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  • I don't enjoy anime particularly, but to be honest, it's not the kind of movie with silly, female figure abusing, exaggerated emotions, and gratuitous violence script. The story may seem a little complicated and disgusting, but sincerely, the plot involves heavy criticism to the consumer society, our selfish reactions between each other and specially the urge of the humankind to develop strata of power and the means we are willing to take to keep it.
  • Genocidal organ is probably the weakest of the three ITOH movies. It seems to use two main themes; one is very innovative and possesses extraordinary original potential, while the other is an old worn theme, which has been used many times in the past. The movies starts with the original theme and pushes this very well until the reveal, where its almost casually revealed and thrown away for the old, well-worn theme, which continues until the end of the movie. There is nothing wrong with the conclusion of the movie, but it's been done so many times it can be very hum-drum. This is very unusual because in the first two movies the original innovative themes are run to the end of the movie, so I am unsure why Satoshi Ito did this in this movie. I suspect because he was trying to follow the primary plot of a computer game so had to go down that path. Apart from this the animation is excellent, but I found the characters a bit lifeless. This is not a major issue, but does not help during the boring bits and its hard to identify with the characters in any manner. The action scenes are very good and first the first half of the movie the conversations are interesting. Its only when you discover the plot has moved to such an old plot lines that it begins to lose its interest. My suggestion is to watch the other two movies and if you like them, watch this.
  • This movie makes you think about ourself and how we see other nations.
  • WeAreLive29 November 2018
    Soldier John Paul is been hunted down by the the american army who claim that John has done Genocide and he is infiltrating a Czech republic town. So they have been given orders to bring him in alive but John knows more than they think.

    Even though I feel this movie has way too much propaganda. It was still watch able and it was nice seeing an anime movie which is set outside of Japan.

    Story wise it was good.

    Animation and art style brilliant as usual.

    Audio wise good I watched the Funimation dub.

    Overall not a bad movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first watched it and realised what it was about. I actually liked it but half way through I realised that it is kinda like ghost recon future soldier with the whole invisible Camo and his display. It's a good movie and can keep the tension when there isn't any shooting