Greg: Look, it's full of black turtles! We're turtle rich!

Greg: [concerned] Y'know, it's kinda funny finding a basket of turtles in an abandoned house, huh?

Wirt: Ha ha, yeah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...!

Wirt: Greg, not that kind of funny.

Greg: Huh?


Greg: Oh.

Greg: [Repeated Line] Ain't that just the way...

Wirt: Now, to find someplace to wait out this rain.

Greg: [about an abandoned house] As long as it's not that old, broken down...

Wirt: [cutting Greg off] Shhh!

[seeing the house Greg was talking about]

Wirt: It's perfect! C'mon Greg!

Greg: [Wirt starts running off toward the house] Ahhh, Wirt...