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  • I read that TNT has made the stupid decision to cancel The Librarians after this season and that the creator of the show is shopping the show around to other networks. That is the dumbest idea TNT has had in the history of the channel it seems they only want to air procedural cop dramas and shows about the drug industry or gangs these days. We have more than enough procedural cop dramas already and The Librarians is a unique franchise that I have watched since the very 1st movie The Spear of Destiny. With a show like this it could go 10 seasons with a strong following because everyone I know loves the show. My nephew and I watch it every week and play the repeats on Hulu every weekend and he is just 15 so millennials obviously love the show too. And their are so many stories that are left to tell literally hundreds of storylines can be told that haven't been touched on yet with all the ancient stories of magic and gods/goddesses and magical creatures that have never been mentioned in the show yet. So why is TNT pulling the plug on the show? It is about the only show I watch on that network anymore. Like when SYFY pulled Warehouse 13 I stopped watching it until Krypton just started playing. Maybe if TNT doesn't come to their senses and renew the show you can try Netflix, Hulu or Amazon if nothing else try WGN to continue the show, so don't stop writing and filming because I bet their is a network that will be smart enough to know a good investment when they see it and we will be there to watch it. Good Luck finding a new home for the show I desperately hope you do or hope TNT realizes what it is that they are losing and green lights it again.
  • I was intrigued by the promos for this series, but after watching the pilot I was afraid it was a dud. But after a shaky start it quickly gained its footing. The action is cheesy, the characters have yet to dig beneath their surfaces, but in the meantime, this show provides some wonderfully quirky storytelling. To me it's reminiscent of the very early seasons of Buffy or Stargate SG-1. The production value isn't great, but not in a bad way -- it adds to the charm.

    On the whole, this show uses a lot of time-worn tropes but always manages to add a fresh twist. I'm afraid it won't last in this world of too-shiny programming, but I sincerely hope that The Librarians continues for many years yet. Possibly my favorite new show of 2014.
  • Okay so I had to make a profile to say this about this show, NO it is not a knock of Warehouse 13, that came out in 2009, the first Librarian movie came out in 2004, the concept was knocked off by Warehouse 13, do your research. Now on to the show!

    If you saw the three movies, which I have, you'll already know that this show is spot on with the movies. Same cast, same tone, everything you liked about the movies is there. It's supposed to be cheesy the concept is a library with mythical objects, Flynn is a complete nerd with 20 something degrees, he was a shut in. If you want a damn uninteresting monotone action star who thinks he's acting go watch the hundreds of Crime investigation on the air. But if you want a fun upbeat story with good characters you will like this.
  • After reading the bad reviews here, I had to chime in. Most of these reviewers have obviously never watched the movies, because the first movie predates all the shows they say the library is ripping off (except Indiana Jones of course).

    That being said, if you liked the movies as I did, you'll like the show. The same quirky humor and history lessons are in the show. Noah was in the first 2 episodes before leaving the new Librarians to hold down the fort while he himself takes care of some other business. As for the new characters, If you liked Leverage, you'll like Christian Kane in the Librarians. He brings the same great sense of humor. The other librarians will grow on you by the second or third episode.

    Dan from Night Court, does a decent job filling in for Newhart and Rebecca is great!
  • Realizing that The Librarians spawned from the same minds that created Leverage, I was not surprised (pleasantly) in seeing the resemblance between the two television shows. I loved Leverage due to its character development past the traditional "task-oriented" crack-team setup. The characters grew close with each other as the show progressed and their antics never stopped coming. I predict that the Librarians will be the same way, and I love that each character in this show has their own quirkiness about them. I also appreciated that the show's creator did not confine the Librarians to the stereotypical nerds plagued with social awkwardness and anxiety issues. These are well thought-out individuals with their own types of personalities.

    Too many TV shows nowadays have dark brooding themes and serious drama within them. I appreciate that The Librarians come off as much more light-hearted, friendly, and fun. Enjoy it for its silliness and magical wonders!
  • I really enjoy the non fiction light hearted detective shows. This is a great example. While the first 2 shows were a bit rocky I have really enjoyed the season but it was so short! I actually had not heard of the librarian movie prior to reading the post. I have a lot of professional friends in their 40's who also enjoy this show. Maybe it's because there is a bit of creativity and problem solving but after a hard day at the office it's an easy and fun way to unwind. I hope it returns for many more seasons that will be an actual season.

    Also wish it wasn't the last season of Falling skies. That is another favorite!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to start by saying I haven't had the opportunity, yet, to see the "Librarian" movies. Still, surprisingly, I didn't found difficult to understand the premise of this show; and the characters that were part of the movies, and also appeared in the pilot, were introduced in a manner that a "new" viewer would understand who was who without the show loosing its rhythm. This is also my very first review so bare with me if is not up to standard. I get there's a lot of negative reviews to this show either by people considering it inferior to the movies, in the first season Noah Wyle is "just" a star guest (due to his other show is still being shot) but he is the producer and he promises to have a bigger participation if there is a season two; others claim is just a rip off of several other shows; others don't like the actors. To each their own, you should evaluate by yourself. This show is, above all, a parody of many other shows and movies, it should be seen like that, the show doesn't take itself seriously, so should't you. Is not the kind of show you see for the great special effects, for the amazing and innovative dialog or plot. You see it for the humor it puts in parodying other movies and shows. Of course the fights aren't perfectly choreographed, they're mocking the ones that actual are (the suspension of disbelief is more often used in the latter than in the first), there's a friendly wink of the eyed towards the audience, sort of "you know, no matter how, the hero always wins the fight, right?". I found the actors/characters have good chemistry and they are having their own development.- Also, both as part of the main cast or as guests, there's some serious names starring on this show. Finally is a show who doesn't recur to swearing, gore violence or such to entertain us, is good, simple, honest fun, suitable for the entire family. Sadly there aren't many shows of whom we can say the same, are there. Please, see it first before reaching a conclusion.
  • Having watched both of the opening episodes, and the original movies this show spun off from, I can say that this show will be a perfect alternative for families looking to escape reality TV.

    Each episode has a unique twist on the stories we all know.

    There is enough action to keep things moving but not so much that it would be inappropriate for kids.

    If you enjoyed the movies, give this a look.

    Bob Newhart plays his role perfectly. It is disappointing that Noah Wiley is only in a few episodes, but the rest of the actors involved have experience playing similar roles.
  • Love the show, simple as that. fun and new and hope to save the show from the rigid men and their quest for profit and scandal. it was a slow start with some strange and not pleasant performances but it came to be and now it is here and must stay for another season. please suport the show .
  • The librarians was a great show, I can't believe they canceled it! TNT is a joke, they cancel all of the good shows and keep the crap.
  • OK this is a show that I love to watch the humor is fun and playful the action is very fast moving and full force and oh the history lessons you learn here my favorite has to be sweet Sandra she's spunky and funny very positive attitude I love that the action is good but the show its self is very family friendly is a perfect watch for the family to enjoy together with plenty of the adventure and romance that keeps your interest a good lesson in team work watching the group work together and have fun doing it though the team doesn't always work well together they come to the conclusion of the problems by the end of the show as long as your kids are old enough to understand the difference between real life and fantasy the show should be a good choice for everyone
  • I loved the Librarian movies and really thought the show would not be as good without Noah Wiley in each episode, and I have to admit when the "Library" Bob Newhart and Jane Curtain disappeared in the first episode I did not give the series very much hope,but it really turned out to be a good show with some great special effects. I especially loved the Christmas episode with guest star Bruce Campbell and making the idea of Santa Claus what it should really be "peace and good will". My only complaint about the show is that Christian Kane cut his hair! that I wish Christian Kane had not cut his hair - I really miss seeing him with his long beautiful "locks", but other than that - great show and hope it comes back this summer because only 10 episodes was not really a full season -- and everyone knows we need quality TV during the summer!
  • nemhook13 January 2015
    From time to time it seems like a TV show like this has been done before, regardless of a previous movie, people may even start thinking warehouse 13 when they watch this show, aside from the similarity's, this show is fresh and easy to watch and is packed with entertainment.

    The downside is the, in my opinion, the casting of "Rebecca Romijn" as eve, she comes off as just too unrealistic for an agent and seems miss informed of her role as Guardian, now you would think guardian would mean, protector/bodyguard for the new librarians, but no, she spends every episode barking orders like she has just been selected to be the new general of the library, as far as i'm concerned the role should be strait forward, they chase up magical artifacts and such and she follows and protects as an equal and not the boss of which the writers seem intent on portraying her, i personally feel her acting style has no place in this show and should be limited to low low budget, but that's just me.

    regardless, the librarians is held together by the remaining cast members and i thus very enjoyable addition to your new list of shows.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect firing up the Librarians. It's got some elements of Dr. Who (sci fi), Indiana Jones(adventure), and Harry Potter in it (magic). Sound ambitious? Well not really. The show is extremely light hearted to a point it hurts the shows potential.

    I guess the best thing you can say about The Librarians is it knows what it wants to be. A family show aimed at younger teens but with witty enough writing adults will get a few kicks out of it as well. There are some educational tidbits thrown in regarding science and mythology. Also not one sexually charged joke or innuendo yet regarding its attractive female cast. Gotta give it points for that.

    No show starts out great. The Librarians has laid a foundation to be pretty good if it can explain its story lines a little clearer, and show more human side to these characters than just the adventure side. Right now I'll give it a generous 7/10 rating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm enjoying the show. I happen to have watched the movies so I can understand if people are turned off by not knowing what is going on....but I can't understand why they aren't capable of watching the movies; or at least the final movie which clocks in at 93 minutes, the equivalent of a 2-hour episode.

    Anyway, yes the premise of the series - magic items run amok - has been explored many times before because it is an easy way to keep the series fresh (Friday the 13th: The Series did this successfully almost three decades ago just like Warehouse 13 did recently.) The tone of the show, just like the movies, is light and a bit adventure-y though there are some darker themes that run throughout. Two in particular keep cropping up and revolve around the issues of impending death and violation of trust. How's that for lighthearted, eh?

    Having seen all 8 episodes (the 2 ep finale is next week), I think it's very fair to say the debut episode is weak. By episode 4 the series really hit its stride and the characters are fleshed out fully. One thing that can't be stressed enough is how good the writing is for a fun-based TV show. I'm prone to pick apart shows for missing obvious plot holes or failing to exploit obvious solutions, over-using dues ex machina, or not following their own in-story logic. Of course we are talking about magic here so any real world logic may not hold up in the show. Just roll with it. Anything you find that is illogical at least appears to be about moving things along and not a cut corner on the storytelling.

    The writers put a lot of effort into making the stories interesting even when the premise is lame and hokey. The Fables episode was dumb and the ending was trite but it gave one of the weaker characters a chance to save the day and laid an easter egg for the season finale right under our noses that you won't see until a few episodes later if at all. It also had some LOL visual gags and puns. Stone's evolution into a princess was great and Cassandra being Prince Charming was just so weird as to be awesome. And sometimes the premise is cool. The Heart of Darkness is a horror-lite tale that really delivers on the twists and turns, never mind that we got an amazingly dark internal reflection from one of the main characters near the end.

    The actors' chops range from good to meh but what really makes the show is how they interact. By episode 3 you know how and why each one of them relates to the other, why they decide to remain together, why they decide to do what they do, and it makes sense based on who they are established as being. And the show delivers on keeping all that alive and moving it forward.

    When White has popped in, he's an actual part of the story not a tag-on but the show rightly treats him like who he is - a guest star. The show still remains firmly about the core cast. Larroquette is the powerhouse though. There's a reason he's won 5 Emmys. It's probably a good thing we only see bits and pieces of him. He chews up the scenery like a Langolier. I love it.

    The show also uses it's limited screen time to actually tell a story. There are only 10 episodes (20 if it gets renewed, and it prob will) and there is little throwaway dialog or scene. A vague reference here, an incidental development there, an innocuous conversation over yonder, all seem to connect together to tell a bigger picture once you start seeing the pattern.

    And screen time isn't wasted with plot moving. In The Rule of Three, an important plot hole that I thought would be missed is plugged up but it occurs off camera which is why it caught me off guard when it unfolded. What we get instead of wasting time watching the character think of and set up the idea is the most important part, the action itself and one line of dialog that totally explains everything and saves us a precious minute of story telling.

    So grab a snack and sit down for an hour of fun.
  • When it comes to really good TV, it seems like its all been done. Not true for a fantasy adventure like "The Librarians"! Each episode brings you a little piece of history and a little bit of fancy fun. If you can't trust a show to actually teach you something, then you are just a mindless lump sitting in front of a TV. During season one, we find ourselves on a roller coaster of events which lead us on unexpected journeys, well done!

    In regards to the cast, home run! John Larroquette was a great surprise, wonderful choice! Christian Kane, outstanding! And to pair up Noah Wyle with Rebecca Romijn was pure genius.

    I can't stop watching! Great show!
  • This is the next generation of a family-oriented adventure franchise that started in 2004 and called "The Librarian".

    The Librarian is a series of made-for-TV original movies from TNT, starring Noah Wyle as a librarian who protects a secret collection of magical artifacts.

    A full decade later Noah Wyle's character is still "The" Librarian but the "library", who got him the job in the first place, "feels" that he needs help to his duties. So despite the objections of "The librarian", "the library" (yes I know too many ...quotes) hires 4 more persons (3 "geniuses" and a "federal" agent played by Rebecca Romijn) for his assistance.

    Noah Wyle has a certain presence in his role, but unfortunately he isn't the main protagonist in this. He is more like a recurrent special guest star. That might be a deal breaker for some of the oldest fans of the librarian franchise but maybe you have to wait and see.

    The feel of the series (based on the pilot) is over-the-top adventurous and although there are some heavy themes (stabbing by a sword, deaths, brain cancer etc.) the whole atmosphere feels kind of light, maybe even naive.

    If you are an adult who is looking for an Indiana Jones-like premise you will be disappointed. If you belong to a younger audience you may find this entertaining.

    The production is TV-OK (CGI is mediocre, the constant green screen is too obvious, and the "exotic" places they are visiting are obviously in a studio). The acting is deliberately exaggerated, the dialogs somehow ridiculous and the music more fancy than it should be, but that's common in a series probably made for kids.

    Overall: I'm not sure that I will check the next episodes but someone else might find it entertaining.
  • This is a spin-off centering around a supernatural theme from the original "The Librarian" , as Library has chosen a new bunch who must encounter ancient scepters , chalices , holy cups , facing off fairy tale's personages and other marvelous adventures , they are the followings : Jake Stone (Christian Kane) , Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) , Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim) and led by former agent Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) , being advised by the veteran Jenkins (John Larroquette) , this role , is in fact "Galahad" , one of the Knights of the Round Table . In Library they meet our intimate friend Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) who delivers them instructions about their new jobs , especially holding artifacts by magic and technology from around the world & throughout time . The intrepid adventurers/librarians/explorers , though quite botchers at times , get his aims after several risks , dangers , alternate universes and uncountable adventures . They have to help safeguard fantastic cursed artifacts throughout time and around the world . They are joined into the Metropolitan Library of New York where there is the ark of Noe , the fountain of youth , Excalibur or Arturo's blade and other fantastic relics . As a bunch of librarians formed by an art historian , thief , mathematician and a warrior set off on exploits in an effort to save mysterious , ancient objects , old scrolls and other enigmas . Meanwhile , they having problems , they just don't time for their lives and relationships . The incredible adventures led them to wonderful worlds , and dealing with Santa Claus (Bruce Campbell) , Pope , Dragons in the Roman Vatican and taking on nasty enemies as Dulaque (Matt Frewer) and his hoodlum as Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt) .

    This is the TV sequel to ¨Librarian trilogy ¨ with the likable Noah Wyle , this series dealt with the sympathetic adventures of the mild-mannered as well as botcher Flynn Carsen who starred three popular episodes titled ¨The Librarian¨ franchise 1ª: Quest of the spear -2004- directed by Peter Winther and 2ª: Return to King Salomon's mines -2006- by Jonathan Frakes and third ¨The Curse of the Judas chalice¨ -2008- again by Jonathan Frakes . Here new Librarians strike again with new adventures set on exotic places , including mystery , action , fairy tales and time travel . This new team - similarly to Warehouse 13- is sent through the doorway to help bring back the others whom are protected by the Library from the evil recently released and they are assigned to execute various missions around the world and recover priceless objects guarded . Each chapter has its own genre mixed in , it is formed by 31 episodes . Along with the main stars in the series , as guest stars show up , at times , : the always great Noah Wyle , a deadpan Bob Newhart , and Jane Curtin as Charlene , all of them appeared in the classic trilogy . Furthermore , other attractive guest stars appearing in the series , such as Tricia Helfer , Rene Auberjonois , Alicia Witt , John Noble , Sean Astin , Tyler Mane , Michael Trucco , Rene Auberjonois , Clara Lago and many others . The series was well produced for TV by Dean Devlin (¨Stargate¨ , ¨Godzilla¨ , ¨Independence day¨) . Johnathan Frakes, who has directed three episodes and two of the three movies surrounding this series, also directed 13 episodes of the television and Marc Roskin made 9 episodes , Dean Devlin directed 4 episodes , and Noah Wyle realized 4 episodes . Rating : Acceptable and passable, this exciting adventure has all the imagination , magic and silliness this kind of amusing demands .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well after reading the plot and seeing a few ads i thought, "This could be entertaining. Artifacts, mythology,some magic and a group of "protectors"." But sadly, after watching the first 10 mnts, expectations dropped quite fast. Just so much unnecessary BS. I mean, 20 mnts in, we got terrorists setting a nuclear bomb, an artifact really well hidden under some SS blankets(sarcasm), ninjas and cowboys, a really weak attempt at a "good will hunting" janitor/genius character, some dude playing the next-gen "that dude in a tube from power rangers", and some Asian kid robbing a museum with a smart phone. At this point i would be laughing like crazy, if that was the show direction, but no, its all actually somewhat "serious".

    Alright putting aside the lack of logic and any direction from the first impact, lets take a look at the artifacts and lore a bit. Excalibur for no good reason is portrayed as some sort of dog, happily playing with its "owner"? Meanwhile we got the spear of destiny just decorating the entrance. But whatever floats your boat, and they decided on the myth of King Arthur.And that would be fine even with the dog-sword, but the writers decided King Arthur wasn't cool enough, so now Arthur is a roman. Arthurius perhaps?

    The characters: Well this one is a complete mess. We have a genius girl working as janitor that also sees equations all around her, so evolution from "Good Will Hunting" to "A beautiful mind", and very bad attempt of portraying all the social ineptitude high IQ individuals usually show. I mean, if you wanna rip-off other writers stuff at least do it properly.Also your genius shouldn't dabble on ancient language.As Enochian is not a mathematical ancient Greek language.Enochian was revealed by John Dee in the 16th century a writer from the UK.Next we have this art history/language cowboy expert?(gotta admit, sounds kind of Tarantino cool), too bad this guy is just as much of an expert at it as i am at twerking. Claiming carmine dye showed up in the 1500s is false, as it was used in Ancient Egypt.Also at the Stonehenge when he looks at a drawing of a circle in a triangle, "astrological symbology and Latin". What the...there's 0 Latin there period, also a genius relying on a pseudo-science? 190 IQ really? Step aside Einstein!

    The Counter terrorist. Well i'm just like any other guy. I love a pretty girl.But only hire them if they can actually act. Like come on, her acting is insipid and dull.Zero emotion. Also, notice her fighting skills, the way she guards her face with her hands in her waist completely relaxed. Thats hardcore, its just like saying to your opponent. "Come on!hit me!" Also she seems to possess the power to expel energy from her blows as everyone seems to be falling down 50cm away from her punches. Give me a break!Just let her really hit people cause she swings so wide and slow that will feel like a gentle breeze anyway.

    The Librarian. I actually don't hate this one. He has charisma unlike his female guardian, but much like the show he is all over the place. The wound scene however is (as 90% of the show) ludicrous. Considering a male of his constitution would die after losing 2.24 lts of blood, seems pretty impressive that they somehow managed to fly from Oregon to UK (average 7hours). Also pretty impressive that he suffers no effects from blood loss (elevated heart rate, cold, paleness, and shock).Rambo has nothing on our dear librarian.When he was dying (finally), i screamed "oh god, please die, and kill your partners before you perish." This show needs a recast as bad as new writers.

    Im gonna stop here as i feel there is way too much to be said.Just leaving a few questions:

    1-What kind of terrorists would start a nuclear bomb in a scenario where they cannot escape?? Is this that yolo thing kids keep talking about?

    2- Ninjas? really?? And what kind of cultivated traditional assassins (they were like 6) get their asses kicked by a cowboy? Maybe its some sort of new ghetto crew the Nin-Jayz, and not real ninjas.

    Well honestly i will give the next episodes a look as i don't think it can get any worse. So far all i can see is some really untalented writers that cant even do some basic research on the stuff they are using. I guess its easier to replace the known "lore" of things with poop.
  • This show was perhaps one of my favorite new arrivals of 2014, perhaps due to my love for the original trilogy of films, but also because I just loved the idea. A group of people trying to stop magic in the world? Using traveling doors? Awesome characters? Everything was working in it's favor.

    And for the most part, it paid off. The first two episodes were great and provided a strong opening, and from there, it was a lot of ups and downs. My least favorite episodes were episode 9: "And The City of Light," and episode 4: "And Santa's Midnight Run."

    When it took a misstep, it really did take a misstep. It wasn't always really bad, but sometimes the show got a bit much. And that's from the perspective of someone who watches shows like Doctor Who. But, for the most part, the show worked.

    And, even when it was at it's worst, it was still great due to the characters and the bonds that they shared.

    So, my final verdict? It's a fun show that you definitely should check out, especially if you just want to have some fun. 9/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A new TNT series based on the previous cable TV movies "The Librarian" which starred Noah Wyle. He tends the magical library which holds all the good (and mostly bad) magical power in the world. It will remind you of several films before (and after) it's time: Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Warehouse 13, Sliders, to name a few. Every week an element of magic or a fabulous creature (dragons,etc.) threatens to take over and end this world, like The Men in Black Series, but without any aliens. So far I have seen four episodes, and like every TV series, it has good and mediocre episodes. Seems like a fun concept, and I hope it lasts a few years. Plays on other cable networks, and is syndicated as well. A recent episode played a lot like "Once Upon A Time" with fairy tales running wild in a small town named "Brenhan", another old fairy-tale name. Featuring 4 new librarians including Rebecca Romijn as the new leader when Noah isn't around.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show delivers exactly what the movies did, the three F's; Fantasy, fun and flaws. Only then in shorter episodes. The comedy and adventure is still there but, it still has the same flaws as the movies, which could either be directors choice or low budget production, but it's also what brings back memories of the movies. For those of you who haven't seen the movies, here's a small recap:

    The main character of the movies, Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), is one of the most brilliant minds in the world. But he's wasting his talents. Mainly because he spends his days studying instead of going out in the world. That all changes when he receives a invitation for the position of 'Librarian'. A position which entails becoming the guardian and secret keeper of 'The Library'; an underground warehouse which houses nearly all sacred and magical artifacts in the world. This job also requires him to travel the world and retrieve the remaining artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands.

    The series picks up where the movies left of. Flynn is still traveling the world looking for artifacts, but during his travels he uncovers a plot to kill all possible candidates for the Librarian position. With the help of NATO-army soldier Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), he finds the three remaining candidates and saves them. Without revealing to much of the plot, the three candidates form a team, with Eve Baird as their guardian, to assist Flynn is his search for magical relics and artifacts. The focus of the show is then shifted from Flynn to the new team, as you follow them in their adventures.

    The show is almost exactly like the movies. It is filled with myths, adventures and comedy. But unfortunately it is also filled with the same flaws as the movies. Bad fight scenes, mostly due to bad choreography, a lot of bad CGI/green screen effects and some bad lines. Rebecca Romijn, who is a decent actress, just isn't able to sell her role as a former army soldier, especially during actions scenes. She just misses the physique of a soldier, and I'm doubting she could do a high kick to save her life. Her co-star Christian Kane however, is nailing his role. Luckily the directors made him somewhat of a brawler with the brain of an art-historian, which sounds like a weird combo, but it works for him. Although his acting style doesn't deviate that much from his role in Leverage. Lindy Booth and John Larroquette also play their parts well. John Kim has yet to persuade me. I'm getting the thief-vibe from him, but I'm still not totally convinced. Don't know whether that's because of his acting, or because of the bad lines he's been getting...

    So the show definitely has its flaws, but as I've seen the movies I wasn't exactly expecting that much more. And I don't think I should. The series, just like the movies, are fun to watch when you're not thinking to much. They are pretty good stories, and I'll probably keep watching the show until the end. Although I'm afraid it won't last that long. If you're looking for great show which is more serious and still offers some adventure, then this isn't it. But if you're looking for something that is fun and easy to watch, during a lazy night on the couch then you can definitely add this to your play list.
  • bigcheezy5 January 2015
    I have seen all the Librarian movies and I enjoyed them. I saw the previews for the show and thought it looked interesting so I decided to give it a shot, and boy was I glad I did. I have enjoyed every episode since the start. It is simply entertaining, fun, and light-hearted. It's a great way to escape reality and the more serious dramas on TV. It is an upbeat adventure that is family friendly and very entertaining to watch. It may be cheesy or under budget at moments, but give me a SciFi show that isn't. The characters are unique and don't fit into stereotypes and I can't wait to see what is in store for this show. I hope it stays on the air!
  • Never having watched the movies this series were based on I went into this series with the sole understanding it was a fantasy series about magic. That's about the simplest summary there is really, it is an enjoyable, family friendly fantasy. There are moments of humour and Acton to keep you interested, the plots are simple and fun but don't stand up to any logical critique.

    All in all if taken at face value it is good fun entertainment, buy don't expect major plot twists or a complicated drama.

    The acting is good and characters are likable, the stories are self contained episodes that don't require you to have watched those prior to them. The tales tend to be a take on known myths or legends, and seems to be well aware of the silliness of some of them, made apparent through the gentle humour.

    I find myself hoping for another series!
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I am a fan of the 3 Librarian movies. The first and third being my favorite. This show, after watching the first two episodes (and from the promos & interviews) is even better than the movies and my new favorite show! There is humor, adventure, fantasy and so much more! I loved the first two episodes! They hit the ground running and there's so much fun in each scene that they use every minute to the max! Even the cool opening theme is only a few seconds instead of the normal 60 to 90 second opening, which to me proves they pack a lot in each episode. I'm stoked to see all of the episodes! While being an action adventure comedy weekly series, each week is said to (also) have it's own genre mixed in. Including horror, fairy tales and time travel. How cool is that!?


    I loved the 3rd episode and the wormhole door was truly inspired and creative. I look forward to all of the episodes. I love that this show is like Don Knotts and The Librarians in training. It reminds viewers to use their brains in a fun silly adventurous way... If you like the zany episodes of The X-Files or Doctor Who then you'd probably like The Librarians (from the producers of Leverage) because it is a fun zany silly smart TV series. After the first 3 episodes I love it so much that I'm stoked to see the rest of the zany season! The guest actors help make the series better than the movies. And the cool themes of the episodes include an evil Santa, dragons, fables, time travel and more! :D


    Watched the Christmas episode with Bruce Campbell as Santa! Laugh out loud funny and good zany festive antics! Loved how there were different versions of Santa and how each Librarian in training was affected differently by the holiday. Bruce, Lindy & Christian's reactions were some of the highlights to this episode. All of the characters were entertaining and I hope the extended version (on iTunes) will be even more so. Hope Santa (and Mrs Claus) returns next year.
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