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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This anime was amazing.

    The animation wasn't completely 3D but only certain parts and not that the parts that weren't 3D were that noticeable, they hid some of the 3D in the comedy of the show which I thought was pretty cool. I mean its not so action packed, its more comedic/drama driven but not over the top.

    (SPOILER)(This may contain a SPOILER if you haven't seen the first episode)

    I Loved the fact that the main character is not totally clueless (maybe a little) as to what happened in the era he was transported back to also the fact that he looked identical to Nobunaga was just so cool, and that he was able to bypass every suspicion that he wasn't Nobunaga, even the real Nobunaga was cool with him even though he only met him for a minute, and trusted him so much that he let him take his identity.

    (END of SPOILER)

    In my opinion this is a pretty underrated series. I really hope they do a season 2 as there is only 10 episodes, which is generally pretty short for an anime series. I'd say I've watched this anime at least 3 times already.