Jem: Showtime synergy.

Pizazz: [on Jem] Our songs are better. We're gonna get her.

Rio: [on phone] Yes, Jem is glamour and glitter, fashion and fame.

Jem: Please let me explain what's been going on.

Shana: Explain what? That you want to go solo?

Aja: You don't want us around anymore? That's not how a family is supposed to act.

Kimber: You're internet famous. That's like the second best thing to being actually famous.

Jem: Is that us?

Erica Raymond: No it's Photoshop.

Erica Raymond: I'm not just looking for another band, not anymore. I need something dynamic and powerful. I need one that would be willing to... destroy Jem.

Pizazz: Lady... you came to the right place.

Rio: It's over Mom: I'm taking over the company!