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  • Prismark1030 May 2015
    Splitting Adam is another original Nick Kids movie which owes a debt to the Michael Keaton film, Multiplicity.

    Adam (Jace Norman) juggles a lot of of things in a busy summer where he barely has a moment to himself. After accidentally stumbling into his magician uncle's mysterious tanning bed Adam ends up cloning himself. Not only that his clones have different personalities which leads to some slapstick and chaotic moments.

    Adam thinks the clones will be the answer to his problems but once he starts feeling weak he realises that he needs to merge the clones back together.

    The film is primarily aimed at kids who would enjoy it more than adults. It does have a decent soundtrack with recent hits but the special effects are below par and the film looks cheap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spiltting adam is a good movie that i like a lot at the start of the film adam played by jace norman

    is a boy who has a funny sister and a lot of freinds one day adam decides to clone himself

    and ends up letting his clones cause a lot of problems

    manily a lot
  • I really wish they could've been more original. I like stuff about cloning but this was kinda lame. I mean the first part was pretty dumb! The fart jokes were very annoying and take away from the film's credibility fast, but the second part was kinda decent and the ending was sad. I won't say this was the worst Nick film but come on, this is modern Nickelodeon we're taking about; the same network that keeps Spongebob Squarepants on life support and makes crappy sitcoms that rip off the Disney Channel. Anyways a better film about cloning besides Multiplicity would be this Disney Channel film from 2000 called "The Other Me". Look for it on YouTube or Dailymotion because it's not on DVD and Disney rarely and I mean "RARELY" shows it at all. This was sadly, just an average film about cloning a with few good moments but that's it. At least the music was decent and not filled with stupid Justin Bieber crap, I will say that!
  • I only watched part, so maybe kids will like it, but...

    I could never enjoy it for one very simple reason: it's a total stealing of Michael Keaton's Multiplicity.

    And we're talking outright stealing. So, so, so sad that a movie can take the very essence of another movie, make money off of it, and give no acknowledgment to (and most likely no money) the original.

    Just call it what it is: Multiplicity 2 or something like that. That's my .02, anyway. Maybe that doesn't bother some, and they'll enjoy it. I'd prefer that - at least - a movie to point out that it's taken the whole concept of another one, so at least kids will watch the original movie.