reviewing. The Odd Couple is a 2015 CBS remake of the original 1970s show, the story is about Oscar (Matthew Perry) getting kicked out of his house/apartment and being forced to find a new apartment/house. There he befriended Felix (Thomas Lennon) and other friends as well. That's all I can give you for the background story, here are the overall pros & cons & recommendation. Pros: - None at all Cons: - Lousy concept & presentation - Poor script - Bad acting - Bad characters - Unfunny humor & jokes I originally gave this show a 4 out of 10, but now it's a 1 out of 10 show for me, this & Your Family or Mine are by far the worst shows I've ever seen this year. This remake sucks so bad that I don't think it will last long, it will be immediately canceled, just like The McCarthy's & The Millers. I don't recommend this terrible 2015 CBS remake, stick with the classic 1970s show, the end. Plus I think Thomas Lennon deserves better than this, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would look more like something Thomas Lennon would like, not some crappy 2015 remake of a classic show.
  • This just made me sad! I like all the actors in this show but the writing is lazy and so is the acting. I wish these sitcoms would learn that laugh tracks are distracting. CBS is the worst offender for recorded laughing. I was excited to see Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon together on a show but what a disappointment. I don't think I will be watching again because I hate to see talented people do a TV show just to see them get canceled after a short run. All my favorite comedy shows on TV are without laugh tracks. This is based on a great stage play, movie and a hit TV show. Too bad they couldn't have had the foresight to take a classic and make something new with heart.
  • cjase2200710 March 2018
    I didn't get into the orginal show or movie. It was before my time. I must say that this updated version is very good. Great writing, cast, etc. And very funny too.
  • It was really difficult to impossible to rank this show as no matter how good the actors around Matthew are (Only the excellent Lennon), he just messes it up each and every time. I have no idea what happened to Matthew but it makes me sad and a bit worried as I used to love Perry's charm and unique acting abilities. Matthew delivers his lines monotonically, eyes crazy wide open and using one permanent limited facial expression. Did he have some sort of an accident? Or some seizure he is recuperating from? Something is way off here. Dear god Matthew, what happened man? Yes, we all get older and I did not expect Chandler Bing but if you were attempting to play A brain damaged got it right.
  • If you had any high expectations for this show, as I did, you would be very much disappointed.

    The characters are stereotypical and shallow and the dialog was a continuous stream of one-liners. I was waiting for anything that hinted of some intelligent wit, but most of the gags would have been completely at home on some Nickelodeon show aimed at 10-year-olds. A few lines did make me smile, but they were too few and too far between.

    The show seems to follow an overused formula common to many low quality (and usually short lived) sitcoms: Dumb comment setup. Dumb comment punchline. Laugh track. Repeat.
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