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  • Director Wych Kaos could only improve after releasing the awful TEKKEN 2, and while he does just that with ZERO TOLERANCE, he's still not making the movie that most viewers actually want to see. Talk about unmatched expectations! This film – a thriller disguised as an action feature - is probably the best movie that Kaos has ever done, but that's still not saying much.

    The story: When the estranged daughter of an ex-CIA operative (Dustin Nguyen) turns up dead in Bangkok, he and his ex-partner (Sahajak Boonthanakit) delve into the city's underworld to uncover the young woman's shady past and unmask her killer.

    To be fair, I don't think that the movie was ever explicitly advertised as a martial arts feature, but when the names used to promote it include Dustin Nguyen, Scott Adkins, Gary Daniels, and Kane Kosugi, one cannot help but expect a lot of hand-to-hand action. Disappointingly, the film does not even provide the bare minimum. There are two full-length brawls, only one of which counts as an actual karate fight (the Nguyen/Adkins showdown), and neither of them are very good – they could have been shot with anybody, with no need for some of the best on screen fighters to get involved. The action content in general is meager, with only three shootouts to otherwise tide viewers over. One of these – a close-range affair in a crowded room – is pretty enjoyable, but breathtaking action clearly isn't this film's objective.

    This is a character-driven thriller, and in that regard, the movie isn't bad. Dustin and his costars all generally excel at playing morally ambiguous characters in a sleazy setting. The movie's pacing is infinitely better than the director's previous picture, and though this is not exactly SE7EN, I felt engaged and anxious to find out who the killer was. The eventual resolution is a serious matter of taste – either you'll find it ironically apt or a complete cop-out – but it highlights the earthy tone of the movie that may turn off people who are used to lighter fare. The subject of prostitution is questionable enough for some folks, but there's an odd, uncomfortable strain of chauvinism running through the picture, with abuse of women by both "good guys" and villains being a common occurrence despite the general anti-trafficking sentiment.

    Apparently this movie was edited from an unreleased film, with the footage of Adkins and Kosugi shot a couple of years later. It's integrated pretty well – practically unnoticeable unless you know what to look for. This feat of seamlessness is easily the most impressive part of the movie, which otherwise ends up being relatively unremarkable. ZERO TOLERANCE isn't the debacle it could have been, but it's also not nearly as cool as I'm certain most people were hoping for. Know yourself well before considering anything more than a rental.
  • kosmasp12 March 2016
    The movie might be easy to spot and you probably won't be too surprised by the ending. But it's still nicely made, if you don't expect a martial arts romp that is. It seems that some people thought, that with all the names attached this would be a lot of hand-to-hand action and fighting. And while there is a certain amount of action, it's mostly "gunplay"/-fighting that is going on.

    A fair warning (or whatever you want to call it): there is a lot of nudity in this movie, though it's almost entirely in the first 2-3 minutes. After that we see Mr. Adkins, but he's not the lead in this, so don't get confused by that either. It's a man on a mission, a different take on ... Taken.
  • Horrible movie! Why would anyone make a movie like that?!! why did they even bother wasting there money on its production?!! Why would this movie be in English? its all about Thai people they referred to them speaking only English to the fact that they were spy's in the US Army for 10 years?!!

    There was no connection between the scenes awful conversations and scenario. Really don't understand how it got 7.5 rating when I got the tickets.

    The camera angles were poor and the scenes chosen in the movie were also very poor,too many close shots on the face of the actors which had no expression on them, time wasting experience, the movie was pointless and they tried to fill the time line of the movie with any junk so they can have a full movie time. during the action and fight scenes you could not understand what exactly was going on. the sound effects were also poor, the gun shots sounded like something falling on a pillow not a gun shoot at all
  • 2 GUNS: ZERO TOLERANCE was originally by all accounts a no-star Thai thriller called ANGELS which did very badly on release. So some money-savvy producers decided to re-edit the movie by bringing in a number of foreign martial artists and re-releasing the film as an action thriller. The problem is, the foreigners in the movie are little more than cameo actors and there's a dearth of action in the film which renders it sleep-inducing to all but the most faithful of movie fans.

    The main thrust of the plot is a murder mystery featuring the impassive Vietnamese actor Dustin Nguyen. Somebody murdered his daughter and he wants to find out who, so he goes on a rampage of revenge. Or at least that's what they want you to think. Instead, like most Thai films, this is indifferently acted and poorly shot, lacking verve and vitality in every scene, and the (few) brief fights are so poorly handled as to be worthless. Mostly it's all talk, and poorly spoken English, and dialogue that makes little sense.

    Poor old Scott Adkins is given prominent billing on the cover but barely appears in the film - he has about five minutes of screen time in a generic role. Japanese star Kane Kosugi is on screen even less. Gary Daniels is here too, but it feels like all of his scenes were shot in a single day because they don't amount to much. ZERO TOLERANCE is one of the most insipid Thai films I've watched, and a good example of that film's lack of current talent when it comes to basic film-making principles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you're a Scott Adkins' fan, watching Thai writer & director Wych Kaosayananda's "2 Guns: Zero Tolerance" is going to definitely disappoint you. I enjoy Scott Adkins epics, but this was a total letdown! Basically, Scott appears in something like three scenes, and he plays a slimy villain. This action thriller concerns two tough guys, Johnny (Dustin Nguyen of "Heaven & Earth") and Peter (Sahajak Boonthanakit of "No Escape"), searching whoever killed Johnny's daughter Angel (newcomer Nina Paosut) after her body is discovered in a river. "2 Guns" is really a messed up movie. Initially, it was released as "Angels" in 2012, and then Kaosayananda reedited this crime thriller and added new footage of Scott Adkins. The irony is that Johnny and Peter learn that Angel had become a prostitute and died when she overdosed on cocaine while participating in a threesome. She drowned in the pool where the three of them were frolicking. Now, Johnny and Peter wipe out half of Bangkok in their efforts to determine who killed his daughter. Nobody, it turns out, killed her, but a lot of villains in the Thai underworld suffer the wrath of Johnny and Peter before they learn the truth. The most striking thing about "2 Guns" is the resemblance that Dustin Nguyen bears to late action icon Charles Bronson. He is a dead ringer for Bronson. Don't squander your time on this half-baked actioneer. Let's hope that Scott made some decent dough with his second version. Kaosayananda is known for "Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever" and "Tekken 2." Don't be taken in by the deceptive cover photo on this DVD.
  • Oh dear lord, this really was a waste of talent. I find that on the whole most martial arts experts can be quite wooden when it comes to acting, this is probably because the director is focusing on the fight sequences and not too overly bothered by the story or the acting skills of their cast. This movie has so much wood the DVD player got splinters and was crying out in pain to play me this film.

    The only good aspect of this film is Gary Daniels who actually proves his acting ability, which isn't too hard.

    The bad thing is I have great respect for, not only Gary Daniels, but the rest of the cast Dustin Nguyen, Scott Adkins, and Kane Kosugi. So to watch them in something this dire was sad.

    I'm going to rest the blame for this travesty on the writer and director Wych Kaosayananda, who's story is drawn out, boring, and depressing; filled with one-dimensional characters who nobody can relate to or empathise with. His direction is worse than his storytelling. There is one scene where he shoots upwards at three actors; this means you only see them from the groyne upwards. Eighty percent of the shot is sky and he even burns this. Had this been a blue sky with clouds, a fly-by by a plane or a group of birds might have made it artistic; however, it's lazy and badly planned.

    It's so bad they even tried a rebranding from Zero Tolerance to leech off the success of the Denzil Washington and Mark Wahlberg film 2 Guns, by adding it to the beginning of their title. But BEWARE this is NOT a sequel or prequel... it has nothing to do with 2 Guns whatsoever. Naughty Naughty!!!

    If you see this on telly or on a dirt cheap DVD don't be conned into watching it like I was - turn away and run. There's so much better out there to watch than this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You have to commend Scott Adkins' tenacity, he's been churning out movies regularly by the months now, although none as compelling as The Undisputed, one that made him staple action hero. His role here is minimum and seemingly plastered for the draw of his name. The core story is a father sets out for vengeance, its simplicity could work better if not for the awful camera display which often too close or sporadic to be enjoyable.

    When the news of his daughter's death reaches him, Johnny (Dustin Nguyen) goes on a part investigation and part rampage throughout Thailand. For almost the entire part, this is the main story and the performance is fitting for rough Asian crime drama. The characters seem like the veteran cops that have street smart. However, the screenplay is disjointed, they would interrogate a person, get into a fight, then resume investigation randomly, the continuity is far from smooth.

    There's an attempt to build intimate sympathy for Angel, the fallen daughter, yet the movie lacks any sophistication to make her beyond plot device or basic motivation. Simple conversation is presented with fast cut editing, changing from one face to another with extreme close-up. This is really distracting since it could've been shot in one continuous framing instead, and these dialogues made the bulk of the movie, yet audience would only see the character staring each other with rigid expression.

    If the camera is shaky in simple scene, it goes horribly wrong in fighting sequences. People would get punched off screen or someone would fire a barrage and the visual zooms in the wrong way, it barely has any clear focus in the critical fights, which are so few and far between. Despite having decent roster for action, the combat is unsatisfying as it only presents a couple basic fisticuffs. Furthermore, sound effect and the spark effect from gun would be off like dud of firework.

    It's not all bad though, the cinematography for scenery looks good and the display of nudity is not as hackneyed as one would think, the ambiance would benefit more from these exotic locales. However, there are too many faulty elements for the crime thriller to be appealing, and its expected action draw is disappointing as well.
  • This movie isn't action movie at all. Sure it has some shooting scenes but theres zero hand to hand combat in it which is usually expected from this cast.

    Scott adkins on the cover is highly misleading he plays very small role in this and is not lead. The movie simply did that for promotional purposes.

    The premise is not bad but direction is slow, draggy, dull, and overall boring. More I watched, more I got a headache.

    Diddn't enjoy this movie and dont think many will.
  • This is a lifeless action thriller. It was reedited form an earlier film with some footage of current B movie action stars such as Scott Adkins.

    In fact there is not much action in this lurid tale of two former para-military guys Johnny (Dustin Nguyen) and his police detective friend Peter (Sahajak Boonthanakit) who hunt the Bangkok underworld to find the people who killed Johnny's young daughter Angel.

    Peter and Johnny kill indiscriminately for the search for Angel's killers, although both men spend time mostly talking about Angel.

    There is a hint that Angel's life and death may just had been sleazy and Johnny was not much of a dad.

    This is not an action film, the promotion featuring Adkins and Gary Daniels is just a cheat.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...Okay, well not speechless, but it's a nice twist on the whole revenge action movies genre. In the end the father realizes no one murdered his daughter but she dies because of her own choices and a bit of guilt perhaps as the father realizes that his daughter's choices were at least partly due to the choices he made not to be in her life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was looking for a couple of hours of switching off my brain but found myself trying to work out why Angel's coffee machine was rigged as a bomb, why they were tied to chairs and one of them shot, how they knew the mad killer would be going to a train station, why an early lead they had didn't tell them that the death was an accident, and then after the end trying to work out why Angel was bound and thrown into the river to make it look like a murder.

    Not only that I'm still trying to work out why one reviewer here asked "Why would this movie be in English?" - that comment does make some critics who get paid seem quite intelligent and objective.

    All in all, quite thought provoking...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say that i was quite surprised by this movie, it's really strange if i want to say it politely. In my opinion the best part of this movie is the color correction because direction, acting and editing looks very poorly. Don't waste your time and look for another title since this looks like a very badly TV drama. I have to say that since the opening title you can understand the quality of this movie. And there are some quite scene of nudity, so be aware of that. Some of the actors simply forget to change expression during all the movie and some takes and shot looks a bit weird, editing too..sometimes missing continuity with the shot before and after so really look for something better