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  • How did such a good cast make such an awful movie? No only did I not care about the characters, I actually disliked everyone of them. There is also what could possibly be the most dreadful Irish accent I have ever heard (yes it IS worse than Brad Pitt's in Snatch) The scene where the obnoxious brat of a daughter is eating crisps with her mouth open made me want to slap her. Such a shame there is no zero star option, this film is dreadful. On the plus side, the driver of the limo was nice.

    My advice would be Don't Bother!
  • la-lauriecollins12 December 2018
    Julie Nicholson's review was spot on. Maybe even too nice.
  • OK--it's true, this is one of the worst Christmas TV movies ever-- HOWEVER--you need to watch it because it boasts a hilarious supporting performance by Jodi Lyn O' Keefe. She is crazy good in EVERY scene she is in, playing a self-absorbed lawyer who is so over the top awful we end up loving her despite her deplorable nature. In fact, she is one of the only characters in the story that rings true--she never lets up, doesn't "get all gooey at the end because it's Christmas". I will not even mention the story, because it's incredibly bad, and only Ernie Hudson provides any hint of enthusiasm for his role. It's all Jodi here- you have to see her crummy yet cute character to believe it. The producers should make a sequel of sorts, a better movie using her bad Amanda character here--just don't have her go all good in the end, please.
  • Reasons not to watch it: 1) The screenplay sounds like it was written by a child. The consistent repetition of lines... OMG, did my head in! 2) Not one good spirited aspect to the storyline. In direct conflict with all central Christmas themes/messages 3) The most appalling acting ever 4) One and a half hours you'll never get back....