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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watched quite a few episodes and half enjoyed them and quickly thereafter too many things made no sense at all. Main thing was that with a seemingly successful show and the big checks that come quickly why are they having to do so many ignorant things to survive. The clothes all the sudden looked wrong for the part and always some disaster every show. It became fast obvious it is like so many other contrived TV or Hollywood nonsense shows. Reality right..more like unreality and silly crap. I quit watching it none too soon. I refuse to even watch one more episode. It is just another I have added to my list of do not watch the horrible mess shows.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really wanted to believe in this show when it first came out. The premise of the show sounded good until you watch it and find out they don't live up to the premise of the show. Sadly I have watched every episode, not as a fan but as a critic. I follow a few groups about the show, several of the local people give their honest opinion and knowledge of the Brown's. In the groups you get to see pictures of them filming months before it comes out on TV. You also get to hear about all of the fake things that go on. And just because I know the show is 100% scripted doesn't make me a hater as a lot of people like to say, I am just stating the truth as seen by locals and a lot of peoples knowledge. The show is geared towards urban people that dream about living in Alaska. Obviously the people that believe in the show have absolutely no knowledge of outdoor life or survival. Truthfully ask yourself what would you have to do to survive in the bush and are the Brown's doing that? Anybody that says they are doesn't have a clue. Where is the firewood? the food?

    Here are some fun truthful facts: Browntown is only a prop for filming. The house was built by a contractor. No one lives at Browntown. The Brown's spend their nights in Hoonah while filming. The island only has brown bears (in one scene it showed Matt chasing a black bear). They didn't shoot the deer, they don't qualify for hunting licenses. The property belongs to a relative of the mayor of Hoonah. Bear is 4'11" tall, Matt is 5'2" and the tallest is Gabe at 5'5". There are five communities on the same island, Hoonah is the largest. They have been around computers most of their lives. Birdy has a fake tooth she puts in after filming.

    Here is the facts on their arrests: They got caught trying to defraud the state of Alaska out of over $21,000. They couldn't leave the state over 90 days at a time and still qualify. During the time period they were in the lower 48 for most of the time and the state had proof. They were all charges except for Matt and Rain. Matt didn't file and Rain was too young. Bam being the next oldest boy and he is the one that filed the paperwork had to serve with Billy. They plea bargained so only Bam and Billy had to do house arrest. They served their house arrest with ankle bracelets from April 13th to May 12th, 2016 at a posh hotel in Juneau. They had cable TV and room service for 30 days and yes the whole family stayed with them, they were never separated. They have 40 hours of community service to do also, the judge said that cannot be filmed. The show promotes an entirely different story of lies and deceit. This isn't the first time they got into trouble with the state of Alaska. In the 90's Ami and Billy got caught defrauding the state trying to get welfare money. They had to pay it back by the state taking money from their PFD checks. Matt got a DUI for hitting a car at 2 am in a Wal-mart parking lot. People are going to say what they want about my review, but it is the truth and there is so much more.

    Odd balls: If they grew up on the water how come they didn't know how to sex a crab? Or drive a boat? Tie a knot? Billy says they spent 30 years on the water and 30 years living off of the land. Which is it? How come their garden was so small for 9 people? How come you don't see jars of canned food? Why don't they show family life in the house if the are supposed to live in there? Why cut the steps off when a bear could just climb up there anyway? How come we never see Billy have a "seizure"? How did he shoot the deer with the scope covers on? It's illegal to hunt grouse in the spring time, why did they show them doing that? Why doesn't NoDuh actually invent something instead of 7th grade science projects? Why did they hire an actress to pretend to date No-Duh? Why do they leave a giant mess every where they live?

    A few opinions: I really can't stand NoDuh, he has an ego that is hard to beat. To compare himself to Tesla or Einstein just blew me away. How arrogant can you get? He has yet to invent anything. I mean any 12 year old could do anything that he has done. His weld job was like a 1st graders.

    Why haven't the parents taught these kids to be independent? Isn't that the goal as a parent? They have really done the kids a grave injustice. Look at NoDuh, he can barely write his name. None of them have the skills it takes in life. I guess being home schooled by a 9th grade drop out really has it's perks. I would like to see the guys on "Alone", they wouldn't last 3 days and that is being generous. They have no survival skills.

    Say what you want and believe what you want. I hope I opened your eyes enough to at least question this show. It has no future. I could of wrote forever and I probably overlooked a lot of stuff because the show is 100% scripted, the only thing real is that they are a family. I can back up everything I have stated too. The groups I belong to have all of the legal work that tells everything.
  • nickystikk1 January 2015
    I was HONESTLY born and raised in Ketchikan Alaska. One afternoon I was in a local bar having a beverage with friends and this guy comes running into the bar, looks around and says ,"YOU!" He runs over and asks if my friend wanted to be on reality TV show. laughing, my friends and i all thought it would be funny if she did! so we walked across the street to a little store they had roped off the streets to, with PLEASE BE QUIET FILIMG IN PROGRESS signs on the window. The producer told me it was a new reality show they were making (unnamed at the time) and told her she was girl #2 and to walk into the store and what the guy (noah) would say to her, hit on her and to reject him and walk out of the store. Whole thing was set up and loosely scripted! with different takes and all! Later that year we saw the show on TV and WERE SO RELIEVED that they didn't use the scene she was in because it is such a ridiculous embarrassing show. All i have heard about these people from friends in Ketchikan is that a few of the older boys do hard drugs, they trash all rooms, lots, and property they squat in/on with trash and filth. AND to top it all off they are all in deep trouble right now for not being real alaskan citizens or living here and getting our perm fund dividend money for YEARS!!! This is something us alaskans do NOT take lightly. seems they started believing their own lies and thought their tales for TV were reality! WELL WE SAY lock this slime ball Billy up and make an example out of these fake idiots! How in the hell can a man be so self righteous and proud of his family when all he does is let them down and teach them to make bad decisions and to be happy with failure! I hope that part of the show is just as fake as the rest. Go ahead and watch this show if you want to learn the exact opposite of what to do to survive in the wilderness.
  • I am a 4th generation Alaskan out of the Southeast, that grew up in a remote logging camp. I've logged, commercial fished, and worked jobs all over the state. I have even actually seen the Brown Family in local communities. First off, this show is completely staged. I get that many Americans respect and admire their way of living but this is completely fake. Do people in Alaska live successfully in the bush?... Yes, I grew up doing it. Currently, the Brown family is all over local Alaskan news because they are wanted for Perma Fund Fraud (Collecting State Resident Benefits) when in fact they are not officially state residents. Yet, court dates have been pushed back due to the power of the Discovery Channel and the media. Last I heard they are set for court in July on Felony charges. I know the Browns were living in a cabin in Craig during part of season 1 according to the local community/family friends out there and filming episodes in the bush temporarily. I know the also resided in Myers Chuck before being kicked out. This leads to where they now. Among the Alaskan community they have little respect. After all the they tried to barter fish with my local dentist who claimed the show was fake. To state it simply for those Alaskans out there... who sets crab pots in Alaska without knowing the proper depths and sinks their own pots?? And then goes out at dusk to pull them... later to be rescued. Seems idiotic, clueless, and staged. This is a money hole show that is allowing this family to thrive.
  • ROTFLMAO! This show is actually campily entertaining. Yeah, probably the fakest thing in reality TV, even nudging aside Hardcore Pawn and Amish Mafia, but the fact that the old man is currently staring at some serious hard time along with the adult sons makes this must-see TV! I can't wait to see how the fraud charges are portrayed, probably a plot by some neighbors who resent the helicopters.

    Only thing is that Discovery was once known for quality. Sad. TLC was once known as The Learning Channel, too.

    Here's hoping that Nat Geo doesn't turn into trash-TV too. We need some of these networks to keep churning out actual quality, no matter how much fun these fake-fests are.
  • dovecalls14 September 2014
    I was born in Ak and I love this show! Are they fake? I don't think so. And do a lot of people live that way? YES! Once you leave the towns and cities, Half the people are off grid. There are a lot of bush people in Ak! (and more then half are crazy! and will shoot you if you step on their land) I personally do not live like that but I know some that do and my grandpa did. Yes you can shave every day in the bush. The eye docs. have a drawer that has free glasses in them. We also have the PFDs that every Alaskan gets, so buying 5gs of lumber is possible since we get PFDs in the begging of Oct. and it usually starts snowing by the end of Oct. so the time line of suddenly having money is right on, even for new clothes or eye glasses( thats when I buy clothes and stuff for my family). the towns folks helping them build the cabin, Totally believable! Im from a small community and when our house burnt down, well more like WHILE our house was still burning we already had the entire town helping us. Im sure they do have licenses to hunt, (even on state land) since you can get a license for that and much more, besides 90% of Alaskans have fishing and hunting licenses anyway and the law is different for the people who survive on wild game. When you get out in the small communities survival is first and foremost (bartering food is between the two)besides the local customs do not always get pressed under the law. There is a line of flexibility with (some) things in the smaller communities. As for their speech? Honestly I think they taught themselves to talk. If the older one had a speech impediment, then its not unbelievable to have the younger ones pick that up. One of the brown boys wears a leather coat. That too believable. You get acclimated to the temp. I have a friend that has stood outside when it was 30- below talking with someone. I eventually had to go to the car freezing!! while she stayed out there for another 15-20 min. like it was nothing. I don't know how but there are some Alaskans that can handle it and love it. (and we call them snowbirds) I think the browns are for real, but I think the producers could possibly do a little better at editing the show. However it is still fun to watch and I hope to see them back on soon.
  • At the start of the in 2014 I found it interesting because they said they only had 5k to their name. Once I read a little about The Brown's I find them a fraud. I cannot believe discovery still has their shows on. What a bunch of fakes. They act like they are so poor but each episode they have more stuff. Boats, ropes, chainsaws, nails, wood, guns and everything else they have costs. Most of the episodes show what a bunch of clowns they really are. Noah proclaims he is a scientist, Bam the strong quiet logical one, Matt the oldest and dumbest, Bear the tree climbing monkey, Gabe the muscle man that never wears a jacket in 30 degree temps, and the rest run around like the three stooges giving the real Alaskans and bad name. I guess anyone would be able to make it if they gave you $50,000 an episode. I am totally outraged and will never watch it again after learning about them. I want discovery to do a show on my life. at least it would be real.
  • I've given this show one star -- but not for the reasons others have.

    It's obvious we're not being told the whole truth. The Browns have a Website, and income from Billy's lecturing. So why do they wander around, getting into trouble? I have no difficulty understanding a desire to be free of civilization and its discontents. But the Browns don't lead a true subsistence existence like the Eskimo or the Plains Indians, where everything they need comes from the land. The Browns live on the >>fringes<< of civilization, occasionally having unpleasant encounters with it.

    Yes, the Kilchers have problems -- but they're the expected problems of people who've settled down in a relatively stable environment they're continually trying to "civilize". If they're hypocrites, it's in not being fully aware of what a subsistence life truly is.

    The Browns seem to suffer for no reason at all (or rather, to no constructive end), and we're supposed to feel sympathy for them. I don't. They should find a homestead and settle down. Like the Kilchers. *

    The Kilchers apparently have more than a little money. Jewel -- Atz's daughter -- is a professional singer, and her father a musician. (We hear them warbling the show's silly, self-satirizing theme song.) When most people see something unfamiliar, it's immediately rejected as untrue. I find it easy to believe that >>what we are shown<< of the Kilchers is real. The Browns emit the stink of phoniness.

    I'm embarrassed to admit that my principal reaction to "Alaskan Bush People" is the desire to herd them off the long end of a short pier. The show seems as pointless as their existence.

    * When I wrote this, I'd forgotten that the Browns had supposedly been chased off their property by the gub'meant, and their home burned. (As far as I know, this has not been proved or disproved.) I'm wondering how long the house they're now building will last.
  • I'm not sure how much of the Brown Family story I believe. I can't imagine how the spend their off-camera hours. I believe that "Bear" can climb trees and catch fish with his hands. I believe that Noah is strong as an ox. I believe Birdie can actually shot as well as any of the men. I believe that Rainy is a cute little girl with a great personality.

    I'm sure that it's hard to capture everyday life, and make it fun and exciting. That obviously call for a little scripting. So WHAT??? I enjoy watching them act like nuts! If it's all fake, then it's no worse than The Three Stooges or Little Rascals. BUT, if most of it is even close to fact based, it is so much more!!! Either way, don't blast me for watching because I enjoy it almost as much as any program currently airing on way too many channels that offer NOTHING!!! I'd like to visit Brown Town someday!!!

    Chuck Welch 65 year old US Army Veteran
  • steveisenmann18 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Actually I watch this show every week, I give it a 1 because it seems so fake... I get a good laugh from it and keep watching to see how far out of whack it can get. The family is a hoot, if they lived near me for very long I would call the cops to investigate. The dad seems to make some really crazed decisions that any normal folk would throw out the window. I have read they get 50K an episode and the dad sells a bunch of books, the kids have websites and they live in a nice house somewhere, so what are they doing running around in the woods acting goofy? Well I guess cause they get 50K an episode... The boys are all single, no jobs, and live in a shack with their little sisters and mom and dad, uh-huh, sure they do... Then again my wife says that no woman would want to go out with one of these funny talking losers, running around the woods, climbing trees for no good reason and carrying on about starting a fire, jeez, proud of a camp fire, I mean, you got to be kidding' right?...

    So would someone please send the oldest girl to the dentist PLEASE !!! My God if they can barter old fish for dental work then please do it, I cringe every time she starts talking, I wouldn't let my kids go around looking like that for goodness sakes... And any idiot that can't anchor a skiff to shore successfully needs to be sent back home to the farm, and then to sink the crab cages, and then get lost because you go out on the lake right before dark with out a light... These guys are where they are at because if they had regular jobs they would not last a day, even McDonalds would send these morons packing... The house/shanty they built will probably be destroyed real soon either by dad's incredible stupidity, lame poor construction or a bear will take over and kick the family out...You would think that living in Alaska would prepare you on how to use a chainsaw and to use it properly without screwing it up within an hour, but these yahoos did just that, hell, I had a cheap chainsaw and it lasted 10 years and I was rough on it.

    Call the dentist PLEASE !!!!!! And tell dad to trim that stupid mustache !!!!! And wearing leather biker jackets in the wet winter, in the woods, in the rain? I mean come on, these guys are a few Bradys short of a bunch...
  • It was probably pulled off the air quickly and quietly because it had been such a deception for people that they wanted to donate money, etc to this family. That kind of deception can't be legal. How is it any different from the spam Nigerian "hard case" emails you get in your inbox? Their website, which is owned by Joshua (Bam- Bam) Brown: is ONE MONTH AND TWO WEEKS OLD: On the website they talk about their home and their pets and all of the kids' bedrooms and all that. All of that is CURRENT in the LAST SIX WEEKS!! Whois shows the website was CREATED on 4-09-2014. The information about the family is CURRENT. They have a home and PLENTY of money.

    Their "mirror site" has pretty much the same information; except that it was created last November. The other site was created the first part of April of this year.

    Don't, don't DON'T send this family money or clothes or DVDs or any of the other stuff people on Facebook wanted to send them. They do NOT need it.
  • weezebaxter27 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am writing this to vent my anger at how IDIOTIC this show is. Wow...where to start with this hideous family? Basically every episode is a result of the father making another stupid decision. So, there's the plot for every show..add that to the obvious fact it is so so very fake..and you will become annoyed pretty quickly. If that doesn't annoy you, watching these "kids" (who are in their 20's and 30's) run around the woods, doing random somersaults and talking like they are from 18th century somewhere...will get you. They are constantly wet, standing in the rain like idiot turkeys getting soaked, wearing leather jackets, no hats/gloves or other reasonable Alaskan clothing. The father is a huge huge idiot who does things like buy a large 70-year old boat when he can't afford to fix his leaking shitty little boat. Somehow his "30 years" in commercial fishing never taught him that a boat that has been docked for 10 years and has rot might not be a good investment. I hate all of the family members, especially the mom who does nothing but make stupid comments to support her jackass of a husband who is busy ruining the family's lives and being bewildered that it has snowed in the winter of Alaska or that things are "frozen! We're ruined!" There. I've written more than the 10 lines required to get the hatred I have for these tools out of my system.
  • The first two episodes were somewhat believable, but when daddy Brown was so ill and recuperated within hours, to find that the town's people he had just met came and completely built the cabin they filmed (for five grand, ha)...well it was just too much.

    That's when I decided to do a search and found their official website. To say the least I was a bit surprised to find out they own their own publishing company, and that Billy Brown has written dozens of children's books and several others on his adventures (and to think I was suckered into feeling bad that his kid had a toothache).

    This last episode that closes with them grieving over their capsized boat, while several of the boys are trying to poke inside of it with sticks to salvage anything they can find, including a poor, sopping wet pink teddy bear takes the cake. As they close the episode the patriarch of the family announces "we have lost everything we own" and "now we are homeless". It made me question why anyone would chose to live like they do.

    Now I know why. THEY DON'T. They have a mountain home with a greenhouse, and each of the seven kids has their own bedroom, the mother is getting ready to publish her cookbook.

    And they bartered some salmon for a tooth filling? They lost everything they own? The brand new generator that was sitting in the junk yard pretty much gave it away.

    Like I said, I feel like a sap.
  • piyu24124 January 2015
    Bush people are a smelly "Brown" stain on TV and the state of Alaska. Not only are they beyond terrible in faking this "show", they are really bad at faking their residency in Alaska, which is real fraud and crime (look it up - their crimes are real). The "show" should be pulled of the air due to their criminal activities alone. This steaming pile of "reality" is unwatchable. I am not sure why the web page requires 10 lines to post a review when this show makes it so very, very, very, very , very hard to come up with ten lines on comments. There isn't much to say about the show unless I were go ramble on and on about how bad it is because that's all there is to say about the show. Good grief I hope that this is ten lines otherwise I am just going to give up.
  • birdyma5 July 2017
    They are so fake. Ami's cancer is probably a publicity stunt. Bear is the stupidest of them all.Beating a fish after it is caught is inhumane, but I guess growing up wild bear did not learn that

    None of the guys will find women who will live like that.

    Come on a necklace made from a shell and "dog" hair GROSS
  • The Discovery channel people have gone to a new low for them for them to try and pass this off as real. This CULT/Family is lead by a looser who makes every move a new joke while he drags his wolf pack out of there own way of living. So many mistakes the film crew have over looked in trying to fool us while MAKING this show, like not hiding the generator, and all the new power tools, chain saw- what they wear and how about that 60 foot boat for $5,000 on credit? Dad and Mom have no care for there family for being safe or giving medical care. The whole family is charged with trying to get money from Alaska as living there ,yet to be fined in court.Google them "The Bush People Fake" and read about this poor wolf pack living off the land alone. At first it was fun to watch as a joke, but after us that love our outdoors and who live by all the Game Laws who do not take because it is there. But after awhile we all thought does the Discovery people really think we are such fools to think this is real? The Bush People have made every mistake a person could make in ten life times, they are a joke to all who have ever spent more than a week end in the woods. And how did they ever come up with talking the Baby Talk they all do so well? Please give us a show that has some truth to it,like other shows you have put out that we enjoy. By now that wolf pack has made there million, and can take all they can from you and the bush, we have had enough of this FAKE very sad family.
  • arinda-p28 May 2014
    This show is a huge disappointment! When it first aired, I was very intrigued and enjoyed watching how they survived in the woods. As more episodes aired, I began to wonder how they had $5k to buy lumber, how they have prescription eyeglasses, and how they're driving around in an SUV? The Browns have a home where the kids have their own bedrooms, they own a fishing boat, Billy has published a few books and made a good amount of money, Ami is in process of publishing her own cookbook, the boys have Arctic Cat Snow Machines, the girls love scary movies and have Barbies and toys, they have their own company, and they recently flew to Nashville to sign contracts for a movie and documentary. These people are FAKE! They have cellphones and laptops. How do 'bush people' have Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and their own website?? Check out this video from Billy: Discovery thinks we're a bunch of idiots!!
  • davia-montanez28 May 2014
    I love this show. Maybe they marketed it incorrectly, but it is still interesting. How can you not feel for this family? What an awesome lifestyle they are living. Is there anyone who hasn't, at one time or another wanted to just disappear and live this way? Their devotion to family is admirable and something that should be emulated. I look forward to watching them every week. Their devotion to each other and motto of never give up, never surrender, is one that many more people need to grasp in this fast food, instant gratification word most of us live in. All the critics out there need to go climb a tree and punch a fish.
  • bweigel-774506 January 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is so stupid. I thought it was great till they allowed the bears to break into the cabin. Putting those boards on the windwows was a joke and anyone familiar with bears would knolls that. First you would make it solid and not with gaps in the boards. Second you would lay a platform of nails protruding up form boards in front of the windows along with nails protruding from the boards on the windows.

    This is common knowledge among people living in the wilderness. Some of the foolish mistakes they make are just basik. How stupid do they think we are. The other thing is if they can afford gas for the ship they can afford a cell phone. Communication is second nature. It just makes no sense.

    There are a lot of neat things they do but the old man is way over dramadical. He way over does it. Be real. If I ran across Bear i would have committed him a long time ago. The only one that is realistic is Bam.

    Keeping bears out of the compound would be a lot easier than they make it out to be. Alaskins have been doing it for centuries. This makes them out to be some kind of super heroes and wow are they not. I would move into their environment any day and make it just mine.

    This show is interesting but don't over dramatize it . Make it real. I admire the ingenuity of the family in a lot of ways but the sickening dramatics is stupid.
  • I have never seen anything more fake than this hilarious fake bush people. Eating from from plastic dishes with plastic spoons, rolls of duct tape to fix some timber and all with clean clothes and shaved faces. Whooaaaa!!!! Discovery Channel gets worse and worse! And again this awful voice over who wants us to make believe it's all real! Stop wasting money on these "deep in the Alaskan wilderness" fake shows. My favorite quote is definitely the conclusion from Billy, the chief of the pack in the middle of winter in Alaska "Everything is frozen". What did you think Billy? Hot tropical beaches in Alaskan Winter? I don't understand why Discovery Channel is programming these nonsense series.
  • This show is so fake it's now become like a Children's Highlights activity page of looking for all the items that don't belong in the bush. One of the first tip off's was when the boys go to the junk yard to barter for a generator. The generator they inspected was old and on a stand. The one they took off was a very new one without the stand. Then there was the youngest girl's hair half blonde on the ends. I guess there is a beauty shop in the wild. But remember they have no money to buy things let alone hair dye. Then the boat went down and "every thing was lost". But wait, the oldest made a tent out of plastic wrap that he found on the beach years ago and had been lugging around for years, so he says. Funny how clean it was for having been on a beach. The leather coats are another out of place item as well as the brand new guns with expensive scopes (with covers down). And where did the boys get perfectly pressed button down shirts on their new desolate island home to impress the ladies. Then there is the new rope, shovels with tags and new chain saws. The supplies they claim to be pulling out of the boat are endless, ammo, tents, tarps, nails, gas, pipes for the shower,wood, etc. And then there is the "plans" Billy had for the house. Plans? those were not house plans by any means. Any builder could tell you that you could not build a house from his doodles. All they need really is a trailer and they would fit right in with their life style. Instead of Brown Town it should be Brown's Trailer Park and a new series is born. It could show the Browns cheating the Alaska Fund and their life in prison and the antics of their trailer park. Why Snowbird with momma and daddy in jail will all the brothers, your the man of the house now. We have decided to take our Walmart bingo cards and make a Alaska Bush People bingo card for this show.
  • mhartresearch25 January 2015
    making a shower with plumbing parts found in a junk yard, really? Its all new copper, all the parts are shiny new, how dumb do they think people are? Fake, stupid silly. Jewelry, new clothes, nothing warm, leather jackets, tattoos, where do they find tattoo parlors in the bush and with what money? 30+ years in the bush and they have nothing, yet things just appear. He spent 30 years in commercial fishing but has nothing to show for it. Get rid of this crap.

    all the tools still have labels on them. the mother does nothing, she is useless. Raising kids off the grid is one thing but this family-if it were real would have much more then this after 30 years and would have some kind of living facility. eating with plastic dishes forks, all their clothes are clean, thats not from washing in a cold creek.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    More Alaska from the Alaska Channel.

    The ONLY Reality T.V. show is Survivor. The participants lose weight, suffer the elements, have actual injuries/medical emergencies, don't get to look pretty for the cameras and etc. . .

    Which leads us to the fake show Alaskan Bush People. Obvious contrived drama Jerry Springer style. Why bother? Discovery Channel needs to change it's name to Alaska Reality TV show Channel.

    I live in Florida. I've read the reviews by Alaskans. So, if I can tell it's fake and the people that live there can, then it must be fake.

    Spoiler Alert: The show is fake. The show sucks.
  • jplutino24 January 2015
    This show is so fake. After watching one of the brothers shoot at a deer with the covers still over his scope I laughed. Gee wonder why he missed. If you don't take the lens cap off you can't see through the scope. He fired two shots when he couldn't even see through his scope. This show is so FAKE. Any real hunter/bush person would never be so stupid. Discovery channel has reached a new all time low with this series. I mean how stupid do they think people are??? In another episode they post their crab pot. I don't recall them retrieving it yet now a bear has destroyed their only crab pot. Its a wire trap how long does it take to pound light gage wire back into shape?? More than a day??? Give me a break. Won't be watching this JUNK show again.
  • I am very interested in this way of life, not to live it but I find it interesting. I am very disappointed that they are not being honest with us. They pretend that they do not have or need technology but they've had a website for years as well as a Youtube channel. They have a boat & I don't believe they lived in a 1 room cabin, It might have been their hunting cabin but if you read the descriptions on their website they say things like "Birds bedroom is a typical teen girls room" & that Rain has lots of Barbies etc. How can she have a typical girls room in a cabin? I also find their accents to be forces as only some of the kids have them. If they were so isolated wouldn't they speak more like their parents? 2 of them Bear (real name Soloman) & Gabriel have a very put on accent like they are copying a movie. I don't doubt that they hunt their own food & live off the land but they do have a home & technology. The father has published books etc. The intro to the show makes it sound like they found this family living this way. Very deceptive.
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