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  • Carter High is the true story of the powerhouse 1988 David W. Carter High School Football Team from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in Dallas a few years before this took place, this tragic story has always fascinated me. I have read countless articles from the Dallas Morning News, the segment within the Friday Night Lights book, as well as the book Carter Boyz by Gary Edwards, the player at the center of the grade controversy. I've always hoped ESPN would so a 30 for 30 segment on this tragic story, so I was thrilled when I heard it had been made into a feature film.

    The film covers the grade controversy that began during the 1988 football season that eventually stripped them of their 5A State Championship title, as well as the armed robberies committed by several players just weeks after winning the State Title.

    From the extensive articles I've ready on the subject, the movie did seemed pretty accurate. I was afraid it portray the team as nothing but ruthless thugs, but it showed them as just typical high school students. I was also afraid the film would try to make excuses or try to justify their actions in the armed robberies, but it did not.

    It is a very powerful film that is a must-see for children and teens. It stresses the importance of making good decisions, distinguishing right from wrong and the ultimate consequences faced from bad decisions.

    My only criticism of the movie was they didn't address the kids by name enough for the viewer to keep them all straight. With all I've read on the subject, even I couldn't keep up with who was who. However, I definitely recommend the movie.
  • lhwkins4 November 2015
    This is a movie that everyone should see. Especially if you have preteen and teenage children. It is a true example of how one wrong decision can ultimately have a very lasting effect on your future.

    Bravo to Arthur for telling the story of one of the greatest football teams in high school football and the eventual downfall of potentially great athletes who could have had Hall of Fame careers.

    This picture is true and accurate. No sugar coating the true message Charles Dutton does a great job as Coach Freddie James. His words are hauntingly inspiring David Banner as Royce West is both convincing and powerful. Carter High is a hard lesson to learn, yet does a good job of adding in some elements of humor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You all honestly thought this movie was good?

    Really? Just over an hour into the movie one of the characters pulls out a gun, there was a small glimmer of hope that one of those bullets were for me. This story was so badly written, there was no connection formed with any of the characters, so to be honest I really didn't care if they went to prison or Disneyland. I understand the sense that there was supposed to be a lesson learned here and that some decisions can change our lives forever. BUT with the lack of good back story etc i felt like the lesson was.....Don't be a loser and hold people up at gunpoint for fun.
  • info-18398-5395716 July 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    A good film that could have been great with a little more focus. The movie follows Carter High (Dallas high school football team who beat Odessa Permian in Friday Night Lights) as they march through the playoffs. The movie tried to tell us a broad story in a two hours. From the players, to the coach, the grade, the courtroom drama, the robberies, and more courtroom. Would definitely work better as a series like When They See Us (on Netflix). Ironically, both of these injustices took place in the same year. A great film for all high school and college athletes that your choices will dictate your destiny. Choose wisely.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw Carter High twice. It was even better the second time! Charles Dutton's passion for his players as the football coach really came across. His every line when addressing the players was some nugget of wisdom and guidance. The fact that this was a true story really made it all the more compelling. These young men had everything in their favor - stable families, caring, committed coaches who demanded academic and athletic achievement and proper conduct - yet still made the worst of choices. This movie dispels stereotypes and teaches us a lot. Arthur Muhammad did an excellent job putting out a movie with a message, without sex, violence, or unnecessary profanity. I would recommend this movie as a field trip for all middle school and high school students. Families should see it together and talk about it. It is also one to own on DVD later.
  • As you view this movie, you get to see all of the adversity the school had to endure each week on their journey to winning the State Championship in 1988. Charles Dutton, (Coach James) does his very best throughout the movie to teach and mentor the high school players to make good choices in life, on and off the field. Some of these life lessons, taught by Coach were left on the field, as some of the players took things into their own hands, and learning their own life lessons. If you enjoyed Friday Night Lights, please watch this one and hear The Truth from Carter's perspective and fall in love with this Movie. Carter High by Arthur Muhammad this is a master piece that closely matches the entire 88/89 Carter High School experience. May the truth now live on through this movie.
  • May have been an interesting story in real life, but you wouldn't be able to tell from watching the movie. How did this ever become a movie? The story was impossible to follow. There was absolutely no backstory to any of the characters and no development of the plot. I've never seen a movie this bad.
  • Gave this a 3, maybe a TV movie. Carter has had a couple WAY better movies. This one is TERRIBLE. B acting overall, story a mess, not sure what these other reviewers watched, but don't waste your time on this one. There is a reason why this movie didn't even make 150k, its just a TV movie at best. We have seen this concept plenty of times in better movies. Or just watch the TV series Friday Night Lights. That covers all of this and MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Or the Program, or Facing the Giants or When the Game stands Tall. I know this touches on a very specific event but its a common theme and done so commonly that there is nothing special about this movie at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The real-life story of the 1988 Dallas Carter team, who I always knew as the antagonists of Friday Night Lights, is in truth so much better than the story of the Odessa Permian team, it's surprising me that Bissinger didn't write a follow-up book solely about it. The drama of the grade controversy during the playoffs and the robberies that followed make for an excellent story.

    But here's the problem. Muhammad, who went to Dallas Carter and played football either on the team that is the subject of the film or around the same time period; wrote, directed, and even edited this film himself. Clearly, this was a passion project for him, but I think he was so close to it that he couldn't see the forest for the trees when it came to a lot of this film's problems.

    The biggest issue I have with the film is that there is almost no effort to establish character with any of the players. We're dropped in to this world as if we, like Muhammad, knew all of these people already. I will give credit to the sentencing scene at the end of the film, which was extremely powerful and well done.

    The story of this team is so interesting, and so powerful when seen through the sociopolitical lense of 1980s Texas, and race relations in our own time, that I wish this film could have been made by a more competent filmmaker with a more robust budget, like Barry Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, or F. Gary Gray. This movie should have felt more like Straight Outta Compton, but the end result is better compared to Facing the Giants.
  • I definitely enjoyed Carter High from beginning to end. The movie successfully chronicles the rise and fall of the the 1988 Carter Cowboys, a Dallas, Texas high school football team who shook the city once a string of local robberies traces back to some of the team members. While it can be challenging to adapt real life stories, I can appreciate the authenticity and the fact that the screenwriter and director stayed true to the story, opposed to implementing unnecessary embellishments that would have detracted from the essence of the storyline. I hope teens and athletes take away the powerful message in this movie. Poor choices have consequences, and at the end of the day, one bad mistake or choice could cost you everything--including your life!
  • This movie has it all drama suspense action adventure and a little bit of Horror. Based on a true story from Dallas Texas. It is a tale that all people should see especially people of young ages to learn about choices and consequences. I give this 10 Star Ratings excellent film well done and well performed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this film, and the message behind it has a lot of value and we haven't had that in movies for a while. This film sheds light on teenage African American boys who made a mistake, I love the coach and his advice it was always so positive and encouraging. Watch this film to learn from it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was great. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Arthur Muhammad took us back in time to Dallas circa 1988 perfectly. The story of these boys and the saga that unfolded was captivating. It was reminiscent of movies such as Remember the Titans or Friday Night Lights, but I thought the personal stories surrounding the boys and their mischievous activities, made the story even more engaging. This is a movie for every young teen and adult. Making the right choices in life is a lesson that is not just for the boys of Carter High, but this lesson is one that resonated with me as I watched. Charles Dutton was a definite stand out. His roaring pep talks and fatherly advice carried us throughout the film and made us care even more for the struggles the team endured. I found myself cheering, crying and frustrated, but happy to be along for the ride. This was well written, acted and directed. I highly recommend this movie.
  • This was really a great movie.It is a must see for all real football fans, especially Texas football fans. This movie, although written by one extremely close to the story, doesn't gloss over wrong doings, but rather dispel misconceptions and outright lies. It is a movie about how young athlete (even older ones for that matter) mishandle success. In fact, the lessons learned in this movie will benefit all. It shows the very real account of how 1 bad decision can cost you everything you worked so hard for.However, all can be redeemed and bounce back. I was pretty pleased with the acting. The bonus materials with some of the real players is very insightful. Overall, it is an excellent movie.
  • dashawnholmes8 August 2016
    Just finished watching Carter- High Must say I was very impressed with the film. I expected it to be just another football movie boy was I wrong. If you enjoyed remember the titans or Friday night lights then you will truly enjoy this. Carter High is the true story of the powerhouse 1988 David W. Carter High School Football Team from Dallas, Texas. After looking this up it sure seems to be 100% accurate. Actor Charles S. Dutton definitely owned his role in the film and was very inspiring. Director Author Muhammed definitely did a good job with this film and I hope that people truly give this film a shot and spread the word.
  • Gee IDK. Hard to follow the story as there is no main character. We jump in and out of people's lives for no reason. At the halfway point, the movie seems over, but we still have to get to the reason for the sentencing from the opening scene. Uhhhh... quite a mess of a film. This should be remade, the original story it's based on is a good one.
  • Sad but true story that needed to be told. However the writer and director should be penalized for Unwatchable Conduct. Most of the high school players look to be in their late 20s-early 30's. The head Coach appears to be married to his Granddaughter The amount of goofs and inconsistencies have more holes than the Miami Dolphins offensive line. Its "Friday Night Lights" goes to the hood. I grinded it out on a flight because I wanted to see how history played out.
  • Carter High is one of the best movies created (in my opinion) One minute I'm laughing and the next minute I'm crying I love movies that are based on a true story! I literally watch this movie twice a day and if you watch my insta snaps then you can confirm this is true! The actors are AMAZING!! P.S I'm y'all biggest fan #blackexcellence #carterhighmovie FUH DEE OH FUUUHH DEE OH
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is based on the true story of the David W. Carter high school in Texas during the 1988-1989 season. They had won the state championship but had players that misbehaved too much even for Florida State. The film includes actual footage of the games they played as well as messages from some of the players at the end of the film. While everyone in town was giving special favors for the team members, the judge did not. Fair performances. Script needed some more creative drama.

    Note the stylish razor cuts.

    Guide: 1 F-word as I recall. No sex or nudity.
  • I totally understand the want to rate the film highly because the message the film is send. The filming was fine and it seems the actors do a good job. The problem is that the story is not told well. It feels really disconnected and jumpy. Others have compared it to Remember the Titans and Friday Night Lights I disagree. In those movies I felt a connection to each character and watched them grow or connect with the viewer throughout the film. I really missed that here. I know I'm supposed to want Carter High to make it through the challenges it faces throughout the film, but I didn't feel an emotional connection to want the see Carter overcome.