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  • I stumbled upon this show by sheer random luck, and decided to give it a chanc,e because I like the work that John Leguizamo does in his movies.

    I must say that I had expected this to be a stand-up comedy show and not a recap of his career told through comedy and spoofs. It was an entertaining show though, and there were some good laughs here and there. It gives a very good insight into his career and early years and where he came from.

    Would I prefer Leguizamo in shows such as this prior to his movies? No, certainly not. I think his talent is better utilized in movies portraying various characters.

    Having seen "John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown" once now, I can in all honesty say that I will not return to watch it a second time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    John Leguizamo hits the ball out of the park in this excellent HBO special. John revisits his erstwhile format of one-man-shows, which I must say, and not to detract from other works in his career, is his true wheelhouse. Ghetto Klown is decidedly different in this offering as it's a autobiographical/chronological look at his life and career,displayed as performance-art, with John assuming the roles of the many people within his personal and professional journey to self-discovery, via vivid impersonation and characterization. The entire show is well paced, and is evenly balanced with humor,sadness,profoundness, and poignancy. John's overall manner rings true, honest, and self-effacing. There's nothing overly dramatic or phony about his self-assessment nor his discoveries. Best of all, its not self aggrandizing or self-important. His is a story worth viewing on different levels. I highly recommend its viewing, I took a lot from it. I hope the Emmy's and the Globes, give this one a serious look, he deserves it.
  • aquarius-5460626 January 2019
    GHETTO KLOWNS is hilarious! I only heard of John Leguizamo as Sid the sloth in ICE AGE! Out of curiosity I looked him up on Wikipedia & saw how many movies he has been in! GHETTO KLOWN was on our cable channel & I watched it more than once because he is extremely funny,incredibly intelligent & brilliant story teller! I bought TO WONG FOO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JULIE NEWMAR because of his excellent GIGI RODRIGUEZ(drag queen) role &will buy GHETTO KLOWN too!
  • the reviewer above is looking for Saturday morning cartoon comedy this is adult theme based.

    just saying...... not everything is south-park family guy humor in the world. .... humor is multidimensional. like people. humor / tragedy = life john is an amazing gifted actor and gives a great stage presentation and interpretation of events in his life...... good show...

    hope to see more of him on upcoming specials!

    Benny blanco from the Bronx xD classic stuff. I think many in the viewing arena can relate to his flight in life with family and the trials and tribulations that he has lived through.... the show was above and beyond..