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  • The most underrated show I've ever seen . Can't believe I hadn't heard of it till now . It has everything , one of the best shows you'll watch guaranteed , 4 series's just didn't seem enough . The action and story keeps you wanting to binge watch it . A Must watch!!
  • A series that shows the backstories of the characters in Banshee, especially Lucas Hood.

    Interesting supplement to Banshee. Shows well the backstories and blends them well into the main Banshee narrative. Not as compelling as Banshee, as it really isn't substantial enough to stand on its own. However, an entertaining and interesting enough add-on.
  • safoora_sadat2 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The actors are amazing, there are many charming and attractive personality that attached on your mind, love to see the serial again