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  • Once again, Janne gets himself in for more than he can seemingly handle on a night's outing with his buddy Tapio and, later, their friend Kapu. However, the hi-jinks this time involve, rather than a quest to get a digital box, the well-being of Janne and Inari's infant daughter, Lumi. In addition, Inari and Tapio's girlfriend, Marjukka - for whom he's moved from the locale of the title to southern Finland - decide to have a girls' night out. Enter Mikko, the former flame of Inari and Janne's would-be-challenger from the original movie. He now owns and operates an upscale resort, complete suites outfitted with electronically controlled fireplaces, wall screens and birds in cages. The threesome our friends tangled with in the first movie are back, while notable new characters include a a speed junkie/thief, an somewhat officious hotel clerk and his gambling addicted colleague, a couple of bemused local cops, Janne's parents and a stud-for-the-night that the rather hot-to-trot Marjukka encounters in the bar. Kapu has outfitted his wheels with a massive sound system. When asked how many decibels it gives out, he replies that its volume is measured with the Richter scale. As in the first movie, seemingly unbelievable problems are encountered by the well-being but not-all-that-bright trio of buddies, leaving one in semi-suspense as to whether all will work out in the end. Animal-loving types might be a bit put off by the fate of the bird in the bedroom Mikko and Inari visit, and will definitely not enjoy what happens to the reindeer who found mushrooms in Kapu's car just as the boys remotely turned up its volume to help find their way out of the woods. Nonetheless, not a bad way to kill an hour-and-a-half, but the humour is a bit tamer and not so off-the-wall as it was in the original outing - maybe a sign of the increasing maturity of the young-boys-in-adult-bodies persona of Janne and his mates.
  • It's been three years since the events of the first film and our "lovable" main character, Janne (Jussi Vatanen ), has managed to procreate with his long-suffering partner, Inari (Pamela Tola). But then Janne's pals come calling and it'd be such a good night to let loose once again. Get blasted, drive around in your offensively loud car, perhaps even settle a score or two. But there's that annoyingly inconvenient offspring you're supposed to look after. Solution? Why not take her with you.

    You know, I remember kind of liking the first film. Didn't hurt that it was directed by Dome Karukoski, but even taking that out of the equation, it had decent humour, some creative scenarios and the characters, while intentionally annoying and pathetic, had their redeeming qualities.

    This film, on the other hand, is like a crude caricature of that first film. At first glance, it's eerily similar. But as soon as you dig deeper under the surface, you'll find nothing but ugliness.

    Case in point, the stakes. The first movie was about preserving a relationship by questing for a TV adapter. It was humorous because they went to such great lengths for such a mundane object. In this film however, the stakes mean that you actively have to wonder whether or not a baby is going to survive the antics of her deadbeat father. And that's just... not okay. That's not funny.

    Likewise I don't like the ending. I don't like what happens to Janne. Or more precisely, what does not happen to him. You're not supposed to get away with stuff like that.

    And it's simply not funny. I'm not sure if I chuckled even once. Perhaps I smiled, but even of that I can't be certain.

    A hard skip on this one. Although the film looks nice. Lapland in autumn is spectacular.