This is the same team that beat the Permian Panthers in the movie Friday Night Lights.

During the scene where Charles S. Dutton' s character "Coach James" is on the school bus with the the bus driver, the bus driver is portrayed by the real life Coach Freddie James.

Shot in and around Dallas during summer of 2014

Director of Photography built a stabilized rickshaw from which he would be pulled along the field by grips to capture the action. Unfortunately most of this footage was discarded in favor of archival footage of the actual games.

The role of the judge was originally cast as Jon Voight, who had a pressing schedule conflict and a local talent was brought in.

During the pep rally scene, the chanting wasn't an original part of the movie. The cast was having fun, and the director liked the way it sounded, so he asked them to start over and do the chanting again, then added it into the movie.