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  • James Avalon's simple set-ups make for a less than scintillating edition of this cradle-robbing series, but as usual the performers make up for lapses at the helm.

    I was glad to see the magnificent "Immoral Proposal" mansion used for two of the segments, with its tennis court opening the show as Steven St. Croix tutors Dillion Harper in the sport. Her likely feigned ankle injury has him carrying her inside where she easily seduces the old stud.

    Poorest concept for a scene has Evan Stone as a probation officer dealing with cutie Chloe Foster, who only seems interested in sex, causing the initially professional Stone to sucumb to her charms.

    Similar jail-bait seductino is employed by Carmen Callaway to counter the at-first no-nonsense attitude of her doctor Nick Manning, and Katie St. Ives with her hypnotic eyes is just too much for unlikely lawyer Tom Byron (he looks more like a guy who needs a lawyer, with his Ron Kuby hairdo) even though her utter incompetence as a new hire is a bit much.