Kyla: Loving people doesn't save them

Steve Després: We still love each other, right?

Diane 'Die' Després: That's what we're best at, buddy.

[from trailer]

Diane 'Die' Després: You've been back 24 hours and this place is a slum! Tidy the hell up!

Steve Després: Wanna hold my dick when I piss, too?

Diane 'Die' Després: If it helps you aim!

Steve Després: I wanted to tell you... I just wanted to thank you for your patience. I know I'm rough. Like Grandma used to say when I was younger, that I was rough. Now I get it, why she said that. So I'm sorry. And when I think about the times when... When I think about how much maybe I hurt you... After, when I get my shit together... I'm so fucking sad because you deserve so much better than a fucking retard like me! So... What matters is... I'm thinking about you here, and I love you.

Steve Després: Remember what dad used to say: "Grab the future by the balls. Fuck the past in the ass".

Steve Després: Maybe, one day, you won't love me anymore. It's true. It happens.

Diane 'Die' Després: Me... I'll always be there for you. You're my priority.

Steve Després: [Waiting to surprise his mother] I had to piss so I tied a knot in my dick!

Diane 'Die' Després: Stop being so racist.

Steve Després: But he's black, anyway.