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  • First three seasons are good but the fourth sucks (totally boring, nothing like the others)
  • iljas-9427321 June 2019
    This is the type of show that you watch to get a good laugh and relax and to bother yourself with difficult plot to understand. As mentioned before, first three seasons are perfect, the last one... not at all... it doesn't even follow up the previous events and all of the characters that you get to love just dissapeared and were replaced by new ones, who are just boring compared to the ones before... Nevertheless, except the 4th season, this series is great :)
  • I fell in love with that show a couple years ago and every time i watch it a great memories and laugh come by...everyone should appreciate the show in every culture.I didn't like season 4 honestly the should't make nothing after season 3 but whatever
  • guykoplon3 March 2020
    A good show plus some good actoin crime and comdy mix togther just the best a man can get