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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, what happened was:

    Mary was the demon's slave, and apparently so was Tira. There are only two ways to get out of being baba yaga's slave, and those are to either: Kill yourself, or to trick someone into doing something evil--as explained by the movie.

    Mary did indeed take the kids to feed the demon. And then she killed herself to be free of it (possibly from guilt after being accused of it).

    Tira (the model holding the baby) on the other hand, tricked Jess by lying to her that baba yaga is just an internet fairy tale, and that to save her daughter, she had to find the real kidnapper. This made Jess believe that the detective was the kidnapper, and through a series of events, Jess led the detective to the demon, effectively fulfilling the part where she was "tricked into doing something evil". At the end, Tira killed the husband to get rid of the evidence that she herself probably planted (the folder containing the interrogation with the detective), and her mark disappeared, because she was now freed of the demon's enslavement. The ending scene, was Jess being branded with the seal of the demon, concluding that she is now officially the demon's new slave.
  • A good portion of whether something is watchable is not whether it has been done before (most things have been) but whether it is done well.

    Don't Knock Twice does nothing that has not been done before. That said, what it does do, it does awfully well. This is a very atmospheric horror, sounds as well as visuals, play a key part in its success. As does things hinted at or glimpsed, as well as things that are seen.

    The pacing is good with well timed scares occurring throughout this flick. Moreover, it manages to feel fresh and new even though its a well worn proposition. I personally put this down to decent acting and directing.

    Ignore the detractors and give Don't Knock Twice a go. Seven out of ten from me.
  • The special effects are nice and the acting is passable, but this film is way too cliché and formulaic to be enjoyable.

    The plot is the same as every single other "chick horror" movie ever. A pretty girl pisses off a ghost, has lots of scary visions, people don't believe her, she freaks out and acts crazy, at the end she discovers "a terrible secret". Bonus points if there's an old house and a mysterious magical person who knows all about the demon/ghost/spirit.

    It's disappointing that a team of clearly creative and talented British people chose to use this tired clichéd formula instead of writing something fresh and new.

    Too many horror films do this, it's predictable and boring and it needs to die. I refuse to believe that teenage girls are the only worthwhile demographic for horror.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As others have written, this movie does atmosphere really well, and I enjoyed that a lot. I'm not usually a fan of Katie Sackhoff but loved her performance in this. Lucy Boynton's bratty teenager role got old and she looked stunned for most of the movie, but I got past it. It had some good jump scares and some unnecessary and stupid ones, but I got past them, too. I liked the movie overall, my biggest complaint with it being the ending.

    Brief synopsis in my words: An old woman accused of abducting children is hounded by a young girl and her friend and an investigating cop and eventually kills herself. Her ghost comes back for revenge after the girl and her friend knock on the door of the house the old woman used to live in, like they used to to hound her.

    A good, old haunted house with a ghost story, right? That would have been fine by me, but then it tries to get a little too clever and attempts one twist too many and blows it - in my opinion. It also seemed like a last minute, cheap attempt to leave it open for an obvious sequel.

    Okay, now for some spoilers... Apparently the villain wasn't a vengeful ghost it was a demon. Wait, no, it was a child abductor AND a ghost AND a demon. Wait, no, it was some kind of witch or something working with or for the demon or something. And the old woman was innocent. She was being controlled by the demon. Wait, no, it might have been somebody else. Wait, no, it wasn't them after all, it was the old lady but now a new lady has taken her place? Oh, and the knocking twice - that doesn't mean anything after all. Wait, what? But that's the title of the movie!

    Y'know what? I'm not sure anymore and don't care. They had a good old ghost story going and lost it somewhere along the way. Not cool. But while I shook my head at the ending, I didn't hate this. It's still a 5 out of 10 for me just for the atmosphere and genuine creepiness of it.
  • It's kinda strange though, who doesn't knock Twice when banging on a door? Kinda puts everyone in danger.

    So Kastee Sackhoff plays an artist who's trying to rebuild a relationship with the daughter she left behind for her career, when her daughter becomes hunted by the town's urban legend.

    The story lays out pretty cool, but the movie overall is very cheesy, but at the same time it can scare you (or at least the attempt to is decent).

    Don't knock twice has good creepy sound effects and music that really help set that mood. It's amazing how two movies could have similar visuals yet one movie is able to scare you with those visuals and the other doesn't. Don't knock twice is the other. What this movie does have for you is some great sound that makes up for stereotypical and non scary visuals. The grunts the bumps and the music all work in the films favor Makes sense as the movie's sound is design to make that knocking on a door hunting, which it can be.

    However, despite that little enjoyment, I would not really recommend going to see it. It's met to scare but it's best effort was not good enough.
  • I do enjoy a good scare and a proper horror movie. I had not known about "Don't Knock Twice" prior to finding it by random luck. And being the horror aficionado that I am, I did of course sit down to watch it.

    And it turned out that "Don't Knock Twice" was genuinely creepy and had a very compelling and immense storyline. So the movie instantly reached out and pulled me in, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

    The storyline shown in "Don't Knock Twice" was unpredictable and director Caradog W. James was doing an excellent job of building up suspense and keeping the audience in the dark. And these build ups of drama and suspense were always well-finalized with fulfilling results as the climax of such a moment was reached.

    "Don't Knock Twice" has some good acting performances by the cast hired to portray that various characters and roles throughout the movie. And it was nice to see some unfamiliar faces in a movie, and especially so when these actors and actresses were doing such good jobs at bringing the characters to life in the creepy story.

    The characters in the movie seemed fairly well-enough fleshed out, although you could of course always argue for characters needing more time on the screen to evolve and show more aspects of their personalities. But in overall, the character gallery in "Don't Knock Twice" was good and deep enough in terms of characteristics and personalities.

    Now, this is not the type of horror movie that depends much on having an impressive and in-your-face display of effects and such. No, this is more of a deep-rooting horror movie that plants a seed and lets it fester and slowly sink into your psyche. And for me, at least, it was a nice switch of approach to a horror movie. And I ended up being quite entertained by what director Caradog W. James mustered here.

    I will say that "Don't Knock Twice" was actually one of the more interesting and entertaining horror movies to make it to the screen in 2016. And if you haven't already seen the movie, I can highly recommend that you take the time to do so. I was genuinely entertained by it and it turned out to be a nice surprise of a movie.
  • Director: Caradog James

    Well, let's get down to it then. Being an avid horror fan for manys a year now, I would consider myself fairly clued up on current and upcoming releases within the genre. It was then more than a bit of a mystery how this flick somehow managed to slip through the net until I found out about its existence this very week! Needless to say, it went straight to the top of the must watch pile...

    BASIC PLOT: A woman tries to regain custody of her teenage daughter after years spent apart. The daughter however has struggles of her own, with close friends vanishing simingly at the hands of an old urban legend surrounding a sinister house nearby. As things escalate and apparitions become more violent, can the estranged family finally put the past behind them to try and save their future?

    REVIEW: This is a tough one. I can easily see why the internet is awash with such mixed reviews and agitated confusion regarding the movie. A simple explanation for this is no doubt because of the promise the film holds in its premise. A straight forward storyline to be sure, witches and curses a plenty, but don't we all love that in horror when it's done right? The film jumps straight into it and although it can be stated that it perhaps suffers from a lack of character development (particularly in the early stages), it did also surprise me how quickly it gets down to the initial scares. My hopes weren't all that high in the 'scare' department going into this one, but absolute credit where it's due, there were indeed some unnerving scenes scattered throughout which almost called for the flip of a light switch! The cinematography is what really drives this piece however. The camera work and shot choice help to propel the overall tone of the film, keeping things very bleak and murky but with a beautiful depth and clarity also. The acting of the 2 leading ladies is to be commended also. Both Katee Sackhoff & Lucy Boynton do their upmost to sweat out anxiety and fear for the full 93mins that the movie plays out, and indeed without these convincing performances playing off each other, the movie would have been a sure bust. It is fair to say then that the real unraveling of Don't Knock Twice is in its screenplay. It's all there-a scary urban legend, heavy and dark cinematography to back it up and strong leading actresses to deliver the characters, but when the initial story and dialogue that's drafted is mediocre at best and at worst bogged down by countless plotholes and underdeveloped characters, then the amount that an audience truly invests in the story and it's characters fates will always suffer. The ending itself is testament enough, with what should have been a thrilling and indeed terrifying conclusion instead playing out as what felt more like a rushed half-explained brush off.

    VERDICT:: Beautiful visuals, strong acting, a good creepy musical score throughout and a few genuinely disturbing moments help keep an underdeveloped and messy plot afloat. Well worth a watch for a fan of the genre, just don't expect the world. (6/10)
  • leedslaura27 March 2019
    Nothing to write home about, but the scary scenes made me jump. The ending is a bit annoying , but not a bad watch when bored.
  • If you want to watch a horror movie without actually investing too much of a thought to it or don't want much - just a few scares with a so-so plot, then go ahead and watch Don't Knock Twice.

    But; if you want a GOOD horror movie with suspense and building up the tension until you're about to crawl all over the walls, then just skip this.

    Don't Knock Twice makes it absolutely clear from the very first few minutes of the film; it tries way too hard to be scary. So it relies to jump scares, shadows in the dark corners, blood, scary masks and hands reaching out from whatever. These effects would be absolutely fine when scattered just right, but when they're all mushed together and presented within the first 20 minutes in, they lose their power. Sadly, this is something the writers and/or director didn't realize, and so they just start with full steam when you haven't even got the chance to get to know the people you're supposed to relate with.

    The acting varies greatly. Katee Sackhoff, who plays the mother, is okay, but Lucy Boynton playing the daughter is far from believable. I do understand that a role of a teenager with a difficult past is a challenging role.

    So in conclusion; lots of jumpscares and clichés, and you can forget about any relateable main characters, since there isn't one. But if you tune your brain to low setting, grab a bowl of popcorn and just go with it, it's bearable.
  • I don't understand such a low rate on IMDb.

    This movie is really good and Caradog James did a really nice job as a director! The whole story is really good, the entity is really scary (and I am not easily frightened person).

    The mystery unveiled at the end is just mind blowing!
  • begob5 February 2017
    A troubled teen is released into the custody of her estranged mother, but a demon from the past comes back to wreak deadly havoc.

    Dramatic horror with a completely incoherent mythos, but an iron determination to ramp up the tension in every scene. The daughter's peril is introduced immediately with the urban myth key to the plot, then we switch to the mother's predicament, and nothing is normal or easy going - every scene infested with unsettling '80s synth. It ends with flash-back reminders of how the plot is supposed to make sense, culminating in a clumsy twist.

    The mother is well played, with good emotion in her regret at being inadequate yet loving. The detective is poorly played, and there's hardly any point in the character of the husband. The initial feel is London soap opera, and at various points tributes to The Shining, Ju-On, and Time Bandits.

    There's one interesting sequence in the photography, when the cliché of ghost passing in the background is repeated three times - otherwise it's ordinary. Bad judgment on the music, but it fits the story telling style of constant huffing and puffing to maintain interest.

    Overall: meh.
  • This review of Don't Knock Twice is spoiler free

    ** (2/5)

    Don't Knock Twice is a lot of things: a supernatural legend about a witch, has murky shadows for intent on better impact just to name a couple of points, but is it original? No. There are so many things this could have been, even scary but unfortunately it isn't. Among the flaky jump scares that hit you with a seemingly decent flow but you rub them off without a shudder; it's also a warmed hash-over of Candyman, Oculus, Insidious and a half-dozen other spook-shows, in addition there is no recollection as to where this is going. With that and the slower than usual pacing this is about as interesting as watching a hamster on a wheel.

    The demon is also a rehash, from Lights Out it lurks in the shadows chasing after its victims slow at first but gains speed over time, this speed of course is still slow. Director Caradog W. James (The Machine) seemingly didn't know now what he wanted to do here whether he wanted to make a drama about a depressed mother reconnecting with her estranged daughter, or if he wanted to make a supernatural horror about an urban legend instead it's a mixture of the two. Although that is an interesting touch he forgets to go back to its original idea, the concentration on the two central characters sculptor Jess (Katee Sackhoff), and her artsy daughter Chloe (Lucy Boynton) is also the problem it tries too hard to make their story interesting, they both have a past filled with neglect, drug addiction and later regret, and for a while it has a decent flow, they're wobbly chemistry shatters it to pieces.

    The idea comes early into the film when Chloe knocks on the door of a thin house in the middle of London, in a belief that a witch resides there "Once to wake her from her bed," her friend says "twice to raise her from the dead." Of course as is the idea with these supernatural horrors she wakes up and steals anybody who wakes her up, one gets away and she chases down the one who got away. It's the same, all this is, is just a horribly thought out rehash of other spook-shows and although there are some decent scares in place, the rest is a flaky, sadly clichéd mess that means nothing in the world of horror. Miss this one out, it'd be better to watch the original, if you can figure out what the original is.

    VERDICT: Don't Knock Twice is an awfully thought out horror with an all too familiar story at other spook-shows. Ultimately leaving it as a shallow attempt at flaky scares, murky shadows and atmosphere. Miss.
  • BA_Harrison20 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Imagine a plane of existence where all ghost movies made in the past twenty years didn't exist. In such a place, Don't Knock Twice might be heralded as groundbreaking. In this world, however, it's just another ho-hum cookie cutter creep-fest, inspired by the likes of Ringu and The Grudge, featuring a malevolent supernatural entity with long straggly hair. Put simply, we've seen it all before (and done much better).

    Katee Sackhoff plays troubled artist Jess, whose daughter Chloe (Lucy Boynton) has spent much of her life in care thanks to her mother's drug problems. Now, happily married and drug-free, Jess is at long last attempting to reconnect with her daughter, but finds doing so just a little difficult due to an angry ghost/demon that is hellbent on killing Chloe because she had the temerity to knock on the door of a haunted house.

    To start with, director Caradog W. James is content to churn out the expected brooding atmospherics and mechanical scares, but when the script delves into the whys and wherefores of the unwanted supernatural occurrences, which revolve around the unsolved disappearance of a young boy, matters become extremely convoluted, culminating in a daft twist ending (clue: never trust an Eastern European).
  • 90 minutes of a pretty good, scary, well-acted movie totally trashed by an absurd, nonsensical ending. Too bad.
  • The Caradog's movie is trying to find a balance between being an indie horror movie and typical, wanting to be, scary pseudo-blockbuster.

    Unfortunately, because of hesitancy of director, the movie fails, by being too much, or not enough, of everything.

    We have great shots, cold atmosphere, really climatic music and sound effects. But on the other hand, film is attacking us with cheesy dialogues, not so original scenes (don't want to say clichés)and really rushed ending.

    To end on a positive note, I must say, that movie is better than most of nowadays horrors, and it can scare you with a few scenes.
  • harrymerrick23 September 2017
    Oh man......true horror lovers accept the predictability and cheesiness. One MUST "suspend their disbelief" according to Freudian theory (spelling??) to enjoy.

    With that being said, this movie is freaky and dark. Definitely had my arm hairs standing straight up! Setting aside the lame interaction with the lady w/a stroller and her guidance nonsense, this story was highly entertaining and scary. Not as scary as Lights Out which I thought was coolest, contemporary scary horror in a while.

    Most horror enthusiasts will enjoy this and at the very least, be "entertained" by it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The sculptor Jess (Katee Sackhoff) unsuccessfully tries to retrieve the custody of her teenage daughter Chloe (Lucy Boynton). During the night, Chloe and her boyfriend Danny (Jordan Bolger) play a prank challenging an urban legend: and they knock twice on the door of the witch Mary Aminov (Ania Marson). Soon Danny is hunted down by a fiend and vanishes. When Chloe is haunted by the evil spirit, she flees to the house of her estranged mother and her husband Ben (Richard Mylan) to stay with her mother. Soon the demon finds her and haunts the house while Ben is traveling. Jess' model Tira (Pooneh Hajimohammadi) sees darkness around Chloe and she researches the Internet about the mystery. Meanwhile Detective Boardman (Nick Moran) is investigating the disappearance of Danny and suspects Jess is manipulating her troubled daughter.

    "Don't Knock Twice" is a horror film with great potential, but wasted in a poor screenplay. The plot begins with no development of the characters and the conclusion is rushed. In the end, it is difficult to understand the messy story as a whole. Was the final intention to turn Jess into a demon's slave and trick her? Why Ben and Boardman were murdered? Did Jess go to hell to bring Chloe back? Even the demon is not clear (Ginger). My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available
  • After some minutes viewing, i thought this's a mediocre horror film. But i noticed how the film direction takes and i actually really like the screenplay though. Honestly this is the kind of horror film i'd make if i'm a filmmaker. That's why i tried to put myself in the character position. After 25 minutes, i got hooked in its simple plot. It's a bit boring in some unnecessary scenes. The horror presentation's good, i like especially the crying ghost scene. But some also don't scare at all, no goosebumps or scary feeling whatsoever. Background music's OK but not creepy enough. The character development's not presented so well. Acting's not bad, i care more Katee Sackhoff character more than the girl character which's rather annoying to watch. The ending's not good and satisfying enough. The execution's not good as the vision. Well it's a rather interesting horror flick to watch for me.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very effective horror film involving a sculptor who attempts to rebuild a relationship with her estranged daughter. While Jess (Katee Sackhoff) has become fairly successful in her field, Chloe (Lucy Boynton) is mischievous, occasionally bratty and appears to have attracted the attention of a demon.

    Having got that plot detail out of the way, we are then treated to some scary set-pieces, some of which are familiar from other similar horror projects, and others which are more impressive on their own merits. While the plot itself isn't advanced much during this time, other than to cast doubt on who exactly the true villain is, it is enormous fun to sit back and let Director Caradog James's effectively orchestrated chills do their work.

    The pay-off however, is that there isn't one. We find out what the entity isn't, but we don't find out what it is. Not that films, horror in particular, need to have every plot detail tidied up by the close - sometimes only having suggestions as to the perpetrator of evil is enough. It is all down to individual opinion, and mine is that 'Don't Knock Twice' is a very effective, well played and beautifully written horror venture. My score is 8 out of 10.
  • Worth a watch. Good storyline, good twists and keeps you guessing! Some scary parts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went into this without much expectation, to tell you the honest truth I'm not a big fan of Katee Sackhoff and I see so many horror movies that they all look the same, an endless blur of screaming, running, blood and corny twists.

    I would rate this well above par.

    Katee Sackhoff plays a mum who is trying to reconcile her relationship with her daughter. The daughter is being hunted by a dead witch.

    Story line was good. There were truly creepy moments which I found enjoyable.

    Twist was predictable but not as corny as I thought it would be.

    Katee Sackhoff was bearable.
  • The ever-likeable Katee Sackhoff strands herself in a well-made but trite Candyman knock-off that desperately strives to franchise itself out, but leans back on moldy haunted house tropes for the majority.
  • harryplinkett1429 September 2017
    What a load of rubbish.

    The horror genre is riddled with bad movies, and is an arena most fresh film directors like to enter, as it is fairly straightforward and doesn't require the same skills a serious drama does. The problem is: to make a really good horror, you do need a lot of skills. Whoever made this had no idea what they were doing. The script is lazy and predictable, with one overused cliché after another. It's so tedious and frustrating. And then there's this ridiculous premise with an interracial couple... Guess what race the girl is? No surprise there.

    This film is absolute bottom.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like I don't understand the ending? Yes! I am slow when it comes to getting movie endings. But like who really took the children? and why would the lady kill the Jess's husband and trick her into taking her place as the demon's slave?!? And do you think jess will kill herself or trick someone else into taking her place? Will there be a sequel? I just want someone to explain to me what really happened! So if anyone Would be sooo kind and do that for me I'll appreciate it. Thanks in advance! And I could kinda tell something was up with the lady from the beginning did anyone else suspected her too? And Was Mary evil? How did she become a slave? And Why was the witch messing with the mother in her dream?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had seen the cover of this movie as a related item on a few horror films and thought the plot was intriguing. Then I saw the Blu Ray was on sale at Walmart, which is actually interesting because it was accidentally stocked two months ahead of its release date. But I didn't complain as I took it home ready for what I was hoping would be a good spooky horror movie night. I wasn't disappointed. Despite the negative reviews, this ended up being one of the better horror treats from IFC Midnight and one of the best overall horror films in recent memory.

    -Plot- Chloe is somewhat estranged from her ex-addict mother Jess for the beginning of her life. But now a more stable and wealthy Jess wants to reconnect with her daughter. But before happily ever after could happen, Chloe and a friend had gone to a local neighborhood house where urban legend says a vengeful witch resides. The legend states that if you knock on her door twice, she will come and take you to her world. Well, they knocked twice.

    That is just the basic plot that sums up the first 5 minutes. Its a typical genre plot, but it is done surprisingly well. I am appalled by the negative scores. This is better than your average scary movie. The mythos is very creepy. The acting is above average for the genre and budget. The directing and cinematography contain some beautiful and terrifying imagery. The musical score is an instant horror classic. The sound design altogether is intense. The trailer for this surprisingly doesn't give away even half of the scares so even seeing it beforehand wont ruin any of it. But the trailer doesn't help its case either. There are plenty of jump scares that will truly get to you. Some might call them lazy, but their just nit picky. The entity of the witch is truly horrifying and will have you reaching for a blanket or light switch in all of its on screen moments. The actor playing the witch entity is the same that played the scary "mama" entity from Mama and the emaciated demon at the end of REC, so you know you're in for some scary imagery with this guy. The mythos of the movie does get a little over indulgent toward the end, but it still works well, despite a somewhat rushed ending and typical horror movie "bad logic" by some characters. Id compare some of the scary moments to "Lights Out" and even one early sighting of the witch to the Nun painting scene in "The Conjuring 2". I am surprised this didn't get a nationwide theatrical release as its production value is pretty nice looking compared to nationwide horror craps like Bye Bye Man. I attribute its absence from cinemas to its lack of a recognizable star. Which is unfortunate since I would have loved to experience this on the big screen. But that's what makes the horror genre so special. Even little gems like this that are ignored by mainstream media can end up being big cult classics and I believe this is a candidate. I am a horror junky and don't scare that easily anymore, but the entity of the witch really got to me. I really found myself inching toward the light switch and looking to see if something was behind me multiple times. One of the few films in a long time that I had trouble watching in the dark entirely during my first viewing. I would even go as far as to say this is a more accessible and fast paced take on A24s period horror "The Witch".

    I think the negative reviews will surely get lost in praise as this finds its audience. I gave it a 10/10 to do my small part in helping its score improve, but my real grade would be maybe a 8.5/10. Its truly much better than the trailer suggest and definitely better than the negative reviews say. If you want a good fright night with a lover or friends, or even alone, then this is a perfect choice. If you liked "Lights Out" or "The Conjuring" style horror then beware you're in for a scare. Just make sure its dark and the volume is high. I'm adding this to my go to Halloween season movie playlist.
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