There is a colorful cow hidden in every single episode of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.

After four seasons, consisting of 84 episodes, Nickelodeon announced that along with the other live action series, School of Rock, this would be their final season. The reason that Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is ending, is down to the fact that there was a lot of arguments and drama on set. It was said that Casey Simpson and Mace Coronel were bullying Lizzy Greene, this sometimes led to her crying in between takes. They blocked each other on social media and never really talked on set. After this, Mace Coronel was fired before Nickelodeon could order more episodes for this season or add an extra season. They then decided that they should just end the show because the show is not about quads, when it is only featuring three of them.

Allison Munn who plays Anne Harper was pregnant with her second child while filming the episodes.

Mace Coronel mutually "parted ways" with Nickelodeon and left the show in August 2017 before filming the final 5 episodes of the Season 4. He will not appear in those last five episodes.

Dawn was supposed to be male named Don and Nicky was supposed female named Nikki. The quads last names were supposed to be Hayley but the producers chose Harper instead.

Around Season 3 Lizzy, Mace, Casey, and Aiden hit puberty, with their voices all got deeper and hitting major growth spurts.

Dawn's middle name is Abigail

Phill Lewis from guest starred on the show reuniting him with Brian Stepanek who both starred in on the popular Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

In one episode it was mentioned that Dawn was 4 seconds older than Ricky

Thomas Kuc auditioned for the role Ricky but lost the part to Casey Simpson. He ended up scoring a leading role as Hudson on the Nickelodeon sitcom Game Shakers a year later.

The age of the quads was originally meant to be slightly older around 13 years old, but the producers chose to age them down to 9 years old.

Despite playing quadruplets on the show, in real life Lizzy Greene is four months older than Aidan Gallagher, ten months older than Mace Coronel, and eleven months older than Casey Simpson.

Kyla Drew Simmons was promoted to a main cast member starting in Season 3.

Science Bob appeared on three episodes on Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

Gabrielle Elyse's character Josie Cooper was dropped from the show after Season 1.

Executive producer and creator, Matt Fleckenstein, left the show before production begun for this season leaving Michael Feldman in charge of the show.

Casey Simpson auditioned for the role of Nicky but he was more like Ricky so they casted him as Ricky

In the episode "Brief Case of Popularity" Casey Simpson's character Ricky can't rap as good but in real life Casey Simpson raps pretty well.

In the episode "The Secret" at the beginning the kids walked into the house saying Fenix Coronel which is the name of Mace Coronel's dog.

Michael Campion auditioned for the role of Ricky that eventually went to Casey Simpson. Michael later got the role of Jackson on Fuller House.