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  • The depiction of PTSD from war is done well. Then, the film mixes in something that seems supernatural. From there on forward the story unfolds in a third direction. I enjoyed the film for the quiet and small way it came about to the conclusion. Unusual and indie film.
  • This film had pretensions of being a serious dramatic movie: the slow build-up, the artsy dream sequences and flashbacks, the manufactured tension.

    Ultimately it's just another empty horror movie, and not an entertaining or interesting one at that.
  • I really enjoyed this film. If you are a fan of slow burn, psychological horror films and you're happy to watch indie films and not just high budget Hollywood ones, then this is for you.

    I'd read a few reviews which stated that the plot is confusing (particularly at the end). I really don't think that's the case, the plot development is perfectly clear and most people shouldn't have any trouble following it.

    For me, It Never Sleeps made good Saturday night viewing and I will be recommending it to friends with a similar taste in horror films to me!
  • chad-6131315 September 2021
    Not sure what they were trying to do with this film but it's awful. Made no sense, unrealistic, with amateur acting. Don't waste your time.
  • A mess of a movie that drags, is fright free and makes almost no sense. The lead, Laura Swift, is obviously not an experienced actress but it wouldn't have made much difference if Meryl Streep had started as the story is too muddled. Skip it.
  • First this film drags, then it makes no sense. The has an ameture feel all round, including with the acting. Not the worst ameture attempt I've seen, the lighting and the camera focus is fine enough. It's mostly the plot that makes this film so bad.

    It has a lot of links that don't make too much sense together, and you're just let feeling what??? Why did the ghost even need the protagonist anyway?
  • david-radlett30 December 2021
    Do not waste 1h 24m. I can find nothing good to write about this mixed-up and tedious effort. Even I guessed the twist (the first time I have done so since 1974).
  • There was some good humor in the first third of the movie but then it just went into the toilet. It got boring. And the end was dumb. At least it did have a little bit of skin in the shower scene. 3/10.