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  • Yes, a little jewel, that could only have been made in France. From beginning to end, we are in a world of finesse and seduction. Although the overall plot is somehow predictable, there are enough surprises to make the whole thing go smoothly. The main characters are realistic and credible. Clément, the male character, is sensitive, without being a ridiculous wimp. Alicia is magnificent, elegant, strong, yet vulnerable. As to Caprice, she is sometimes ingenuous, sometimes bold: quite a performance. The rhythm is impeccable: no rushes, no unneeded pauses. Every character, every scene is relevant to the overall story. Will this revolutionize cinema? No. But will this allow you to have a good time? Assuredly.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Caprice is, alas, only the fourth film written and directed by plus starring Emmanuel Mourcet, which means I'm doing everything I can to locate his other five full-length features (he has also made two shorts). Mourcet specializes in the quirky, offbeat and perhaps best described as semi-romcoms but in every case - or in the four titles I have seen - he throws in a large helping of enjoyment. Clearly he has not forgotten that cinema was created to fill people with a sense of awe, wonderment and give them a heady mixture of laughter and tears so that just one frame of a Mourcet film is worth the entire catalogue of precious critics darlings like Godard, Ken Loach and their ilk. Caprice is no less delightful than his previous films and I await its release on DVD impatiently.
  • sergelamarche17 August 2021
    Hilarious in the first seconds. Played a bit fake and forced at time but the jokes are just too numerous and hilarious to not like. And the story is unpredictable. Even the end is open.