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Saroo Brierley: I'm sorry you couldn't have your own kids.

Sue Brierley: What are you saying?

Saroo Brierley: We... we... weren't blank pages, were we? Like your own would have been. You weren't just adopting us but our past as well. I feel like we're killing you.

Sue Brierley: I could have had kids.

Saroo Brierley: What?

Sue Brierley: We chose not to have kids. We wanted the two of you. That's what we wanted. We wanted the two of you in our lives.That's what we chose.


Sue Brierley: That's one of the reasons I fell in love with your dad.


Sue Brierley: Because we both felt as if... the world has enough people in it. Have a child, couldn't guarantee it will make anything better. But to take a child that's suffering like you boys were. Give you a chance in the world. That's something.

[At around 1hour Saroo goes into the kitchen to get a beer.On the way back he sees some Jalebis, which is a fried Indian desert, on the counter in a plate.A memory takes him back to his childhood with his older brother Guddu. He smells it and takes a bite slowly as his girl friend Lucy comes beside him]

Lucy: Saroooo

[then with concern]

Lucy: You OK?

[a male dinner guest comes into the kitchen also and places his hand on Saroo's back]

Male Dinner Guest: Saroo?

Saroo Brierley: I'm not from Calcutta... I'm lost.

[discussing how to find Saroo's family]

Dinner Guests: What paper trail?

Saroo Brierley: My mum could not read or write.

Dinner Guests: What did she do?

Saroo Brierley: A labourer... she carried rocks.

[Saroo is picking up large and small rocks for his mother as she encourages him]

Kamla: achchha bachcha...

[which means... good boy]

Saroo Brierley: Do you have any idea what it's like knowing my real brother and mother spending every day of their lives looking for me? Huh? How every day my real brother screams my name? Can you imagine the pain they must be in not knowing where I am?

[last lines]

Saroo Brierley: [leaving phone message] Hi, mum. I know you will be sound asleep. I just want to say that I'm safe. Safe and all the questions have been answered. There are no more deadends. I found my mother, and... she thanks you both for raising me. She understands that you are my family. She's... happy, just knowing I'm alive. I found her, but that doesn't change who you are. I love you mom... so much. And you, Dad. And Mantosh. Saroo!

Saroo Brierley: I'm not from Calcutta. I'm lost.

Saroo Brierley: Please could you not do anything while I'm away?

Mantosh Brierley: Yeah Yeah...

Saroo Brierley: ...to make mum... more unhappy than you already do.

Mantosh Brierley: Mate, why do you think I stay away?