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  • Some pieces are are very well written, some bit less, but overall its a very good look at a people group we haven't seen or heard from or about due to lack representation. And thats really what this series really comes down to showcasing a people's place in the modern world through the genre of comedy and humour.
  • The writing in the show is sub par, the acting is ok but it's just not funny.
  • For the budget and the time allowed i think its a great skit comedy !!! I would love to wirte for this mob !!! they make me laugh ..
  • Great writing, thoroughly enjoyable and genuinely funny.
  • I think the gay characters are way too over the top for my liking
  • Not many comedies make me laugh out loud, but this does. Skit comedy shows can always be a hit & miss across the skits, but there's more hits than misses in Black Comedy. Great acting, spot-on comedic timing & fun characters put together by talented Aboriginal artists (writers, directors, producers and actors).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show used to be amazing, however with its 2020 season. Poor humour, fail