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  • This special was like the Grammys. If you like awkward opening musical numbers, odd introductions, people who look like they showed up to get a check and skits that sometimes hit and sometimes don't then you will like this. I did not really understand how Paul McCartney or Miley Cyris ( maybe if Vanessa Bayer played her it would work). There were so many years and sat members skipped over and when it had clips, they were too fast and not focused enough. The time could have been spent very well, as part doc and part skits...with some new stuff added it. But hey, at least Opera Man was there and Colon Blow too. It has a little merit hence the 4 rating. It should have been more of that and more cast members and less athletes, Michael Douglas, etc. There was way too much filler.
  • horacep17 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Overall a good show, with some expected goofs for a live show. Kudos to Lorne Michaels for keeping SNL alive for 40 years and for Don Roy King for directing this show - with few exceptions. The highlights were seeing many of the former SNL greats and former hosts back for short skits. Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, and many others did a good job. I'm not crazy about Miley Cyrus but her performance of Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" was great. I expected more from Eddie Murphy and Kanye West should have been replaced by a recorded skit or two from the past or the Blues Brothers since his performance wasn't worth seeing and seemed out of place for this special. Other that that bummer, the show was better than average and highly viewed but I can only rate it 7/10 compared to other specials I've seen.
  • Brundlefly9316 February 2015
    I haven't really seen many episodes of SNL since its kinda complicated when you live in Spain, but I do love actors like Aykroyd, Chase, Murray, Belushi, Ferrell, Carrey, Sandler... So I've always guessed that I'd like this show.

    I've been watching seasons 37-40 (the ones who are airing in Spanish TV) and also a few of the classic episodes and well I really liked it, and although I like Vanessa Bayer, Bill Hader, Colin Jost, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis or Seth Meyers I've always wanted to see my comedy heroes doing SNL stuff, and this was just what I needed, a nice reunion where they pay homage to the legends.
  • lee_eisenberg16 February 2015
    Obviously the "Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special" didn't take place on the actual 40th anniversary, but close enough. I liked seeing the old clips - how can you not laugh yourself sick watching Chris Farley's motivational speaker skit? - but I would've liked to see every single cast member as opposed so many guests. Speaking of the guests, shouldn't they also have included Buck Henry (who apparently hosted almost a dozen times)? The best segment was the "Celebrity Jeopardy" spoof. It would've been fun to see the Wild and Crazy Guys or The Delicious Dish (of Schweddy Balls fame).

    In the end, it was an OK reunion. It's a safe bet that former cast member Victoria Jackson, currently known for claiming that Obama's a "secret Muslim", won't get invited to any reunions.
  • slyle00715 February 2015
    Great Show but, why was Robin Williams not mentioned as one of the people that had died? He was the Host 3 times as well as made 4 guest appearances. He hosted Saturday Night Live on February 11, 1984, November 22, 1986, and January 23, 1988. Williams also made cameo appearances on April 11, 1981 during the "Friends" miscellaneous sketch, on February 25, 1984 as the hockey player during the "Buddweiser Light" filmed commercial sketch, and on December 4, 2010 during the "What Up With That?" sketch. On Saturday Night Live, Williams has been impersonated by Martin Short on the October 13, 1984 episode during the "Password" sketch and on the April 6, 1985 episode during the "A.D. 13 Part V: A New Beginning" sketch, by Jimmy Fallon on the December 16, 2000 episode during the "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketch, and by Jon Hamm on the October 30, 2010 episode during the "Back To The Future 25th Anniversary DVD" filmed commercial sketch.
  • zaywhat15 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Emma Stone doing Gilda Radner's iconic Mr. Feder letter made me cry. I loved Gilda Radner and a clip I've never seen again was a tribute song for a Rolling Stones party where she sang Gimme Mick, Gimme Mick. Rock Me and Roll Me til I'm Sick.

    The Akroyd and Curtain news routine, " old sayings about what's behind a miserable failure.. Jane you ignorant ...."

    Blues Brothers, I Need You.

    Big Surprise, Miley Cyrus sings 50 ways to leave your lover. Nice voice, When that girl gets to Vegas, I'm going.

    Loved it, remember the 70's and 80's.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Whether you're tired of Saturday Night Live, a regular viewer or a casual one...Saturday Night Live is the definition of a comedy icon. It has given birth to some of the most talented and amazing comedians of our generation. There is hardly at least one person you could find who wouldn't recognize at least a few characters over the past forty years. It has been awhile since I've watched the show regularly but I still mostly enjoy it. It hasn't been at the top of its game for a very long time. Still, some of my personal heroes in the comedy genre came from Saturday Night Live when it WAS at the top of its game and the idea of all of them coming home for a 40th Anniversary Special had me incredibly excited. I expected many of them to re-enact some of their most famous skits. This was really an opportunity for them to hit ratings gold from an ageing concept. As a fan of many, many years I was so happy to see the familiar faces and the few skits re-enacted and the celebrities that came out. I enjoyed every minute of the enormous three hour run time. However, I still think they really, truly missed the mark. I think they could have spent far more time simply doing those old skits, maybe telling stories about how things used to be and interacting with the new cast.

    Every one who you would expect to return does. They return in various lengths and capacities and you do get to see some of their old skits but then some you would expect to see more of you don't. Also the "new" skits are completely unnecessary. The Californians as many have said is one of the worst skits I have ever the history of comedy...ever. It was atrocious, and long. There were so many guests which is a good thing and yet there were too many because we didn't get enough time with the original cast members. I don't think it was necessary to bring back celebrity hosts when these amazing comedians could stand on their own merit. I love Alec Baldwin, Justin Timberlake, Jerry Seinfeld...and on and on and on but they were never cast members. They didn't make this show famous. I know Lorne Michaels is considered a god in Television and I'm sure he had every say in this and director Don Roy King has done many, many SNL specials but something was missed here.

    Wayne's World sketch was was amazing to see the two of them back together. Weekend Update was great, Celebrity Jeopardy was great...Eddie Murphy's much hyped appearance was practically pointless. I was so excited to see him come back but he has clearly no interest in being there. Despite the brief appearance (and despite me saying celebrity guests were not necessary) I was elated to see Jack Nicholson come out!! The legend himself has been in hiding for a very long time and rumouredly suffering from dementia but looked great and had a small introduction. Long time fans of SNL should check this out because it is a fun little reunion but they really could have done so much more. Certainly the best skits are the old ones but they are few and far between. If you're a long time fan of Saturday Night Live then you'll simply love to see their faces. See you at 60 SNL. 6.5/10
  • Dantekun15 February 2015
    Advertised as a reunion,one would assume that meant all the classic class of comedians coming back to do their old skits from the past 40 years... maybe a gathering of all the US presidents , Eddie Murphy doing his Mr Rogers,or at least the Land Shark.

    Instead the viewers are subjected to a 3 hour long ad for the current series filled with "jokes" and "skits" by the recent cast members that are barely watchable. Three full hours with poor acting,unfunny jokes, bad timing and terrible guest stars. The true stars of Saturday Night Live were wasted as host roles,2 second flash backs,or merely sat in the audience cringing.

    If you want to appreciate the 40 years of the show,watch reruns of the show from the 70's and 80's and pass on this drivel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 3 hours (plus commercials) not enough flashback clips. What was shown was shortened to almost nothing. M.I.A. or barely shown: The original land shark? Killer Bees? Robin Williams? Gilda? The original Blues Bros? Saumuri Deli & Cleaners? Buck Henry? "The Greek Diner" (No fries. Chips. No Coke. Pepsi.) Only pieces of classic sketches. For a far better viewing experience, buy or watch the "Best of SNL" discs. Props to Eddie Murphy, though. They wanted him to do a sketch defaming Bill Cosby and he refused. Bill Murray looked bad but Chevy Chase looked terrible and extremely fat. It is rumored that he is going to do a sequel to the "Vacation" series. He better get in shape! Nice to see Miley Cyrus with some clothes on, but she mumbled the lyrics to "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". Not enough music from Paul Schaffer and the SNL band. Nice to see all the great musical guests. Overall, most disappointing, way too long, and disjointed. New sketches of Bass-O-Matic and Wayne's World were the best, but way too short a clip of Patrick Swayze and Chis Farley as the Chippindale dancers. The 3rd NBC "live spectacular" in 3 years to lay an egg, and this one wasn't even a Broadway musical remake!
  • As an avid SNL fan since my teenage years, it was a very pleasant experience to revisit those old skits and see familiar characters on SNL.

    I laughed a lot, especially at the opening skit with Celebrity Jeopardy and at the very end with Wayne's World.

    Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson weren't present at the reunion and it is perhaps because of their radical political engagement in the far right. I believe that Lorne Michaels and the majority of the former and present cast members wouldn't appreciate working with individuals with bigoted views. So it is understandable.

    However, I don't understand why former cast member Nasim Pedrad was not included? she was a talented and memorable comedian.

    And that is exactly why I give it 5 stars out of 10.