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  • And you will exactly feel what the title says....which no one yet understands...through out this psychodrama...Its a long resonanting sound that goes thorough 2 decades and no one can hear it...hence cant catch it!!!

    The name is so apt after watching this fabuluosly crafted series....It gives you a hinge to hold on to everytime you even thing that you are loosing interest. The characters are perfectly placed with the right kind of development. The story might be inspired but relatively it gives a new direction to what actually have had happened...After watching a 100+ korean movies/dramas... i do say that it is one of the best.....although i stay true to my word " I saw the Devil".. will stand out forever!!!

    There are flaws in the story line... but that dont matter when you have crafted something so beautiful and intellectually creative for everyone to indulgue with.
  • alaningle713 January 2019
    Not sure why it is called Gap Dong on IMDB and not Gab Dong. It is a very well acted and scripted story of a serial killer and a copy cat killer years later, who are pursued by the police who all have a connection with the original killer. Admittedly you have to stretch your imagination a bit to believe the plot on occasions but if you just go with it, it is worth the ride.