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  • I've enjoyed every minute thus far. The writing is witty and while at times predictable, it's a real laugh to watch the kids get even or get back at those that cross them.

    The acting is good and I think believable. I especially like the fresh faces (William Moseley, Alexandra Park) and the choice of Elizabeth Hurley as Her Majesty.

    The show thrives on the conflict between family, royalty, responsibility and the vagaries of youth and mischievousness.

    If you've seen The Tudors, it has that feeling with a modern day twist.

    This does not represent the real Royal Family in any way but it is still fun to watch.

    Elizabeth Hurley should be listed first in 'Stars', not Joan Collins.
  • skyewashburn27 April 2015
    this show is the cherry on top of my weekend after a long week. Absolutely love the over the top writing. Sometimes there is a need to escape the reality of carpools,sports,bedtime stories etc and consume yourself with some good "not so" old fashioned fun. With so much violence and negative/repetitive 24/7 news, this show is refreshing. Too much political correctness these days. Hoping for a season 2 with just as much scandalous antics and drug and sex fueled episodes that are far from the royal reality. My four children know that mom is not to be interrupted for one hour on Sunday evenings. At the end of the show I come back to the real world and kiss my children goodnight. If The Royals does not get picked up for a second season, well, FML. ha
  • I must admit when i saw the first episode i was thinking to stop watching because it seams to me like some terribly show whit all this first page sex scandals, princes whit drug addiction, prince who sleep whit employee. But i give a second chance, and i was surprise that i actually love this show. I love all the drama that it going on there. I love the characters especial Prince Liam , Jasper, The King Simon. Some may say that this is an waste of time show, whit no story, but i can assure you that there is a story, about love (between Jasper and Eleanor),about family (between Liam and Eleanor), about power (between Cyrus and Helena), and about honesty no matter what ( King Simon ) . It is a nice show , whit a good story, good actress, and a message to chose love every time , because the power will just destroy us . So this is why i love this show and i'm looking forward for new episode and a new season i hope . Enjoy
  • Hey guys - extraordinary production! Please don't stop with the 4th season!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers

    totally obsessed with it!it is one of the shows that drag you within the first minute!!love the actors (besides the Queen-thought that her role on Gossip Girl was much better but anyways i like her cold-blood side)...every episode makes me more and more of a fan and i am sure that we will experience great time with this show!love the harmony that comes with the face and the presence of the King (really nice choice of an actor),the purity of the King-to-be,love the intrigue, the plot ,the fight between Queen and Princess ,the weird cousins, the desperate-for-attention uncle (the anarchy in the monarchy) but mostly the thing between Jasper and Princess Eleanor i am sure she will fall for him at the end...i am saying this with my hand on my heart each second of the 45 minutes IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!MUST SEE
  • Been watching this new series the very first one ever made for the E! network and I must say "The Royals" does deliver! True this probably is not how the typical royal family acts in England, but still this series is feel good feel free fun! The series no matter how good is fiction and it has plenty of family drama as it follows the times of this British royal family not just thru London, but thru the world of their travels! And even though this family tries to keep tradition they have plenty of their own vices from heavy drinking to having a lot of sex! True keeping the price of fame is a royal job all together while facing public scrutiny! Anyway the real eye candy treat is seeing the still hot and beautiful Elizabeth Hurley play the cougar type Queen Helena! Mrs. Hurley anytime I see her it's such an eye candy treat as she is the wings and shoulders of this series! So check out "The Royals" it's a feel good time and it's good to see Mrs. Elizabeth in a series.
  • mkhyde26 March 2015
    As Canadians, we love to hate the British monarch. I've watched 2 episodes of The Royals and found the writing to be brilliant. Yes, it's a cheesy, campy satire that pokes fun of everything we hate about the monarchy which makes the show loads of fun. So far, the show 'captures' all of the gossip, innuendos and life events of the real royals. My mother was a devout royal watcher so I'm aware of the similarities between the show and the real royal family. If you weren't so aware of these events/gossip, the show wouldn't have as much meaning. The actors are spot on to their ''real life' counterparts AND I can't believe they found an actress to play Eliz. Hurley's daughter who looks exactly like her! I'm holding out giving the show 9 stars as I wait and see if they can keep going with the brilliant writing (they certainly have enough 'real life' royal debauchery situations to write about).
  • It's kind of painful to watch with the pop music underscore. I wonder if it's more painful to watch for a British citizen or an American? I wouldn't write it off just yet. There are some subtle actions and dialog that make it interesting. Can people be so on/off with their feelings and behavior? How can I get ten lines out of this? Of course the settings are beautiful. Almost there. I wonder if the writers will handle the question of funding the ongoing Royal lifestyle versus the private wealth that they hold. All sorts of other interesting aristocrats to add to the mix. Can they make the commoners interesting? They can also handle royal privilege versus duty versus common privilege and duty.
  • I'm loving "The Royals" but why would you end it this way? I want more...
  • From the outset, the whole encompass of The Royals, is that the real Royals of Great Britain are nothing like The Hensdridge Family, who are more dysfunctional in their reign than the Windsors. However, putting a breath of fresh air into the scripted series, it isn't long before the choosing of a favorite character begins to take.

    With several to choose from, including Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor, Queen Helena, King Simon (in series one), Prince Cyrus and of course, Lucius and Ted who are the Royals confidant's, many would argue that Liam and Eleanor are the top runners - until Season 2.

    Finding this series very easy to get into (maybe because I am a Brit), and follow as willingly as a Elizabeth Hurley Fan (which I'm not), my one and only fear was that it would be cancelled. But, I believe that what makes it successful, is simply the United Cast (including Jasper Frost), who bring to the forefront some amazing acting.

    Now onto the 3rd season, it is hoped that The Royals will continue, as is, with occasional, and not flooded adding of new characters who will spoil the whole development. Certainly rating this show with a High 9, I certainly do agree that this series may not be for everyone - as previous Reviews have shown - but, this aside, not all Brits watch with anticipation those Political Programs that are about Presidents and Senators we don't view on a day-to-day basis (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood aside, of course).
  • When the first time I heard about The Royals, I was thinking of the Tudor-type drama but it turned out to be a modern day Royal Family arrangement, with significant relations that we knew today.

    I was very intrigued on the TV Trailers and to know more on the main characters in general perspective. Likely they put it more in twist so that it would not look like the real Royal Family. So when I first watched the pilot episode, there are so many twist and turns that the mystery would be unfold for the later episodes. And in the end you will want more of it.

    I was admired on Elizabeth Hurley's portrayal of Queen Helena - something that I never saw her like that on TV. And also London playing the character city in order to embrace the essence of the story.

    I would give this TV series a chance to show it what it made of, and to prove that it is not cheesy enough to watch it in the first place.
  • I'm finding this quite amusing as a deliberately trashy spoof.

    The actors play their characters well but are let down by screen writing giving them phrases they would never use. E.g. Queen: "Where were you raised" (brought up) Guy on motorbike: "Do you need a ride" (lift)

    .... as well as a multitude of basic mistakes using lines we never use here.

    It seems unlikely that the large cast of English actors didn't point these out but I suppose they were ignored.

    It will be interesting to see if the characters start "reaching out" to each other, saying "like" every few words or go the whole hog and turn into Bill and Ted. Awesome Dudes!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those who haven't yet watched 'The Royals' don't read this it may contain some spoilers SO PLEASE Don't READ ON.Anyways I thought the show was great I gave it an eight because people think i like romanceđź’“đź’žbut even though I knew princess Eleanor was going to end up with Jasper I wanted her to end up with Beck.Beck shows true compassion and loves Eleanor he was really the only one who got Eleanor.Beck and Eleanor should end up together But we never NO there is still hope for them.I also admire how much Eleanor loves her brother they have this bond which rarely happens in life.Just saying you could not have picked any handsomer guy to play Liam,Beck and Marcus.Not just complementing the male actor you also could not have picked any prettier girls to play Eleanor,Rachel and Ophelia.l mostly focus on the romance in ever TV show I watch .I like/love the show I go for couples who I no are going to break up but still love each other like Beck and Eleanor hope the show continues and has a bit more romances in it.Great job person who wrote the scripts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this drama!I feel OK with it,really!!British,you can't take some negative very serious,some people just want something to blame .I have no idea why so many people hate this series.But I really like Alexandra and her character.Alexandra gives Eleanor some vulnerability to make her a sexy hot bad ass.she can also be sentimental and restless naive.You know she is spunky and funny and sly,especially she is princess. God I love Eleanor so much!! By the way I don't think royal family dynamic with Liam ,Eleanor,Helena so well.If the show is based on that.....of course these other remained characters they bring into the fold, i think it's necessary to give more room to explore about characters' relationships. It's lots of stories to tell.

    If you don't understand those characters,you should close your mouth up and stand aside.No need to be so rough!Take out somewhere else!Stop showing off your poor element-school English.Chin-Eng,hum?I am a Chinese are embarrassing me!
  • I'm one who misses the prime time soaps of the '80s, which have been replaced by crime and reality shows.

    I decided to tune into The Royals, a new series on E! mainly because I read that Joan Collins was in it. She's always good for a laugh.

    Well, it's hard to know what to say. Soaps, particularly night time soaps, were always trashy. But the acting was good, featuring people like Jane Wyman and Julie Harris, and there were usually some good dramatic scenes, even if the plots could be typically soapy.

    The Royals is different. First, it's on E!, the trash channel of television, with its true stories of celebrities, the Kardashians, fashion criticism, etc.

    Second, the writing is awful.

    Third, some of the acting is worse than the writing.

    Fourth, times have changed so there are no holds barred when showing revolting behavior.

    The story concerns a royal family of England - not the present one, another one, as if the House of Windsor didn't exist. The King is a good man, but he has a treacherous brother. Because of the death of the elder son, Robert, in a plane crash, the next in line becomes Liam (William Moseley). He is the twin of Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park).

    Park looks like an overly made up Kate Middleton. The model for her character was probably Justin Bieber. She's a complete slut and drug addict, and in the last episode, she sprayed her room with graffiti.

    The Prince is a nice boy, though a playboy, and very good-looking. His present girlfriend is an American, though he is being pursued by his ex-girlfriend, a blond bimbo. William Moseley is very good in the role. Brother and sister are devoted and loyal to one another.

    Eleanor seems to model her behavior after her mother, who is also a slut and takes drugs, which she gets from Eleanor. The Queen slept with the same bodyguard that Eleanor slept with.

    The Queen also has a secret boyfriend. She is highly manipulative and scheming. Joan Collins plays her mother, and if Alexandra Park wears a lot of makeup, Joan wears a ton.

    The Queen Consort is beautiful and glamorous - well, it's Elizabeth Hurley and she looks fabulous, even when she's throwing her thong at the Prime Minister so he can wear it.

    The King (Vincent Regan) takes walks alone. I actually came in on this show late so I don't know what his story is.

    There is a lot of treachery going on behind the scenes, much of it between the Queen and her brother-in-law (Jake Maskall) who wants the throne for himself. Maskell plays this role in a very campy fashion, I'm assuming on purpose.

    Also, there are a lot of music video-type sections within an episode.

    I'm embarrassed to be watching this, but it's like an accident you can't stop looking at. And make no mistake, it's a real soap and E! actually has a magazine with news of them online, called De-Throned.

    It's outrageously fun and outrageously bad.
  • evcmllc17 March 2015
    Badly acted and scripted! Being a big fan of the heyday series of Dynasty and Dallas I was so looking forward to this shows premiere, however with each passing series moment, it became more painful and nauseating to watch. The acting and writing were down right amateurish, pathetic and corny! Seriously the show seemed like a parody skit that you would watch on Saturday Night Live. From Elizabeth Hurley's ridiculous portrayal of the cold as steel, inhuman queen, to the sleazy diabolical jealous Kings brother, then you have the party crazed, drug/sex addicted princess and let's not forget the ugly red headed stupid useless sister cousins and the token American commoner of the kings right hand employee who is of course sleeping with the kings younger son. Seriously the entire show was so badly acted and written I can't imagine who E hired to write this show? Absolute Garbage!
  • I absolutely love this show. If you like Gossip girl it's very similar and it's written by the same person who wrote One Tree Hill. The whole show is wild and sexy but I LOVE the relationship between Eleanor and Jasper. There is nothing on TV quite like them. Eleanor is a badass party girl who is used to getting what she wants. She is very similar to Effy from Skins. Jasper (at first) is -a stone cold, very manipulative, secretive bodyguard who is used to being dominant. Jasper and Eleanor are 2 pro manipulators who go head to head. There's lots of betrayal and heartbreak, they basically destroy each other. It's a very dark romance that starts out with lots of angry, reluctant sex. There is also the love triangle between Liam, Gemma, and Ophelia while there is lots of scandal going on including death. But anyway it's probably my favorite show on TV at the moment.
  • angelonadate29 April 2015
    Love it
    I know a lot of people have been saying that the characters are based on the royal family but as someone who lives in the UK I really can't see it. I kind of get it with prince Harry being prince Liam as not actually online for the throne and enjoying life. Plus I really don't think that princess Kate would do drugs or act the way the princess is portrayed in the series.

    Also I'm very fussy about what I watch and I saw the trailer and thought it might be an alright show. Now I can't get enough of it I love it!! The only problem I see with the show is the storyline, like the fact that if prince Liam is now in line to the throne they why is he being allowed to carry on the way he did before his brother died? Would he not have to start his royal duties instead of being able to go on holiday and party with his mates?
  • nitikajain-6097317 July 2017
    The title should be changed to Rags to Riches. The manner of speaking, behavior, just about everything is created to serve low IQ humans who will watch anything you show them. Save your time and don't watch this. There was nothing royal about then, it just seemed like a rich family being over dramatic.
  • This might be for many a tough one to get into right out of the box. But once you wade through a couple-three episodes you know pretty much what you're getting yourself into... and it actually gets somewhat better as time goes by. And possibly by the end of S1, you just might find yourself surprisingly looking forward to S2. The casting job is top notch.. as are the performances of most all the actors. There is a flavor here for most everyone, and the ones worth looking at.. are really worth looking at (notably Poppy Corby-Tuech.. she's just absolutely gorgeous)! Is it well over the top.. undoubtedly.. and that's exactly the point. Actually, looking at what they are trying to accomplish is nowhere near easy.. and yet they pull the majority of it off pretty darn well. Doesn't always pay off, but sometimes hanging in there gives just reward.
  • I absolutely LOVE this show! I honestly thought it looked stupid, but I am so glad I starting watching it. It is one of my favorites now! Alexandra Park is SOO damn sexy and kicks ass playing the princess. She really makes the show for me. They could not have picked a better princess! The whole cast is phenomenal and they are all super attractive, which is a super plus for everyone. I have never seen a show with such beautiful women, I mean they are all gorgeous which even as a female I enjoy. is a lot more humorous than you would think. I never keep up with shows, but I never fail to watch this every Sunday. This show rules and I love it more and more every single episode. The picture is beautiful and the background and buildings are beautiful!
  • The Royals is amazing shouldn't have been cut so short! Elizabeth Hurley was amazing and made for the role of Queen! Great casting of newcomer Alexandra Park.
  • katiethel715 May 2018
    Love it
    This show gets better and better with every season. Is it a bit campy and ridiculous? News flash... IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! That's what makes it fun to watch! Liam is the quintessential hero that you love to root for. Jasper is a badass hunk. Queen Helena and Eleanor are both smart and beautiful. Robert is sick and twisted, and Cyrus is flat out hilarious. What more could you want in a television show?
  • I was excited to see this one. The entire season, the cast, the castle, everyone and everything seems to be missing the 'Royal' element. There's no grace. I get it, it's modern day, but take a hint from William and Kate maybe.

    The castle is grand and beautiful and everything, but they just don't seem to be able to pull the royalty off. They can't act well. The show would've been okay if it was anything but royalty. Madeline Stowe would've made a better queen. Cersei makes a better queen. This one, this one is sort of a shitty model. There's no grace anywhere in the show. I've seen 5 episodes and it's disappointing. The scripts are awful. It looks like a spoof.
  • I was hoping to see a drama based on the lives of a fictional royal family. Based in reality, but with some fictional "behind-the-scenes" revelations.

    I was very disappointed.

    Instead, it's a completely unrealistic and poor interpretation of what a royal family could be like if they didn't have a public image to maintain, and instead just did whatever they wanted and to hell with what people thought.

    Settings were wrong, extras behaved in an unbelievable manner, and all in all, it was more of an insult than entertainment.

    To me, if felt like an uninformed American viewpoint of what the royal family might be like, and it'd be like saying a Brit saying all Americans are like the ones you see on Jerry Springer.

    (Oh, the only reason it didn't get a 1-star, was the majority of the cast were VERY pretty!)
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