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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wish the concept and writing were up to the pretty GOOD kiddie cast, as all 4 young principles do their best to wring any chance of a laugh out of some truly lousy material. I watched enuf Epi's to know that this puppy could not get much worse, but THE capper for me came in an Epi where the ENTIRE plot was centered around who dropped a deuce and didn't flush afterwards. At that point I felt truly sorry and embarrassed for this cast! Also, someone might've pointed out to the writers that Ricky and Dickie are BOTH nicknames for the SAME name: Richard! Did they name 2 out of their 3 boys RICHARD??? 39 episodes wasted on THIS train wreck!? WHY?!?
  • erichabs30 March 2017
    This show is an abomination to children's television. Kids are not dumb, they would know when something is funny, without the GOD AWFUL repetitive laugh track. Often, I'll find my younger siblings watching it, and even they admit that the show lacks any chance at being interesting. The whole show is just children acting unnaturally in situations, trying to be funny. Producers and script writers need to understand that a kids show isn't just throwing a bunch of poop jokes into thirty minutes, while having a stupid laugh track play after said jokes. A lot of children like other shows because A) There's an actual plot, B) It uses real-life problems, and C) The jokes are ACTUALLY funny. A good example of an amazing children's show is Gravity Falls. Although its about kids going after monsters and other threats, it's vastly entertaining. Overall, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn is complete garbage, and if you are going to let your kids watch a decent show, it should NOT be this one.

    And don't even get me started on the annoying parents in the show, with their bad actors. MY GOD.
  • puglover-1839320 September 2015
    The acting is great, the lines are said well and can get a laugh from me! I really love dawns character (the oldest one).She's like this mix between tomboy/girlygirl. Dawn is going through the stage where she wants to fit in and be cool, and make friends. There is a consistent rivalry for the leader spot of the quads between her and Ricky. Ricky is the second oldest and the smart nerd type of the group. He seems to always be doing his homework or reading a book. He seems to be a bit of a goody goody but always seems to get in trouble with them. Dicky is the cool one of the group. He dosen't seem to care that much about school and seems to care more about girls. He cares a lot about the way he looks and is always trying to break the rules. Nicky is the youngest out of the group, and seems to be the likable character. He has a quirky personality and seems to be very comedic. The jokes are great and pretty funny and so is the acting,although the parents can get a little annoying at times (mostly the dad). All in all the show is a great family show and fun to watch! I think nickelodeon has finally got a hit show, that's not BORING to watch. I would so recommend this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't hate this show, it's really alright. The show is pretty cute and charming and for once has at least some sort of original premise. I like some of the plots, but the humor is just ehh. They usually revolve around butts and poop and uhh.. awkward. Speaking of awkward, this show has really awkward acting. The acting isn't terrible, but it certainly isn't good, especially Lizzy, her acting is some of the worst. It just seems as though the producers are lazy and don't wanna do retakes because hurr hurr hurr it takes time. I'm not sure if the bad acting is a charm to the show because it seems as though they are intentional, but from time to time, the characters seem as though they're trying. I could see them trying to do a satire on bad acting, but that's not what this show is, it actually has bad acting. The only actors I can name as good are the adults. The dialogue between characters can just feel sloppy and forced from time to time, the emotions are too. I do have some better ways to show dialogue, but not in this review, not in any review. The plots can be very predictable, but they're not bad. I just don't find this show good. I don't find it bad. It's pretty meh. It can be cute and charming, but I'm honestly confused to how I should feel towards this show; on one side it's sloppy and on the other it's charming.

    Overall: 6/10; lots of things to like and lots of things to dislike

    Would I recommend it to people? Probably -- probably not. Maybe. Just maybe. You guys... I don't know. You can check it out and maybe you'll have a different reaction from me, but... I just don't know.
  • cosmic_quest31 December 2014
    I am well above the target age for "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" but sometimes it's nice to watch a show that requires little thought, easy and lazy viewing for adults! The show revolves ten-year-old quadruplets made up of three boys Nicky, Ricky and Dicky with their sister Dawn (as yet, it's not been addressed whether Ricky and Dicky are both called 'Richard' and why not use 'Micky/Michael' instead of 'Dicky') and the children's harassed parents.

    The show is surprisingly funny, even for those of us who have passed high school, and the kids are adorable, even if they don't look anything at all alike. My other lazy kiddie show at the moment is 'Girl Meets World' but I prefer this as the kids are more likable and they also look and act like ten-year-olds and gives the audience a soft spot for them. In GMW, some of the 'pre-teens' look almost ready for uni and the girls dress like they're on the catwalk instead of off to school.

    "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" is definitely a nice wee show that can be enjoyed by children and their parents without the adults wanting to peel their eyeballs out in boredom!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nicky Ricky Ricky & Dawn not only is mediocre, but actually tedious to watch. First of all, the "twins" concept is one of the most milked subjects in all of kids' sitcoms, so when there are quadruplets you know you're in for a ride. At least The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was special in the way that it took place in a Hotel, but the lone idea of just being "qudruplets" is beyond shallow. All the kids have the basic stereotypes for all characters to be different. The clean and organized one, the dumb one, the "girl", etcetera, etcetera. Maybe if that's all the traits of the show, it would at least be just another boring sitcom, but we need more bad traits don't we? The characters have no common sense. A good show would have the characters making normal mistakes and learning a good lesson about why their actions were wrong, where NRD&D has the characters making senseless, stupid decisions that are literally FRUSTRATING to watch. In the end, little to no lessons a learned. It's not entertaining, the characters are annoying, and is just overall bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Funny show great fill in for the now cancelled Sam and Cat series maybe even better. Fun for the family and kids to watch together.

    In Nicky,Ricky,Dicky,and Dawn 4 kids (twins) have fights,mishaps and laughs in there home from framing and blaming on their parents anniversary to a very "messy" mistakes mystery in the bathroom This is a great new show to watch which i really hope doesn't get cancelled so i can keep watching it. It is sort of like Haunted Hathaway's with the 4 kids messing around with each other.

    I definitely recommend this TV series to you.

    I rate this 7 out of 10
  • When this first came out, I used to threaten to turn it on. Once we started to actually watch it, it's now my favorite show on Nickleodeon (far and away the funniest, though "Henry Danger" is very funny too). The episode where they went to camp is as goofy as the best Batman episodes from the sixties (like when they ordered milk at the bar), and the one where RIcky (?) becomes a FaceChat superstar is hilarious too. My current night is built around waiting for what I think is the first episode without Dicky in it. Previews look silly; I am sure it'll be fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is one of the best shows i have ever seen. the characters are so well done, and its just so funny. I like how each episode is unique and there's always something new to look forward to you. I've watched all the episodes so far and i'm already hook to it. my favorite character has to be Ricky, mostly because he is one of the funniest characters on this show. I cant wait for more episodes and they just keep getting better and better. I really hope they do a season two once season 1 is over. There is not one episode so far that i can honestly say that it was horrible. I see nothing wrong with this show and each day i just want to keep having more of these shows. Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn is so great but i don't expect people to agree with me because it is my personal opinion. If there is one show that you should look forward to, then it should be this one!
  • This show had me hooked from the very first episode. The writing is sharp, witty, and original, which is more than I can say for 95% of everything else on TV.

    The kid actors are VERY good and have great presence in all of their scenes. It is one of the few shows I've ever watched that had laugh- out-loud funny moments in every episode that even older viewers will appreciate.

    For me it was a breath of fresh air in the midst of modern television which (in my opinion) has become extremely mundane and predictable.

    I hope it has a long and prosperous run with many seasons to look forward to.
  • I like watching this with my son and miss the show. I wish they would bring back.
  • johnandanother7 June 2017
    There's nothing to say about this show it's just trash. Although not as bad as... who am I kidding this show is probably one of the worst shows on any kids TV show providers. It has terrible plots and overall doesn't make sense. So please just bring back the good nick shows. Make nick actually good again😅
  • bjohnson-706341 January 2016
    Terrible about sums up this show. It's corny, cheesy, and predictable. It's also over acted and very clearly a rip off of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, just with quads instead of twins. Nicky is the worst. He's annoying, not funny, and a terrible actor. Then there's Dicky. The name says it all. Who in their right minds would name their kid Dicky? LOL!! Then there's the nerd and the perfect one. The parents are not much better than the kids. Only watch this show if you want to kill your brain cells! I gave this show a 1, but it really makes me wish that it was possible to give a negative rating. Hoping that this show ends after this season, 2 seasons are more than enough for this garbage!!
  • This show is so predictable and I feel it copies off of other Disney shows. The show gets boring after a while, they mess up and fight and then make up at the end. It happens in every episode. This show is supposed to be about family, but sometimes I think that they hate each other. This show is a rip off and is a very stupid show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show isn't TERRIBLE, but it's not great either. There are certain things that I don't like about it. I can't look at the kid that plays Dicky, plus he is super annoying. I can't stand Ricky, mainly because he thinks that he's SO PERFECT just because he's smart. We get it, you're intelligent! And their father is a moron, and just plain annoying. The other kids and the mother are fine, but not perfect. I hope that for season 2 (good god, why?) that the scriptwriters come up with better plot lines. Season 1's episodes were just boring, and the plots never went anywhere. In conclusion, I really see no future for this show. Hopefully it will stop after 2 seasons, because that's all it rally needs. I mean really.
  • I may buy all the seasons on DVD so I can put them in a garbage can under a bridge where they will undoubtedly be used as the sad plastic fuel in some hobos nightly trash can fire. Pathetic excuse for entertainment. Like most of the TV shows that make their way to the bottom of the barrel (YTV) it just makes me scratch my head and reflect on the unsettling state of the general population. I can't think of a single redeeming factor other than the fact that this show will eventually fade into obscurity along with all the other crap that came before it.

    Long story short: Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn is terrible and everyone involved with that show should be shot out of a cannon into outer space, preferably a dangerous black hole laden area in outer space.
  • This show is just good fun and approachable for everyone. The quads play off of each other well and all contribute something. Occasionally, the parents are fun as well so that adds to it. Personally, Dawn is my fave since she kind of holds everyone together without being too cardboard.
  • I've seen a lot of Nickelodeon's live action shows and I can safely tell you that of the ones since iCarly and Victorious were cancelled I like this one the best by far, and much better than Bella and the Bulldogs, Game Shakers, and Henry Danger all of which I personally find myself groaning sitting through. It's hard for kids' shows these days to teach lessons and such without the expense of any actual entertainment, but that's not Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. This show manages this conflict with two secret weapons: 1) Characters that make great foils for one another, and 2) Fun and engaging story lines. And there is actually some pretty funny dialogue, and as for the kids not looking anything alike, that may be true but remember that this is a kids' show so you can't judge the show from an adult perspective.
  • This show is absolutely well-made, with great characters with a variety of different personality types and excellent acting. Every character has their own charisma in this wonderful show, the scripting is good, the story plots are creative, and the overall feel of the show is homey, comfortable, and appealing. Well-made, great ideas, and watching the children grow is really cool. However, the tertiary characters, such as the friends of the main characters, could be more interesting.

  • michel165553 January 2021
    My daughter is 13 and I consider myself as an expert on child shows, watching them over and over again. Sometimes you have to set your mind to: not thinking, just to bare it all. But this show is very bad and annoying. And cant even read other peoples comments on this show because I see images of the show flashing into my head and it is just unbearable. When my daughter wants to watch it I behave like a soldier and watch it with her. She does not now I hate it.
  • My children will not be watching Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn anymore. I am completely disappointed with the liberal message you are trying to push on my children. The episode with building the wall to prevent ice dancing is liberal propaganda. We have watched for years and really liked the show not anymore. I will also be spreading the word on social media. I hope the show gets boycotted. You need to leave children programming out of politics. Maybe you should get new writers that can make the episodes on real lessons kids need to learn like kindness, cooperation, problem solving, fights with their best friends. This episode is in bad taste. This show use to be one I felt happy to watch and laugh with my children no more
  • For all those haters, remember this is a kids show, so its definitely going childish. That being said, i'm 19 and I love this show. Its fun, a good laugh here and there and some great lessons for children. It might be a little to predictable, but it totally makes up for it. The kids are very easy to remember and be lovable. Overall its one of Nick's best shows ever. Sad to see its over.
  • yggfan9 July 2020
    If people say they hate children's television, this is what they're talking about. Too much verbal agressions and bad role models. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn whine about everything. You may not think it would be impossible for your kid to get even whinier, but if they have Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn for models, all bets are off. Their saccharine Nickelodeon show is stuffed with adults pretending to be children, complete with a steady diet of giggles, and their parents Anne and Tom try their hardest to tie it all together. The annoying theme song sounds more like fingernails scratching on a blackboard. For those looking for better shows, head on over to PBS Kids and go watch "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" instead. It's way better than the Quad Squad. This show was thankfully taken off in 2018. I recommend you keep your kids far far away from this show as possible, I'll thank you later!
  • This show isn't TERRIBLE, but it seems like it copies most of the sitcoms that have been popular lately.

    The fact that the four main characters are all quadruplets is unique, I guess, and it's easy to pick a favorite (Nicky, of course B))

    Nickelodeon is still the worst kids' channel on television, with Disney close behind. But their shows have improved a TINY bit since Breadwinners. Maybe TV is making a comeback.

    Anyway, back to the show. The characters are quirky, and the teacher is HILARIOUS. It's a show that appeals to both boys AND girls, which isn't something that you see a lot nowadays (most TV sitcoms nowadays are geared towards girls) and it's not painfully bad like The Thundermans.

    Overall, I'd say this show is somewhat worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Damn, this show is bad. In fact, this looks like Angela Anaconda (ya, that's a thing) look like a great show in comparison! Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is an unfunny sitcom, and I can tell just by watching the first episode! Honestly, where to start with this?

    First, our main characters are named (in the show's order), Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn that have nothing in common and often fight but have to work together to solve problems. Great. Another "children need to solve problems" show. I can't really tell who's who in this series because they're not credited! And Wikipedia wasn't much help either...

    Let's go to the first episode. The four main characters are all paired up to do a science class. Then Dawn over-pours some strange white liquid and Ricky pours some water in it and things go bad (obviously) which, I think the substance is foam? Anyway, the character then start to THROW the foam at each other and... ya, it's stupid. But there the same age so, what ever...

    And you know what funny about this show? The wrong place to put the sound-track. Like, back at the foam fight, the creators to put the LAUGH TRACK at that instead of... I don't know, a rocket exploding? And to top it off, It's not even that funny! It's just... foam! And... from the looks of it, it looks like... Cool-Whip. I guess they didn't actually use foam so, guess that's a plus... Then they get in trouble and yadea, yadea, yadea, THEY'RE QUADRUPLETS. (And they argue who's the oldest...)

    The Quadruplets first team member is Nicky, who is the smart one of the bunch, Ricky, who's also the smart one the bunch. (what) Then Dicky, who likes how "cool and hip" he is. And then there's Dawn, the girl in the team that tries to shape up the other quadruplets, and then I just stopped watching in like, 7 mins.

    Oh ya, and their family owns a shop called "Get Sporty!" that has all of you sporting needs like, a swimming pool, dirt bikes, a... octagon? A scuba tank, battling cages, boats, go karts, fresh air(?) and a bunch of stuff that I can't list down. And Dawn's first joke was downright PAINFUL. Even eating rotten vegetables is better than this.

    There's also Mom and Dad. Mom always doing that "Why can't you be a team?" trope, and the Dad is just... stupid. Did he even LEARN how to take care of his children? And also, it looked like there were adopting a dog and... stopped in 7 mins.

    Don't watch this TV show.
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