Jerry Lewis joined the project at the insistence of Nicolas Cage; the two have been friends for years. Lewis, however, has less than one minute of screen time.

Police uniforms, badges, insignia and squad cars were created for a non-existent "LVPD." Actual Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department is known as the LVMPD or Metro.

Final film of Jerry Lewis.

Helicopters filming the live Imagine Dragons Grammy performance buzzed almost continuously above one Las Vegas location, ruining several audio takes.

Scene where the apartment floor plan is marked out with tape inside a space surrounded by high, braced walls was shot inside the rooftop facade of the Riviera Hotel.

During the filming of the movie the crew discovered a body in the yard where they were shoiting

One of several movies starring Nicolas Cage set partially or entirely in Las Vegas. Others include Wild at Heart (1990), Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Con Air (1997), and Next (2007).

The writers found that setting a gritty cop story in Las Vegas actually worked well by taking advantage of the contrast between the glitz of the Vegas Strip and the seedier neighborhoods nearby.

Directorial debut of Alex Brewer and Ben Brewer.

Iconic Las Vegas Strip locations include the Peppermill Restaurant and the Riviera Hotel.

Jack Huston was originally attached to star as David Waters, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with Ben-Hur (2016). Elijah Wood replaced him.

Sky Ferreira, a singer-songwriter-model-actress who often appears as a blond, went with her natural dark brunette hair color for this character.

No gambling is shown in the film.

Jerry Lewis' cameo appears around the nine-minute mark.