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  • Unbelievably worst crime show. It appears that junior high school students wrote this show AND shot it too. Very amateurish.
  • jmmyhunter8 September 2018
    Terrible acting and writing with ridiculous ideas on how cases are solved. I can't believe this show has lasted so long. You can't get past the bad in this show to enjoy what little good exists. I watch all kinds of crime shows and this is easily the worst crime show I've ever seen. You have to watch at least one episode to decide for yourself, but I can't watch this show anymore. I am too embarrassed for the actors, directors, and writers.
  • guacaholy3 August 2018
    This show is strangely terrible. Stands apart from every other ID show as an amateurish joke. The writing is stilted, completely unrealistic drivel. There is way too many scripted scenes and the acting is pathetically bad.
  • sewfun35011 August 2016
    This could be an excellent show. Unfortunately, it is not. During each episode, the policemen/women come up with two ridiculous scenarios describing how they think the crime happened. Then, they go about solving the crime. Without the two ridiculous scenarios, this would be a great show. I am hopeful that the reality of detective work is not quite this stupid. I feel sorry for the writers. They have to come up with something that the detectives probably didn't think of, and that only leaves outlandish ideas. I am hopeful that future episodes might leave out this part of the show, which would only leave the good writing, and the good show.
  • This is absolutely the worst show on tv. Whoever is responsible at ID for this playing should be fired immediately. I love my ID but man they program some horrible TV. Deadly Women is awful and "American Monster" could easily be a half hour show. I'm about done with this channel.
  • Like all other reviewers bad acting bad production. How do you explain all the New York accents? The latest episode was about a California man and California police, nearly all the people had NY accents. Don't watch this show, if you like well made crime shows.
  • mochachip-7410619 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I hate this show. I am a huge ID fan but I just cannot get into this show
  • I'm nearly finished season 1, and think this is pretty good true crime show. There are 2 cases I've already seen before, but that happens when one watches a lot of these true crime shows. I think it's very well done visually and each episode is interestingly told.
  • Possibly one of the WORST shows I have ever subjected myself to. The writing and the acting are TERRIBLE!
  • As others have accurately written, this show combines atrocious writing with even worse acting. The Talking Head experts are a joke, especially the older female Judge who dresses like a 20 year old about to hit the disco.

    How in the world does a show where every review is either a 1 or 2 have a comprehensive rating over 7? Something doesn't add up. This show might be the worst of the True Crime genre out there now.
  • What happened?! Did production draw the short straw when it came to selecting actors for this program? What a sad disgrace to victims & those who cared for them. OR were these working actors heavily directed to act ridiculously? Props to the real life investigators, attorneys and law enforcement who offered their experiences and retelling. This show is more like a black comedy; leave that to bad movies. IMO these tv programs are more intimate and would present better with respectful presentations. Interestingly the actors that portray the police, investigators etc come across more realistic than the friends and relatives of the victim. The relatives, et al are played in a campy manner. It's infuriating because just when I think interesting in depth details are to be revealed a clownish presentation of a daughter, boyfriend, sister, brother SPOUSE comes on screen and mucks up the whole program.
  • jardennis22 February 2021
    The setting is Florida in 1984 but a cell phone is used to call the police. Stupid.
  • I generally enjoy shows on this network and have a passion for crime shows- until I saw this one. The acting is horrible and the sarcastic comedic one liners are even worse. I am not sure why they still have this show on streaming service or how anyone approved the writing or acting. The outrageous two plots the detectives supposedly come up with doesn't do true detectives any credit. How does this show have as high of a rating as it has, no one can seem to figure out.
  • tmc-5906431 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    They steal images and acting pieces from other shows and then warp them with two screw ball cops who accuse 2 stories that don't happen and have nothing to do with the overlapping story
  • Literally what the hell is this show? This entire show looks like a bad early 2000s soap opera made by a film school dropout. The acting is terrible, there's so many corny cut scenes of investigators saying strange blunt statements of what the narrators just said, overstaged crying and yelling when its unwarranted, but then also very underwhelming murders? Plus the writing is hard to endure. It's drawn out and paced strangely, like a 2011 conspiracy YouTube video. I have no idea how this has 7/10 stars like what crackhead aunt is enjoying this show?
  • Add me to the "how is this still on tv??" group. Especially the one detective, rectangle framed glasses; "New York detective" accent- played by Phil Grimaldi... watching him is cringe-y. It's like an SNL bit about crime shows.
  • bobby6291422 October 2019
    I only watched part of one episode but acting is terrible. Very bad.