Director Andrea Arnold wanted to work with unknown actors. She would often approach teenagers on the street whom she thought would be good for the movie, and hold impromptu auditions in parking lots.

Filmed in chronological order. Much of the dialogue was improvised.

When Sasha Lane was approached on the beach in Panama City, her friend with her thought they were being scouted for porn, and walked away. Then realizing that was not the intent; she ended up cast as the lead.

Sasha Lane was initially approached for the role during spring break at Panama City Beach.

Partly inspired by a 2007 New York Times article about the on-the-road existence of the "mag crew" kids.

Filmed mostly with natural or available light.

Film debut for Sasha Lane.

Was shot almost exclusively handheld.

Director Andrea Arnold split the scripts into parts and gave each actor their daily script on the day of filming. Keeping their scripts a mystery was done to prevent them from planning too much and overacting.

Shia LaBeouf acquired 12 tattoos during filming.

Shia LaBeouf was injured while doing a stunt that involved him smashing his head through a window. He ended up with stitches in his hand and head.

Sasha Lane was the second choice for Star. Andrea Arnold had originally cast and rehearsed with a completely different girl, but she backed out two weeks before filming started. Director Andrea Arnold had to slightly rewrite the scripts for Star and Jake due to this.

American Honey has won the Best Film Award at the 2018 second edition of LongTake Interactive Film Festival #LIFF2018 in Milan, Italy, June 20-24. Films in competition are selected from titles yet unreleased in Italian movie theaters. The winner is chosen by people attending the screenings.

Riley Keough wears a rebel-flag bikini in this film. Ironically, she is seen wearing an American-flag bikini in the movie "Dixieland."