• WARNING: Spoilers

    Agent Rick Dicker (Jonathan Banks) is interviewing a boy named Tony Rydinger. Tony tells him how he met up with a classmate named Violet Parr (Sarah Vowell) at a track meet, and they agreed to go on a date together. Later, in the parking lot, a supervillain who called himself the Underminer (John Ratzenberger) burrowed up through the ground and said he was declaring war on peace and happiness. Everyone else scattered, but Tony found himself with no easy escape route, so he ducked behind a car and watched what unfolded. He saw a family of superheroes in matching suits, and the mother told one of the kids to patrol the perimeter and keep people away, and the other one to watch the baby, Jack-Jack. As the parents went after the Underminer, Tony saw an opportunity to escape, but then he recognized the voice of the girl. The boy ran off with super speed to do perimeter duty, leaving her alone with the baby. Frustrated, she ripped off her mask and threw it on the ground. Then Tony saw that she was Violet. Seeing him looking at her, she walked up to him and tried to explain, but he just ran away. He tells Rick that he feels bad about what he did, and he wishes he could just forget ever seeing Violet in her super suit.

    The Underminer bored back into the ground, setting off an underground explosion that caused bank buildings to collapse into the ground. Drilling through the vaults, he used a tube with vacuum suction to grab cash from the vaults. Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) confronts him, and the Underminer turns toward him, sucking him into the tube. He landed in the tunneler's storage vault and banged his way out with super strength. The Underminer puts the borer on autopilot, and the two of them fought. Mr. Incredible pushed the Underminer into the borer's control panel, smashing it. The Underminer jumped into the vault and escaped, leaving Mr. Incredible to deal with the now out-of-control drill. It burst through the surface into the street. Dash (Huck Milner) saw a dust cloud in the distance and ran toward it, with Violet pushing Jack-Jack in his stroller and running after Dash. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) stretched herself from one building to another, catching up to the careening drill. It slammed into a support column, destroying the monorail track right as a vehicle approached. Suddenly, their friend Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) glided in and made a track that guided the monorail safely to the ground. The borer was still running down the street, scraping the sides of buildings along the way. The drill hit a car and flung it into the air, and Dash ran up to an old woman and pulled her out of the way just before the car crashed down. Violet caught up to him and handed off Jack-Jack in the stroller. Elastigirl stretched herself out across an overpass, stopping cars from getting on a bridge as the drill destroyed the supports. Mr. Incredible grabbed a fallen streetlamp and threw it into the treads, but it soon snapped. Dash ran up to him and put Jack-Jack in his hands. Violet threw up force fields to protect bystanders from the machine. Mr. Incredible ran past her and handed Jack-Jack back to her. Elastigirl jumped into the open hatch of the borer, with the rest of the family chasing after it. They saw that it was heading straight for City Hall. Elastigirl stretched out through the engine, trying to spill the coolant so it would overheat. Mr. Incredible jumped in and helped her, and they stopped the drill just short of City Hall. Violet and Dash jumped in, and she put a force field around the whole family just before the engine blew. Looking out the hatch, they saw themselves surrounded by cops with their guns drawn.

    Rick Dicker gives the family a ride, and Violet tells them that Tony had seen her without her mask. Rick brings them to the hotel room where they've been staying since their house had been destroyed. Rick tells them that the Super Relocation Program has been shut down, and he can only let them stay in the hotel for two more weeks, after which they'll be on their own. They say goodbye to him, and sit down at the table to eat Chinese takeout. Violet asks them if they're going to talk about the day's events. Helen tells them that things are different now, with supers being forbidden to do hero work. Violet asks if that means they're going to go back to never using their powers. After going back and forth, Helen slams her hand down on the table, ending the conversation. Later that night, after the kids fell asleep, Bob and Helen are sitting at the hotel pool, wondering what they're going to do. Helen tells him that one of them will have to get a regular job. Suddenly, Lucius shows up, and he offers to let the family move in with himself and his wife, Honey (Kimberly Adair Clark) after their time in the hotel is up. Then he tells them that during the Underminer attack, a man who represents the business tycoon Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) handed him a business card, and said that Winston wanted to talk to Lucius, Bob and Helen. With no other options, they agree to the meeting.

    The three of them show up outside a huge building, the headquarters of DevTech. They get security badges and take the elevator to the top floor, and are greeted by Winston. A woman also walks up and Winston introduces her as his sister, Evelyn (Catherine Keener). He tells them he saw what they did with their kids earlier, and they shoot each other a look, realizing he knows their secret identities. He says he used to work for Rick years ago, before the Supers were forced into hiding, and he explains that Rick was a huge fan of them. Rick had a direct phone line installed in the Deavor house, so they could call the Supers any time they needed them. Winston tells them that one night thieves broke into their house, and his father tried to call Gazerbeam and Fironic, but since Supers had been outlawed, neither one of them answered. The thieves found his dad and shot him. A few months later, Winston's mom died from heartbreak. He says that if the Supers hadn't been in hiding, it never would have happened. Evelyn counters that her dad should've hidden himself at the first sign of trouble, and Winston explains that they've had that argument forever. Since then, Winston and Evelyn built DevTech, a telecommunications company, with the goal of righting some wrongs. Winston and Evelyn explain that the Supers have been in hiding because of the people's perception. All they see is the destruction the Supers cause, not the hard decisions they make or the lives they save. To change that, Evelyn shows them that there are cameras in their badges, and says their new super suits will have cameras as well. Winston says they just need to be super, and he'll make sure they'll all be legal again some day. Enthusiastically, Bob asks what their first assignment will be, but Winston says that Elastigirl should be the first Super that the public sees in action. Bob reluctantly agrees, but Helen is still unsure.

    Back at the hotel, Bob asks Helen why she wouldn't want to take the opportunity, and she explains that the children will need her. Dash is struggling with math, and Violet is nervous about her upcoming date with Tony. Jack-Jack, being a baby, will naturally need lots of attention, whether he has powers or not. Neither of them knew that he had used his powers once before, to escape from being kidnapped by Syndrome, since at the time they were on the ground and he was high in the air, beyond their sight. Bob tells her that the choice is to change the world to allow their children to be who they are, or to possibly soon be homeless. She asks if he'll be okay watching the kids, and he says he can handle it with no problem. Lying down to sleep, they knew tomorrow they'd tell Winston that Elastigirl was in.

    Winston sends a limo to pick up the family and take them to a huge house that he owns, and he says they can stay as long as they need. Later, Elastigirl comes out of the bathroom wearing her new super suit, one that was designed by Alexander Galbaki. Bob teases her that when Edna Mode (Brad Bird) finds out, she won't be happy. Helen finds a note from Evelyn saying there's something in the garage for her. She goes out and finds a motorcycle that can split into two parts. Bob watches as she takes off down the street. The next morning, Bob fixes breakfast for the kids, and Violet asks him if Helen is breaking the law by doing hero work. Bob is relieved to see the school bus pull up, and sends the kids off.

    That night, Violet gets ready for her date with Tony. Bob reads Jack-Jack a bedtime story, and the baby falls asleep. Bob then tries to help Dash with his math homework, but Dash tells him they want the problems done a certain way, and then says he'll just wait until Helen comes home. The TV turns on, and Bob is surprised to see Jack-Jack sitting on the couch. He takes him back up to his room and reads another story.

    In the city, Elastigirl is in attendance at the unveiling ceremony of a new hovertrain. The mayor gives a speech as the Deavors watch in a studio through Helen's bodycam. The mayor cut the ribbon, and the train got its first group of passengers. It lifts up and suddenly takes off in the wrong direction. Elastigirl jumps on her cycle and takes off after it. Riding through tunnels and on rooftops, she is able to land on top of the train. Before she can plan her next move, the train goes into a tunnel. She ditches the bike and flattens herself on the roof. She reaches the engineer and finds him staring straight ahead. Coming out of the tunnel, Elastigirl makes herself into a parachute and slows the train to a stop. Going back to the engineer, she notices a pulsing light in his cabin. A message appears on a monitor saying "Welcome back, Elastigirl--The Screenslaver"

    Bob keeps trying to get Jack-Jack to stay in his bed, with no luck. Going downstairs, he finds Violet, who never left for her date, and she tells him not to say anything. Bob goes back to the living room and sits Jack-Jack down next to him and falls asleep. On the TV, a movie is playing with a masked robber holding a man at gunpoint. Jack-Jack sees the masked man, and then looks out the window and sees a raccoon rummaging through the trash. He walks up to the window and is able to pass through it with his powers. Grabbing a half-eaten chicken leg away from the raccoon, he throws it back in the garbage can and uses another power to lift the lid with his mind and slam it down on the can. Then laser beams come out of his eyes, just missing the raccoon. Bob wakes up from the commotion and goes outside to grab Jack-Jack. Just then, the baby split into six separate copies of himself. Bob realizes that Jack-Jack has multiple superpowers. Taking Jack-Jack back inside, Bob gets a call from Helen. She asks him how things are going, and he lies and says the kids are just fine. She tells him about saving the runaway train, and he turns on the TV to see news reports about the dramatic rescue. She thanks him for taking care of the kids, and they hang up. Bob puts Dash and Jack-Jack to bed, and then cracks open Dash's math book. Later, he wakes up Dash and tells him that he understands the math problems and can help Dash before school starts.

    Elastigirl is getting ready to be interviewed by a news anchor named Chad Brentley. Chad is interviewing a foreign ambassador as Helen sits in a green room, nervously waiting for her turn. A stage hand comes in and walks her toward the stage. The ambassador sees Helen and greets her enthusiastically. Chad introduces Elastigirl to the audience, and she walks out to the stage. Suddenly, Chad's eyes glaze over and he starts talking in a robotic monotone. Following his eyes, Helen notices a blinking light on a screen. She looks away just in time to avoid being hypnotized herself. Chad says that everyone is being controlled by screens. Helen makes her way to the control room, where she finds everyone staring ahead blankly. The robotic voice continues, saying that the screens are being controlled by the Screenslaver. The voice says the Screenslaver will hijack the ambassador's aerocade, and Helen runs and smashes a window. Stretching herself out of the building, she climbs on a rooftop and sees three helicopters airborne. Launching herself like a slingshot, she crashes through one of the helicopters' windows, but the ambassador isn't there. She tells the pilot to get her close to another copter, and she makes the jump. Finding the ambassador in the back, she breaks open the door to the cockpit and sees the pilots in a trance. She smashes the screen with the blinking light to bring them back. Just then, the third chopper smashes into them. Struggling to gain control, she asks the pilots if they can swim, then pushes them out so they land in the river below. Then she grabs the ambassador and slings herself into the air, making a parachute to bring the ambassador safely to the ground.

    The next morning, Bob is getting the kids ready for school. Violet looks awful and tells him that yesterday at school, she asked Tony why he stood her up, and he acted like he didn't know her at all. Bob tells her that Rick has had to erase many people's memories after they found out his or Helen's secret identity. Violet realizes that Rick had erased Tony's memory, after Bob told him to. Stomping off, she grabs her super suit and stuffs it in the garbage disposal and turns it on. But since the suit is indestructible, nothing happens to it. Angrily, she grabs it and throws it against the wall, vowing never to be a hero again.

    Helen is in a limousine, being given a ride back to the DevTech building. There, a group of people cheer for her, making her feel proud, but she knows the Screenslaver is still out there. Inside, Winston hands her a newspaper that has a headline about the ambassador giving a pro-Super speech, and he tells her their plan is working. She tries to be enthusiastic, but she's still worried about the Screenslaver. He leads her into a room filled with other superheroes in costume. One of the women introduces herself as Voyd (Sophia Bush), and demonstrates her power to make portals that can instantly transport people or things anywhere. Other supers come up and introduce themselves as Screech, Brick, Reflux and He-lectric. They all chatted a while, and Helen is proud of the positive effect she's had on them. Talking with Evelyn, Helen hits upon a plan to lure the Screenslaver out. Evelyn will make a tracking device, and while Chad interviews Helen remotely, they'll track the signal.

    Bob calls Rick and asks him if he remembers wiping Tony's memory, then explains that he went too far, erasing all memory of Violet from his mind. Rick replies that memory wiping isn't an exact science. Bob asks Rick for any information he has about Tony, and Rick tells him that Tony's parents own a restaurant where he works after school. That night, Bob takes the kids out to dinner. Violet wonders why he's taking them across town to one specific restaurant. Sitting down at the table, they're greeted by their waiter, Tony. Startled, Violet shoots water out of her nose, and Tony offers her napkins to clean herself up. Bob tries to push Violet into chatting with Tony, but she just gets more embarrassed and angry. She pushes herself away from the table and walks out of the restaurant.

    At the station, Chad is talking with Helen through a monitor, and she tells him that she's at a secure, undisclosed location. She's actually on top of the building, on a transmission tower. Chad shows footage from the hovertrain rescue, when the Screenslaver appears on the monitors. Activating her tracker, Helen locates the source of the signal. The Screenslaver rants about how people are controlled by screens because they're lazy. Meanwhile, Elastigirl vaults from one building to another, zeroing in on the source. Finally, she arrives at an apartment building. Snaking her arm under the door, she unlocks it and runs in. The Screenslaver appears behind her and pushes her and himself into a giant cage, then zaps her with a taser. He turns on blinking lights to hypnotize her, but she manages to push him out of the cage and slither out herself. They fight around the room, then he runs out the door, activating a timer on the way out. She runs after him, and he activates a fire alarm, causing others to come running out. He slips down an elevator shaft and onto a rooftop, with Helen in pursuit. Suddenly, he leaps off the roof. Helen jumps after him, grabs him and makes a parachute. As the timer hits zero, the building blows up, and she reaches up and grabs the mask off his face. On the ground, he's led away in handcuffs by the police, acting confused. Helen thanks Evelyn for setting up the tracker.

    Back at the house, Dash asks Bob for help with his new math lesson. Watching TV, Bob sees a story about how a car called the Incredible, a car he once owned when he was a public superhero, had been bought by a billionaire at an auction. Thinking the car had been destroyed along with his house, Bob angrily rummages through some boxes and finds the old remote control for the car. Pressing a button, he makes the car start on the screen. Dash snatches the remote and starts pressing buttons. Everyone in the studio takes cover from the seemingly live car. Bob grabs the remote back and powers it down. Suddenly Jack-Jack sneezes and teleports himself into Violet's room. She runs down the stairs screaming, as Jack-Jack now has turned into a red monster, chasing after her. Jack-Jack turns back into his normal self, and Dash and Violet realize he has powers, and Bob hadn't told them. Violet asks if he told Helen, and he says no. When she asks why, he angrily tells them that he's Mr. Incredible, and he's trying to hold the house together through everything. Taken aback, Violet says that she's going to call Lucius.

    Lucius comes over, and he sees Jack-Jack suddenly turn invisible. Weary, Bob grabs cookies and holds one up to lure Jack-Jack out. He reappears, grabs the cookie and munches on it. Bob tells Lucius that he can't keep giving Jack-Jack cookies, but when he stops, the red monster appears and starts biting Bob's arm. Desperate for some relief, Bob takes Jack-Jack and drives up to Edna's house. Seeing him looking like he hadn't slept in days, she invites him in. He tells her that he needs some alone time, and asks if he can leave Jack-Jack with her. Jack-Jack looks at her face and transforms his own nose to look like hers. Bit by bit, he transforms the rest of his face to match her. Fascinated by his powers, she agrees to take him and quickly shoves Bob out the door. Bob goes back to the house and collapses on the sofa. He apologizes to Violet for having Rick erase Tony's memory, then making things worse at the restaurant. He says he's just trying to be a good dad, and Violet replies that he's not good, he's super. She hugs him, before realizing that he fell asleep sitting up.

    At the Deavors' house, a party was going with video playing of Elastigirl catching the Screenslaver. Winston announces that Supers will be legal again, and he triumphantly holds up the Screenslaver's suit and goggles, saying that Elastigirl is the one who made it all possible. He says they'll sign an agreement on his ship, the Everjust, and it will be televised around the world. Helen rewatches the footage of the Screenslaver capture, and she realizes that something isn't quite right. She slips away to the control room and watches some of the raw footage. Evelyn comes in behind her with drinks, happy to be away from the crowd. She tells Helen that her brother knows how to handle people, but she herself never knows what they want. Helen asks her what she thinks they want, and she replies that people value ease more than anything. Helen tells her that she thinks catching the Screenslaver was too easy, then she notices that one of the Screenslaver's monitors is tuned into her suit camera. Evelyn says that he must have hacked into the closed circuit, but Helen replies that if he was able to do that, he wouldn't just have simple locks on his door. She realizes that he himself must have been hypnotized by the goggles he was wearing, and she grabs the goggles to inspect them. With a swift move, Evelyn forces the goggles onto Helen's head.

    Bob wakes up groggy, and realizes he had been sleeping on the couch. Violet took off his shoes and gave him a blanket and pillow. Later, he goes to Edna's house and thanks her for watching Jack-Jack. She says that she stayed up all night, working on a suit that will control all of his powers. Putting Jack-Jack into the testing chamber, she shows Bob how Jack-Jack's suit can anticipate which of his powers he's about to use. When Jack-Jack turns into a flame, the suit activates an extinguisher with blackberry-flavored fire retardant spraying all over him, and he happily licks it up. Relieved at finally having some control, Bob takes Jack-Jack and puts him in the car.

    As the blinking lights in the goggles go out, Helen wakes from her trance, finding herself strapped to a chair. Trying to move, she lets out a scream of pain. Evelyn comes on the intercom and tells her that the temperature around her is below freezing, and that if she tries to stretch, she'll break. Helen realizes that Evelyn is the real Screenslaver, and the person she locked away was an innocent victim. Helen tells Evelyn that she counted on her, and Evelyn asks her why, because she built her a bike? Evelyn says that they didn't really know each other. Helen asks about her brother, and Evelyn replies that he's weak, depending on the Supers to always save him, just like his father did. Helen asks if she's going to kill her, and Evelyn says that she plans to use her instead.

    Back at the house, the kids see Jack-Jack in his new suit. Bob demonstrates how he can now control the baby, with Jack-Jack using his laser eyes on command. Then Jack-Jack uses his warp power to disappear, and Bob shows them a device to scan for his location. Seeing him in the corner, Dash holds out a cookie, which Jack-Jack reappears to grab and chomp down. The phone rings, and Evelyn tells Bob that Helen is in trouble. She says she doesn't want to say what happened on the phone, and it's best if he meets her at DevTech, where the ship is docked. Bob immediately calls Lucius and tells him to watch the kids, and to bring his super suit, since things might get weird. Suspicious at Bob's sudden leaving, Dash runs and grabs the car's remote control, and Violet gets out the super suits and has them all put the suits on. The doorbell rings, and they open it to see the other supers from the party, all being controlled with a pair of goggles.

    Voyd tells them that they're not safe, and the Deavors sent them for protection. Just then, Frozone runs up and stands between them and the kids, telling them they're not needed. He tries to shut the door, but they block him. Dash presses a button on the remote, activating the Incredible, which blasts out of its garage and flies toward the house. Frozone blasts the Supers with an ice wall and slams the door. Dash grabs Jack-Jack as the Supers force their way in. Dash tries to run outside, but he keeps finding himself still inside the house, thanks to Voyd's portals. As Frozone is fighting Screech, Violet creates a force field around herself and her brothers to shield them from He-lectrix's zapping blasts. As Krushauer tries to crush the force field, the Incredible flies in and stops just before them. Dash and Violet get in and escape, but the other Supers grab Frozone and put a pair of goggles on his head.

    Evelyn takes Bob to see Helen on the ship, and as soon as he walks in, Helen starts punching him in the face. Stunned at first, Bob tries to fight back, but he can't bring himself to attack his wife. As she comes at him with more punches and kicks, he grabs her and tries to break her trance. She kisses him, and with surprise, he kisses back. Then she stretches and grabs a pair of goggles from Evelyn and puts them on his head.

    Evelyn tells Winston that the heroes are on the ship, resting, and he orders the ship to head out. In the Incredible, Dash and Violet take a moment to decide what to do. They realize they have only themselves, the car and Jack-Jack. They get to the DevTech building and see the ship take off. Dash wishes the car could follow the ship, and it drives itself off the dock and into the water. Jetting itself along, the car quickly catches up to the ship. Violet asks how they'll get on the ship, and Dash replies that it would be great if the car had ejector seats. A message flashes across the dashboard, "Ejector seats activated." Suddenly they find themselves flying through the air toward the ship. Violet surrounds them with a force field, allowing them to land safely on deck. Just then, Winston activates the ship's hydrofoil, causing it to float out of the water. Evelyn has Winston gather the supers in a room for the signing ceremony. Violet sees them go into the room, then comes back to Dash to find that Jack-Jack had gone missing. Using the tracker, they find him going up in an elevator. They go to follow, but are cut off by Voyd, who attacks Violet. She tries to fight back by using force fields, but Voyd keeps opening portals to deflect them. Dash takes off after Jack-Jack, but he realizes Violet isn't behind him, so he runs back and speed-punches Voyd before she can put goggles on Violet.

    The kids find Jack-Jack in a hall and grab him. With the other Supers coming behind, they hide in a vent. Trying to keep Jack-Jack quiet, they give him the tracker to play with. Hearing Jack-Jack coo, Krushauer uses his power to crush the vent. Getting angry, Jack-Jack transforms into a giant baby and bursts out of the vent, knocking out Krushauer and destroying the tracker. Violet uses a cookie to calm Jack-Jack, who grabs it and goes smashing through the walls, heading toward the room where the Supers are gathered. Turning back to his normal size, he teleports through the last wall. Dash and Violet look for another way in. As the signing ceremony goes live, Evelyn takes control of all of the Supers, having them tell the world that they don't serve the people anymore, only themselves. They reach toward the camera, and the feed goes dead.

    Back at the studio, Chad awkwardly tells the audience to stand by as they sort out their technical issues. On the ship, Evelyn watches as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone lock the delegates in the room with the other Supers. They head up to the bridge and quickly disarm a guard, who gets on his radio and exclaims that Supers have taken the ship. Elastigirl turns the steering wheel, guiding the ship on a path toward the city. Mr. Incredible crushes the wheel, rendering the ship unsteerable. Dash and Violet follow Jack-Jack to the bridge, and without hesitation, their parents and Frozone attack them. Violet throws up a force field for protection, and Jack-Jack floats through the air, landing in Elastigirl's arms. With her momentarily confused, Jack-Jack reaches up and rips off her goggles. Evelyn orders Mr. Incredible and Frozone to grab her, but she rips off their goggles.

    The other Supers burst in and attack, and Jack-Jack transforms into a monster. Elastigirl is surprised to see that he has powers. He-lectrix tries to attack Violet, but monster Jack-Jack rips off his goggles. Soon, all the goggles are off and the Supers stop fighting, but the ship is still heading for the city. Evelyn grabs Winston and heads for a jet. Bob tells Helen to go after her, to finish the mission, while they handle the ship. Bob goes for the engine compartment, but is confronted by Krushauer, still wearing a pair of goggles. He tries to crush Bob with the walls, but he quickly jumps out of the way and hurls a piece of debris at Krushauer, knocking off his goggles. Krushauer is free from his trance, but now the room is filled with debris, blocking his entrance to the engine room. Winston is coming out of his camera-induced trance, and he realizes his sister is the Screenslaver. She pulls him into the jet, but he jumps out before she takes off. Running back to the room, he turns off the screen that was keeping everyone hypnotized, and orders them all to the back of the ship. Elastigirl and Voyd go to the deck and see Evelyn taking off. Voyd opens a portal for Elastigirl to use, and she lands on top of the jet. She forces her way in, and Evelyn starts flying wildly, flinging Elastigirl all around the cabin. Elastigirl makes her way to the pilot's chair and is about to punch Evelyn, but she puts an oxygen mask on herself and starts climbing rapidly. With the air getting thinner, Elastigirl starts to feel weak.

    On the ship, Mr. Incredible tells the others that he can't stop the ship, and Dash suggests turning it from the outside. Frozone freezes one of the foils, causing it to break and sending the ship back down to the water. Mr. Incredible lowers the anchor, wrapping himself in the chain. He gets plunged into the water, with Dash waiting for him to turn the rudder. As time passes, Dash gets increasingly worried. But then, the ship starts to turn, and Dash presses the button to lift the anchor.

    On the jet, Evelyn kicks Elastigirl in the face. Spotting a flare gun, Elastigirl fires it at Evelyn's oxygen tank, creating an explosion that sends Evelyn flying out the window. Elastigirl puts the jet on autopilot, swings out the window, grabs Evelyn and makes a parachute. Refusing to be saved by a Super, Evelyn kicks herself free and starts falling again, but Elastigirl grabs her again and Voyd opens a portal over the water, depositing them both safely on the ship's deck.

    With the ship turning away from the city, a large wave gets kicked up. Frozone freezes it to create a cushion for the side of the ship to run into. As such, even though the ship runs aground into the city on a sideways trajectory, it is otherwise brought safely to a stop without significant injury or property damage. Helen turns to Bob and asks if she missed Jack-Jack's first power, and he says more like the first seventeen. Evelyn is led into a police car in handcuffs, and she tells Helen that saving her life doesn't make them right, but Helen is unfazed at her enemy's remark. Bob tells Violet that she should try introducing herself to Tony again. Days later, a judge rules that Supers should be made legal again. At school, Violet walks up to Tony and introduces herself. They chat for a while, getting to know each other again.

    One night, Tony walks out of his door and into a car where the Parr family is sitting. They all head off to a theater together. When they get there, they see a group of police cars chasing down a criminal. Violet gets Tony out of the car, hands him money for tickets and popcorn, and tells him to save her a seat. Confused, Tony does as ordered. Violet gets back in the car, and they all put on their suits and masks. Bob pushes a button, transforming the car into a family sized Incredi-wagon. Bob hits the gas, and the family sets off on another adventure together.