In the episode where Henry and Ray try to catch Ortho and his dad, at the end they throw Ortho and his dad in an dark abandoned alley with dumpsters and trash. This is the exact same place where Sam and Cat beat a man who stole Sam's bike. Sam and Cat is another Dan Schneider show

In "Tears of the Jollybeetle" when researching the Jollybeetles a picture of The Beatles is on the screen. And when Charlotte tells Henry and Ray where the Beatles are she says they are on Abbey Road "A Beatles album" and when switching to the scene at the factory the building has a sing that says "Rigby's cannery" referring to The Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby" who keeps a jar by the door.

The show was originally titled "The Mayor of Mars."

Schwoz's last name is Schwartz

In the episode "The Spoiler", Henry and Ray go to a showing of Galaxy Wars. In the background, you can clearly see a hat that says Webicon on it, which is the convention iCarly would go to. iCarly is another Dan Schneider created.

In the episode Mouth Candy, Captain Man says that Mitch looks at least 26. In real life, he is 27.

There is a one hour extended version of Henry and the Bad Girl.

In the episode where Henry is framed for ruining a birthday party, Nathan Kress is seen being interrogated his third appearance on a show that is not iCarly the first two being Drake and Josh and Victorious.

Henry and Charlotte is the biggest shipping in this show, and completely outweighs the other shippings

In season 2, Piper (Ella Anderson) is absent in two episodes

Jasper's last name is Dunlop.

This is the first Dan Schneider show to feature an African-American character.

Captain Man's real name is Ray Manchester.

In the beginning of the episode "Henry and the Woodpeckers" Henry's dad is seen watching "Toilet Wars" as seen from Sam and Cat

Henry finally gets a superpower in Hour of Power which is lightning speed

On September 5th 2016 Henry Danger did a crossover episode with The Thundermans called Danger and Thunder

Captain Man has Referenced the "Malachi Brothers" from " Happy Days"

Schwoz has a sister named Winnie

In one episode Henry takes a test on Puerto Rico Jace Norman is Puerto Rican in real life.

Despite the show's title there are only several episodes where Henry does not appear as Kid Danger.

Henry's last name is Hart

Swellview's location is unknown but it is implied to be in California or Nevada. One hint of Swellview's being in California is that it has its own sign that is a parody of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California (all other Schneider's Bakery shows have taken place on the west coast, as iCarly takes place in Seattle, Washington; Drake and Josh takes place in San Diego, California; and Victorious and Sam and Cat take place in Los Angeles, California). However, the exterior shot of the main intersection of Swellview is actually that of Waterloo, New York.

In the episode "Hour of Power" Captain Man and Kid Danger go to Schneider's Bakery to find Drex, which refers to Dan Schneider, the producer and the end of every episode when it shows an oven saying Schneider's Bakery.