Josh: You got a pretty good style. What's stopping you?

Ruby: Thanks... Student loans, rents, the need to eat on a regular basis.

Josh: Eating is highly overrated.

Ruby: Coming from a guy who probably has caviar for breakfast.

Josh: No.I have cocaine for breakfast. Caviar is like a late-afternoon snacks.

Josh: I am working on a novel right now.

Ruby: Oh. So you're novelist?

Josh: I think you have to finish the book before you call yourself a novelist, but kind of...

Ruby: So what is it called?

Josh: Do you really wanna know?

Ruby: I keep asking you questions because I love to hear the sounds of my voice.

Josh: You're kind of sassy. You know that?

Josh: I had this boss when I was living in New York and he said, "Let's hustle people. It's already tomorrow in Hong Kong". And that phrase really stuck with me because it's so fast paced here, it really is already tomorrow.

Ruby: Guess what?

Josh: What?

Ruby: It's still yesterday in L.A.

Ruby: It's so weird watching you speak Chinese.

Josh: It's weird watching you speak English.

Josh: There's something very wrong with your city when the only good thing you have going for it is the weather.

Ruby: Do you ever get writer's block?

Josh: I read somewhere that if you're blocked, it just means you're writing about the wrong things.

Ruby: Okay. It looks like someone's being Google quotes about writer's block instead of actually writing.

Josh: Busted.

Josh: I've had a few Asian girlfriends, and suddenly, like, I'm the white guy with an Asian fetish.

Ruby: I've always been intrigued with expats.

Josh: Yeah?

Ruby: Yeah. I mean, they always gave the impression that living abroad is so glamorous. But when my grandparents immigrated to the States from Hong Kong, their journey is anything but glamorous.

Josh: You see that?

Ruby: Yeah?

Josh: That's my office right there.

Ruby: It almost makes it worth being a banker.

Josh: All those lights on in the offices. It's 11:00 in a Friday night. Those are all people working. It isn't as glamorous as it looks.

Ruby: Guess not.