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  • K.C. Undercover is an amazing show for family and kids it's filled with fun and action! And the even more awesome thing is this is Zendaya second Disney show. she even had too DCOM Frenimies and Zapped.

    Zendaya just finished her other Disney Show Shake it up. With just only 3 seasons. When Shake it up ended Disney Channel ask Zendaya does she want her own show. She said yes!

    Zendaya is even one of the producers on K.C. Undercover! Zendaya plot and said he want to bring back the old Disney Show like Kim Possible and That's so raven. Zendaya it's just amazing! So make sure to check out K.C. Undercover!
  • K.C Undercover is an amazing Disney channel show! It is always refreshing to watch another episode, and the new episodes are always better than the last episode, which is entertaining because we can always look forward to the next episode and the show supplies a constant supply of new and episodes that are always funny and engaging. Because K.C is a spy, this allows the show to explore and interact with a variety of unique and different locations and situations, different from other shows, which makes the series far more entertaining and engaging. I believe that K.C Undercover is suitable for children and always makes me laugh. The show's characters all have a unique character, and they all blend well with each other and allow the show to explore these new locations and interact in the funniest way possible, and the jokes always make me laugh. If you haven't already watched the show, I think you need to go right now and watch it, because you are missing out on one of the best entertaining shows!
  • rosyredtulips10 August 2016
    It reminds me of Kim Possible and That's So Raven with its spy-centered plot and constant costumes that the main character, KC Cooper, wears. It brings back old Disney in a nice way and the humor is refreshing as well. The characters are interesting and dynamic, and the sibling teasing is playful and amusing. Hopefully, it stays on air for longer than two years, unlike I Didn't Do It, which I still don't understand why it was cut off air. It was probably one of the better Disney shows at the time, anyway. And it would have been better if they had wrapped up the series in a nice, finale episode, but no, instead it was just cancelled out of nowhere. That kind of annoyed me for a while. Hopefully, that's not the case with this show, though. Overall, KC Undercover is a fun family show that brings back nostalgic memories of old Disney, so I would definitely recommend it.
  • I absolutely love watching K.C. Undercover! I've seen every episode and am super excited for season 3! I love how it combines extremely zany silliness with plots that keep you glued to the TV hanging on every moment to see what's going to happen next. It's fantastic! It's a kids show but I think older teens might find it enjoyable too as well as some adults like myself. It's a pretty well rounded show.
  • Disney Channel surprised many with the introduction of "Girl Meets World" and especially "K.C. Undercover," when network and cable series were in a yawning, cliché rut, chasing trends. Here you have a teen in highschool who isn't a behavioral disappointment with her oppositional mood disorder dissing common sense. She's smart, she's athletic, her government trusts her with important secrets as she's good at thinking on her feet, and she can't dance (a reference to the star's previous show, a dance competition, where she placed second, actually). The parents aren't cut from the same cloth as all the other one-dimensional, ineffective parents in TV heaven.

    Some episodes do seem padded out (the retirement home episode, for one) but all generally are watchable even during rerun season. Ernie, the brother, is the most cliché character, being he's her opposite in every way, though he's learning to become a successful ladies-man.

    Hopefully the biracial Ms. Coleman will embrace her bi-racialness one day and bring that to the forefront of her public statements, in that biracial people are torn between their white friends, who pull them to the Caucasian culture, and their black friends, who pull them to their black culture, while being biracial is its own culture altogether and should be celebrated, not ignored and abandoned, an ambassador to both sides as it also could be. Of course, as an actress others will try to push Zendaya into the drug culture moreover, unfortunately, so this lovely, classy, multi-talented entertainer has a lot of stress factors to deal with I'm sure. This fan hopes she as successful as her K.C character in traversing the minefield of show business!

    UPDATE. The long-awaited last season is proving to be a big disappointment, with padded-out scenarios and disinterested acting. The one with the crying baby managed to displace the old folks home episode as worst-ever! The only highlight of Season 3 is seeing Ms Coleman in a black Homecoming Dance gown slit to her thighs, and showing off those fabulous legs, an acknowledgement that the actress is more beautiful than how she presents herself at movie premiers, award ceremonies and gala balls. Can't wait to see her in "A While Lie" coming soon to the big screen.

    SECOND UPDATE. Is the show over already by Thanksgiving 2017? The clip show beat the crying baby episode as the worst-ever. Third season is getting to be a big disappointment. "Stuck In The Middle" had a better clip show, and that's not a great show normally.

    IN CONCLUSION. How they dumped the second half of the final season on a two week window with little advanced notice! It seems all abandoned the project long before it ended. At least "Hannah Montana" "Jesse" and "Girl Meets World" stuck with it until the end. If Miley can be dedicated enough to care right until the final show, then the cast and writers and producers here should have too. The final season rates five stars from me, and the final ten episodes rate a mere two or three. Sad. The series showed such great promise, had a great start, then imploded. Why?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Omg! This is the best Disney Show Ever. It's way better than the old Disney show Kim Possible! We have way more action! It's way more entertaining. If you don't like K.C. Undercover then your lost! Because this is so amazing!!!!

    Btw the star of the show is Zendaya! she was amazing and great actor,singer, and dancer! She was on the old Disney Show Shake it up after its 3 season Disney decided to cancelled it. And instead of dancing or singing with Zendaya we get karaoke!

    Zendaya co-star from Shake it up, Bella Thorne will make a special guest star! Disney ask Bella Thorne does she want to be in another Disney show she said no. She wanted to be in more movies that's not on Disney!

    So if you never seen K.C. Undercover go check it out! It's cool,amazing, and cool! And we get more Zendaya!!!
  • cammielyon2 October 2015
    Zendaya said that she would bring old Disney back referencing the Disney TV hits that came out during the late 90's to mid 2000's. Before watching her show I was very skeptical. I mean, with new Disney instead of wise parents giving advice- the parents are stupid and seem more whimsical then their children. Dog with a Blog for crying out loud is a show! However, I started to watch KC Undercover and at first I was grudgingly thinking okay...that was kinda funny. To chuckling to snorting to actual laughter to rewinding because it was so funny. Her parents are cool and actually quite funny and smart. KC is mathematician nerd who can't talk yet is quite proud of being a girl AND defeating villains. Plus, the show's fight scenes are AWESOME. I adore KC and Clarisa's relationship as well as adorkable Ernie. My only problem is that I would like Ernie to have more shining moments. Nerd little brother is a little cliché, real character development would be cool. That goes for Clarisa too. She's fun and bubbly but I would like her to have more brains than beauty. Though the rest of the characters I quite adore. Craig and Kira are hilarious! Judy is sass queen and KC is just QUEEN. I was doubtful but I am digging her show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is very refreshing and features interesting ideas and motives for the characters. Only some characters have very bad acting, such as marissa and ernie. Still, because ernie can pull of being funny, he is tolerable and not bad. The main actress could have been better, even though her personality is supposed to be serious and uninterested, she could still be interesting. Being dull the entire time or pretending like you're misunderstood makes you annoying to watch. Other than that, the martial arts are very fun to watch, very real and interesting plots that involve the parents as well, not as irritating intervening people but as actual characters with important roles and personalities who enhance the show. It's amazing that this show is featuring a strong female character, very likable. What shows like this have to focus on is not demoting their own 'female empowerment' by making repulsive, sexist statements, like 'man up', or some female complaining about 'getting muscles', etc. Doing those type of things just makes the entire idea of the female lead being a strong fighter lame and fake, something for just entertainment and not achievable in the real world. This is another problem with my babysitter's a vampire, in which the female vampires are so powerful, yet sexist bullshi* is everywhere in the show, made by both the female and male characters. Other than that, k.c. undercover is really interesting to watch because the plots and acting, for the most part, are great. the scenes are too rushed, however, because they have to fit so much in a single episode. It should seem a bit more natural instead of just dialogues being forced everywhere. sometimes dialogues should stop and just show character expressions and emotions, instead of filling space with words for no reason. 9/10
  • kimmy85223 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a great Disney TV show. I love Disney TV show. I love jokes and hummer, I love the cast and Judy is a crazy funny robot who helps them in occasion.

    I really like that's shes a spy and shes on the good side not the bad side that's called the other side literally. I love that character who plays her best friend and the character who plays the mom and dad and the character who plays the brother and robot. I love what the writers do and that's about it. I really love this TV show all the best not the best TV show of all time but a good one. I really like the TV shows characters and story line.

    I hope it gets better and better. I love that it's for all ages mostly. The like that Zandaya sings the theme song.

    I give it a high rating. So please watch IT I hope you like it as mush or more then me. I love that it's on season 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is just awesome and even more adventure then the old Disney Show Kim Possible! And the amazing this is instead of carton we get live action! And ZENDAYA this star of this show is one of the Producers!

    If the never seen this show please go watch is right now!! You don't know what incredible things you are missing! In my opinion this is Disnsy 1 best show ever made !

    Btw this is ZENDAYA second Disney show! She just finished Shake it up with her co-star Bella Thorne after 3 seasons. Right ever the ended Disney ask Zendaya does she want to be in another Disney show? Because mostly everyone wanted more Zenday!

    And the awesome thing is we only mostly seen Zendaya singing and dancing. Now we see her doing karaoke! So make sure to check or K.C. Undercover!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is Awesome! Disney Channel finally made a show that's action and karaoke again!!! This is way better and more pack with adventure than the old Disney show Kim Possible! And we don't get cartoons we get live action !!!

    The even awesome thing is Zendaya is back on Disney Channel after she finished filming the old Disney show Shake it up! On the show instead of dancing or singing we get Karaoke! And the even more awesome thing is Zendaya is a producer on this new show!

    So if you never seen K.C. check it out right now! Stop what your doing and look up K.C. Undercover you thank me once you seen it! BTW ZENDAYA DID AN AMAZING GOOD! PRODUCING THIS SHOW!! Each episode is even more thrilling!
  • This is Zendaya Second Disney Channel Show. After Shake it up ended after there 3 season. Disney Channel Immediately ask Zendaya does she want to be featuring in a show called Super Awesome Katy.

    Zendaya noted she wanted to bring back the old cool Disney Shows Like That's so Raven and Kim Possible K.C. Undercover is very funny! It's a great show for kids and also parents! I'll say this show is better then Zendaya old show Shake it up!

    The Awesome thing is that instead of Dancing or Singing, we get Karaoke! Zendaya noted she doesn't want any Dancing or Singing. And her co-star from Shake it up will feature in one episode Bella Thorne.
  • Talk about a show being better than it should have been! When I saw commercial after commercial of this show, I thought I was going to HATE it. But Disney proved me wrong, because this is a fantastic show for some one like Zendaya. If you don't know Zendaya, #1, shame on you, and #2, she's an actress that is not unfamiliar to the Disney Channel crowd. She was in Shake It Up!, Frenemies, and Zapped. She is also a really great dancer, so it's not a big leap from dancing to kicks and punches. Zendaya plays K.C., a regular straight A student that wouldn't seem out of place on a TGIF sitcom. But, like in Hannah Montana, she also lives a double life… as a SPY! So the show is mostly a Spy Kids version of Hannah Montana, but much funnier than Spy Kids and less musical than Hannah Montana. The show also has some other funny characters like K.C.'s parents, Ernie, Marisa, and J.U.D.Y., who all have great lines and mostly don't move into the stereotypical characters we've seen in other Disney Channel shows. They also have great guest stars, such as Bella Thorne, who played Zendaya's friend in Shake It Up!, and Raven from That's So Raven, one of my favorite shows from the early 2000s! Now this review is becoming too positive.I'm gonna have to nitpick. The only nitpick I have is that Marisa isn't a good enough character. She just seems like a useless character that could've been scraped. But even though I think that way, I don't HATE Marisa. In fact, I think that this show might be one of my top 5 favorite shows! So, anyways, K.C. Undercover was better than I could've expected, and I WANT MORE EPISODES!
  • crazyfaceg24 November 2017
    This is something different.And even though it's not exactly the old Disney you know and love,its actually something you would actually enjoy.I'm a 20 something year old who still watches kids shows.I absolutely love this show,and even though the jokes aren't the best or aren't executed in a funny way all the time,its still exciting to watch and see where the story goes.I was immediately drawn to it when I just saw the name,and I've been watching ever since.So It's not exactly the good old Disney,but it's better than the other garbage shows,like Liv and Maddie,Best Friends Whenever,Bizaardvark to name a few.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    K.C. Undercover is a refreshing, detective-based sitcom that introduces very different characters with many personalities. It's pretty funny and has diabolical schemes that hold one's attention; however, it can also be a bit boring at times. K.C.'s acting is very well done and her fighting is excellent. She is very energetic and realistic when she fights and her determination is very sharp. But, because her character outside of her spying is distant from people, the show can get a bit boring to watch. She doesn't participate in anything more than her spy work, which creates a monotony. The seriousness of K.C. is balanced well by her friend, Marissa, who does a good job of looking foolish. Every character acts very well, and there is no over the top screaming or obnoxiousness.

    What stands out is K.C.'s strong fighting skills and power. Many shows that take 'females' in such roles don't do a good job, when the wimps can't even wield a sword with force, obviously because they had no encouragement or open participation in sports as children and because of shitty stereotypes, etc. Zendaya, however, has all the power, energy, and strength needed to look strong. Her moves are very precise. And instead of wearing irritating, little pink skirts everywhere, she actually looks like a normal person who has more brain resources for important, real things. Refreshing and interesting. The show could be funnier, however.

  • Look, I love the Disney Channel. I loved Wizards Of Waverly Place and Austin And Ally is quite enjoyable too. Nevertheless, this show is god- awful. I consider myself a movie critic, but when it comes to Disney Channel- I'm open minded. I watched a few episodes, and every episode felt stupid and awful. So unoriginal, awful acting, dialog is idiotic, and just boring. I didn't laugh once, didn't enjoy a single moment, and I really think It's a low point for Disney Channel. Just put Spongebob instead and I'll forgive you... I didn't watch EVERY Disney show, but when I do- I try to keep an open mind. In this show, it fails badly. I'm 18 years old, and I honestly think that if I'd seen this when I was like 9/10, I'd still hate it. Worst Disney Channel show so far.
  • senatormayhem24 January 2015
    K.C. Undercover is not funny nor does it seem to be a show that I would recommend to persons older than 15 as it is tacky and has bad acting.

    Although Zendaya is a semi-good actor she is not suitable for a action series such as this because her martial arts skills look unrealistic like movies of the 1970's. I understand that this is a show on Disney but it is no excuse for it to be so childish that it comes across dumb.

    The show comes across low budgeted and this is displayed in it's plot. I would not recommend this series to none of my friends as this show can not be compared to shows such as Jessie, That's so Raven, Kim Possible or even Sofia the First.

    As the Disney company seeks to carry up it's ratings I though it would have sought to liven up it's already tacky line up with refreshing shows but I can see that the Disney writers are also lacking vision as this show is lacking backbone and any comical push.

    In order for this show to become watchable for me it would have to turn around as I would not we watching the episodes to come.
  • Take 1 part spy vs. spy , 1 part Disney , growing up and caring about the " important" stuff... well that is a great start. K.C. is up to the task. .. expertly done dialog and scene cutaway and after only 2 or 3 episodes the show caries itself like a seasoned veteran of an astonishing caliber . The story and plot and action moves brilliantly with funny funny side gags " like catch phrases" . The contrasts and differences between and among the players is great entertainment and feel good treasure packed a giant mountain . ..or even two giant mountains. I found and am finding myself laughing and listening carefully to learn how the company or truer the player's character each think and react so then notice the chemistry & find the fun stuff, the good guy bad guy and deep people and beautiful people the sunshine and the astronomy buffs and all STARS.
  • Good message, funny. I enjoy watching it with my 15 yo. Very cute!
  • gebara_jean_paul8 October 2019
    Very good actress (very funny) her show...very good at her disguises..She has a very good mimic face..
  • K.C. undercover was amazing. Everytime it came on I felt as though I had a connection with some of K.C.'s struggles as I am a teenager. I wish it didn't end when it did sadly. Regardless of the hate others may put on the show I will continue love it! They did an amazing job. The new Disney Tv shows are not the same. They are mainly about technology and in my opinion that's not entertainment, but I am not here to hate. Bring K.C. Undercover back for 1 season please!!
  • Look, I'll give the show this: It's one of the less cringy Modern-Disney sitcoms on the air, but still not very good. I'm in the target audience for these shows, and I can honestly say, I don't like it. At all. The acting is bad, the characters are weak, the writing? Beyond lazy, and the action sequences are just poorly handled. But my BIGGEST problem with this show, is that it has the EXACT same plot line as one of Disney's greatest shows, Kim Possible. The only difference between this show and Kim is that it's live action with less suspense. Oh, yeah, and Kim Possible is actually GOOD. Bottom Line: I don't recommend it for any age, and I know others would agree. But hey, it's better than Bizzardvark and has a catchy there!
  • When Shake It Up ended its prescribed three year run on the Disney Channel one of its stars Zendaya immediately went into a new series. Not that Shake It Up was exactly Shakespeare, but Zendaya is a good dancer and all around musical performer so if you didn't like an episode or even thought the show itself was bad there was always some nice musical numbers.

    On this new one where Zendaya plays your typical Disney teen who discovers her parents are actually spies, they decide to bring her into the program. Nothing new here that hasn't been in such things as Cody Banks or Spy Kids in their many incarnations.

    Instead of dance we get karate, Zendaya's been training since she was a little kid and now we see those skills. Maybe Chuck Norris will do a guest appearance at some point.

    The Magic Kingdom is really getting silly these days, but I'm sure the young ones will like it, KC Undercover won't tax the gray cells too much.
  • K.C Undercover is about a young girl named K.C who discovers her parents are secret spies and then is recruited to become a spy?

    First of, the name K.C is absolutely horrendous, what kind of name is that? I mean, seriously, should I name my friend A.P? There are some episodes where you get very hyped up and includes laughter and exceptional moments but it fails to include subtext and fails to drag viewers to love this series. K.C Undercover needs to have the capability of making viewers get more into their series and so far, it is not only failing but is showing weakness throughout the episodes. The reason I put a 5/10 is because I praise Zendaya's acting and funny scenes but the other characters are just making me lose my mind. Jessie is far better than this and I highly recommend you not to watch this unless they improve it.
  • Disney's record hasn't exactly been stellar lately. Unfortunately, K.C. is another lackluster program to add to the list.

    From the very beginning, this show smacks of unoriginality. There's a kid with a secret double life (similar to Hannah Montana, Phil of the Future, and Wizards of Waverly Place) and she has to choose between being normal and helping her family. Not only is the premise recycled, but the plots are too. The same awful special effects from "Wizards" and "Phil of the Future" (though I actually liked the latter show) linger. Nothing new here.

    Sometimes, a show with a tired concept can shine because the actors salvage something. Certainly that is not the case here. The parents make other Disney parents look like Emmy winners, and the rest of the family just doesn't have it. The lead doesn't lend any charm to her part, and her friend plays the dumb blonde poorly.

    Also, the writing, like so many other Disney programs of late, is filled with clichés and jokes that would only get a laugh from the laugh track.

    Disney's concepts are getting more and more outlandish. No longer is Disney the premier channel for family entertainment. Barring "Girl Meets World" and "Phineas and Ferb," there's nothing interesting on Disney now. I'd advise you to watch those shows with your kids or find some reruns of "Even Stevens" or "Good Luck Charlie." Shows like "K.C." are uninteresting and don't teach any good lessons.
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