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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like the title says, frankly this is a very weird and odd series.

    First I'm a fan of Morgan Spurlock's movies, no problem there and it was a draw to watch. Evidently, he plays the role as sort of the "Devil" here. Basking in his den of vice and iniquity illustrating the seven deadly sins.

    The show seems to push for some sort of edgy shock value. What it really is it's a freak show. Showing the extremes of aberration, dementia, and frankly a bunch of people that are just outright nuts.

    By the way, what ever happened to just calling crazy people "crazy"? Like hey that's just "their" thing. Sure there is "diversity", and there is perhaps a fine line between art and crazy, but these people seem to want to feed their craziness in what ever wacky way they can come up with, then everyone around them seems to be cool with it.

    For instance: going around in public in a wheelchair because you are obsessed about handicapness (is that a word?), you need a big "I'M CRAZY" sign around your neck, because that's just bat-stuff crazy.

    The US probably has bad enough reputation for being wacky, materialistic, etc.; I just hope that foreign viewers realize that Spurlock scoured the country looking for the biggest kooks he could find to parade on screen, and that this only represents a small (I hope) percentage..

    Not a bad show, but you'll probably be a bit disguised as I was..
  • Disturbing on every level and very fascinating! I love learning about the 7 sins. Gluttony is a devastating one especially when people don't care about their health, Envy is odd, I understand it but at the same time I don't too. I definitely have strong opinions for the first 2, Lust I wish I could relate to it I don't, Wrath I probably have that sin inside me, Pride is crazy, Sloth I have that one too, and greed is the most effed up one. I'm sure a large part of the population is greedy! Excellent documentary series hosted by Morgan Spurlock!