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  • This news show is just filled with embarrasing moments that nobody would even watch at Six'o'clock in the morning. Whenever somebody talks, all of the cast members talk so obnoxiously that just makes me cringe everytime I wake up. They also do some awkward skits that just makes the show worse, like where they put a cast member with a VR headset on a motion platform, and that's became a meme thanks to them being awkward and embarrasing. Congrats GMB, you made the news worse.
  • ITV's attempt to revive their morning schedules once again has failed. They had GMTV - which was pretty good, actually. Then that turned into Daybreak then eventually evolving into Good Morning Britain. They have 4 presenters which all make the show awkward and bad. Also, this isn't a news show. They constantly talk about child care, the high street and other things that nobody cares about. ITV needs to scrap this show and go back to plain old news. Like before, GMTV was fine. It was a good show but now ITV has made 2 shows in a row that will be an unholy flop. Also, there's no couch. It doesn't feel friendly. It's 4 people say around a cluttered desk. *sigh* Well done ITV, you've made 2 pieces of crap in a row. Well done.
  • I would love to see Piers Morgan getting swallowed by the "Vicious Viper" Omorosa.
  • How many people does it take to present ITV Breakfast news? No, this isn't the start of a joke, it's the question that the powers that be have clearly asked themselves when launching the new version of Daybreak...or is that GMTV? The answer is four. Four people sat behind a desk looking formal, then moving over to a couch for more informal bits and pieces. Quite why showbiz reporter Richard Arnold needed to be in a suit to bring us an exclusive about One Direction I'll never know.

    I'm not saying Daybreak was perfect but at least it felt warm and welcoming when you switched on, which this new incarnation does not. It has the effect of making you feel like you've walked into a board meeting late.

    Will it catch on? Time will tell.
  • stefandavcev11 April 2019
    This show is absolutely trash. Especially Piers Morgan. A W F U L.
  • This white male in power is not afraid to tell a woman to get back into her cage. Wow! I get you don't have the same political views but this is not ok.
  • I'm prompted to review GMB having just watched a disgusting Richard Maddley & Kate Garoway interview Nigel Farage (who was presumably asked on as a guest) in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Spain and Trump tweets.

    They asked him questions on a tweet by trump with a reference to General Pershing.

    What was blatantly obvious, that regardless of any responsibility to report news or discussion in an unbiased manner, Trump was disgusting and anyone who didn't say Trump was disgusting was disgusting themselves.

    They asked Farage what he thought of Trumps tweet, did he agree with it? They barely gave him seconds to awnser before stopping him speaking. As if they were some 'great interviewer getting to the point with an evasive interviewee'

    When in reality they hardly let Farage begin to awnser. (Which suggests to me it was pre-planned) They rightously continued, demanding did he (Farage) agree with the Tweet? Farage said unequivocally 'NO'. This was not good enough for Maddley & Garroway, they insisted he say 'Disgusting'.

    Then, after he had gone, they had a quiet little chat on air, about how disgusting it all was, like some nasty high school bullies.

    This is not unbiased nor balanced reporting. Unprofessional and sleazy promotion of their own agenda and abusing the privilege of being on air.

    Typical left wing argument, anyone who does not share your views is: disgusting, moronic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and Freedom of Speech is only for the left.