The most successful German film since Manitou's Shoe (2001).

At the time of its release, the film broke the German box office record for Best Opening Weekend for a German movie (with 2.1 million admissions, a total gross of approx. 17,7 million EUR).

Was shot in 40 days. Just like the first movie.

As of 2015, the second most successful in German movie history - behind only Manitou's Shoe (2001).

There is one scene where Danger and Burak are riding on the elephants sing "Bibi und Tina", the title song of Bibi & Tina (2014). Max von der Groeben, who plays Danger, is also part of the Bibi & Tina (2014)-Movies.

On several promotional posters, Zeki is holding a makeshift crossbow made out of a large ruler and a large compass. This item makes no appearance in the movie at all.