Mark A. Landis: People would be better off if they could be proper Vulcans, you know?

Mark A. Landis: The Sotheby's label would have said, "Black chalk, brown". You know how those thing, "Black chalk, brown wash, red chalk.". I just use color pencils, you know, 'cause they can't tell.

Mark A. Landis: Where would the church be if Saint Peter didn't lie ?

Mark A. Landis: I just like to copy things 'cause it's what's... , it's reassuring

Cowan: And did you want to be an artist?

Mark A. Landis: You know how it is when you're that age. You see something on TV, you wanna be this, and then you wanna be that. I saw "A dog Flanders".

Mark A. Landis: Get a little... A little clouds here. Some happy little clouds. *Chuckles*

Mark A. Landis: Remember when Finch said, "By George, ethical behavior always pays off?". But he was just making a joke because ethical behavior doesn't pay off.