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  • In our society you can't argue with success but I found STUDENT BODIES disappointing, due to its jettisoning of the storyline I've come to expect with Sweet Sinner features. Filmmaker James Avalon decided that sex was all that mattered, and obviously judging by public reaction he's right and I'm wrong.

    Instead of a story, the four disparate vignettes are sort of knit together by a couple of school girls walking along gossiping. Sex scenes unfold in flashback, and for me the overall effect was tantamount to those awful (and contrived) loop carriers of the '70s and '80s.

    First vignette is excellent, which makes the rest of the two and half hours seem routine. Maddy O'Reilly's in principal Steven St. Croix's office and they pretend she's been naughty so that she will have to be punished. This staple of s&m porn is brought to life by the two talented players, with Maddy's posterior getting redder & redder as he spanks and slaps her and hits her with his belt. He also uses the belt to choke her repeatedly and the scene's kinkiness is impressive.

    I was surprised at a major and painfully obvious continuity error caused by sloppily editing together two takes. Early in the scene Maddy pointedly removes and tosses away (with a clang) her metal hair-band, yet late in the vignette it magically reappears on her head (as if never having been removed) as Steven humps her across his desk.

    Next the gals gossip about Kimber -is she a lesbian? No, she's going out with a grad student (horrors!), so we see an impressive sex bout of newcomer Kimber Day with good old Logan Pierce. Her effortless deep throat technique on his big cock surely bodes well for her career and besides the usual action Pierce indulges in some foot-fetish routines.

    Chatty Casey Culvert gets some private tutoring from her French teacher Manuel Ferrara and though she is a slow learner this is more quality sex, and more foot fetish material.

    Lengthy feature ended with the headliner and head troublemaker Riley Reid having sex with skateboarder Tyler Nixon, again well-executed but by this time strictly yawns-ville. Casey & Riley are left as they started, walking down the street shooting the breeze.

    I'll be watching the followups soon, and clearly the formula of casting talented and sexy young things against veteran male performers is a shoo-in. I just wish James would take a few minutes and come up with something interesting to give these films some tension or suspense. We know going in the cast will get down -that's not enough in this age of free- flowing (and often freebie) gonzo on demand.