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  • This anime has a quite boring beginning (first couple of episodes), but as it unfolds the main-plot, it becomes one of the greatest fighting animes I have seen and it doesn't drag out, but is focused on telling a story. The story that is told is great, maybe the greatest story I have seen in an anime. That is why I would rank it in my top 3, already. It is not only the story, but how the story is conveyed that makes this anime so great.

    The plot focuses on Tatsumi who is a boy from a poor village travelling to the capital to earn some money to save his home-town. He has learned to fight as a kid, being taught be a teacher in his village. He then meets a band of assassins and the story unfolds. I won't spoil any of the action as everything is part of the build-up, which makes this such a great anime. It is very simple, too. This makes it even more impressive, because I am quite shocked that no-body had made such a story-line before (in such a context).

    The theme of the series is assassination, heroism and social values (good and evil especially and love of course). It is the value-part and how it is conveyed that makes this anime into something special.

    The animation is quite great. It is simple, yet characteristic, and the fights are really great.

    The main focus is the progression of the story, though, and how the characters are related to in the sense of the main theme, which is good and evil I guess.

    I give it a 10/10, because it surprised me and tried something new and I liked it all together - better than most shows. I would compare it to "Attack on Titan", which is also a new show. AOT focuses on mystery and survival, while AGK focuses on societal and heroic problems (almost solely). I liked AGK better, even though AOT has better animations, because of the message AGK has speaks to me more! It is simpler, yet more striking.
  • Akame ga Kill is absolutely fantastic, especially the characters. In this anime, we are granted a very realistic immersion into their war. There are heroes on both sides, and everyone has their own reasons for fighting - justice, revenge, money, power, love. It becomes difficult to see some of the capitol soldiers as "bad guys", because their motives are so relatable. However, this show is not lacking in its representation of sick, twisted villains that we wish only existed on TV. Nothing is sugarcoated, (don't watch this anime if you have an aversion to blood and gore), allowing us to suspend disbelief all the more and form strong emotional connections to these fictional characters. Be warned, to pick a favorite is to live dangerously. This show is a must-see for any anime fan. 9/10 stars.
  • I heard about Akame ga Kill! in an anime in 2014 review. Labeled "the edgiest anime ever", the show had my curiosity.

    The show is extremely dark and sad while having comedic moments and lighthearted fun. These themes aren't exactly well balanced and some may have trouble taking the who serious after it turns from extremely light to extreme dark. This is really the show's only major flaw.

    The best feature of Akame ga Kill! has to be the characters. A wide variety of characters is presented. Each character, protagonist or antagonist, is giving a healthy amount of development and each is easily enjoyable. No antagonist is "too evil" and mostly of them are in the moral grey area. Most characters are given special powers. There is a decent amount of balance in powers, but some are weak while others could be considered overpowered.

    The action sequences are masterfully done and simply beautiful and progressively get better as the show goes on. Romance is mildly touched on, but certainly not a major theme. The plot and the setting is great. The setting matches the plot and characters well. The pace of the show speeds up as the show progresses which some might welcome while others might not.

    The show's imbalance might not agree with some, but the show is certainly worth the view. Prepare for dark and violent themes, extremely sad times, and a good helping of your typical comedic anime moments.
  • extraordinary . sure watch this anime. It has action, comedy and love. NICE MASTERPIECE.

    The animation looks gorgeous and the soundtrack makes everything feel more alive than when you read it in the manga. The voice actors are amazing and do every character justice. The amount of production quality put into this is astonishing, but if any series deserves it, it's Akame ga Kill.

    If you're a manga reader of the series don't worry this is a great adaptation of this wonderful series with some changes near the end. And if you're a newcomer then I hope you will give Akame ga Kill a chance if you want to enjoy a fun, dark story with interesting characters and really solid plot.
  • Akame Ga Kill had the most interesting plot of any show I have seen. The action, characters and emotions involved in this anime made for a fantastic show. The intensity of this show really got me into it. The only complaints I have are that it didn't entirely follow the manga and it ended. It had so much potential to continue. I personally think this show should have been produced after the manga was finished. The deaths in the show were what really pushed me over. I really felt something for each and every single character in the story line and the constant losses they suffered kept me intrigued. It really showed that what they were fighting for was real and important.
  • I'd heard mixed reviews about Akame ga Kill!, and thought I'd check it out anyways. Its only 24 episodes right? How hard could it be to get through it? Harder than I thought.

    Akame ga Kill! has a decent start. The characters seem interesting enough, the action is bloody and over-the-top, which is exactly what I was expecting, and the way it's presented is actually pretty good. But as it progressed, it became less and less interesting to the point where I just didn't care anymore. I stopped watching about halfway through, and have no interest in ever finishing it. Now the reason I stopped is mostly because of the sexuality throughout the show, which I didn't realize was there until getting to where I did. I'm not saying nudity and sex makes a bad show, I'm just saying it limits who watches it due to moral standings. If that stuff hadn't been in it, I'd probably have finished it.

    The characters in this show are alright, to start at least. Tatsumi has an actually realistic goal, and the rest of Night Raid (the group) has their distinct character traits. That's where the problem occurs. All the characters only have one or two traits. They aren't particularly well-developed, and follow the same development formula every anime seems to these days: with back stories. I'm not saying back stories are bad, but Akame ga Kill! didn't even try to weave them into the story, they just kind of threw them out there as quickly as possible. Characters would be talking casually, then suddenly, "Let me tell you about my past" would come out, and all this emotion would be forced upon you for someone you hardly even know anything about, and it all just felt fake. With a title like 'Akame ga Kill!' you know that people, important or not, will die. But it doesn't really create a fear for the characters. In shows like 'Attack on Titan' no one's overpowered or anything, and that really helps create a sense of fear for the characters. Not only that, but 'Attack on Titan' manages to make the characters very interesting from the second you meet them, only to have them torn away from you before you could really learn to care. And that's why 'Attack on Titan' did so well with it's characters, while Akame ga Kill! suffers. The characters are just okay at the beginning. They felt a little cliché (which isn't necessarily bad) and I never felt like they were in any real danger, considering the sizes of their weapons and amount of skill they seemed to possess.

    The plot itself started out sounding interesting, but resulted in just an excuse to overdo the violence as much as possible. Sure, I like over-the-top violence (why do you think I started this show?), but violence with no story is just boring. I often found myself watching and thinking "Man, this is cool. But why are they doing this again?" Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention, or maybe it's just unclear. Either way, I felt like there really wasn't any purpose to the fighting that filled up so much of the series.

    Now one thing that I did like were the weapons, or Imperial Arms, as they're called. I thought it was cool how technologically advanced they were for their time, and yet how they still felt like they fit into the time in which the series is set in. Or at least, most of them did. Lot's of the Imperial Arms introduced later in the series started making the show feel more magical than it was technological. Before, the weapons had simple hints of magic here and there, which was cool. But the later weapons were just full-on magic. I don't want to spoil any of them to you, but it was clear that the creators just ran out of ideas and started throwing crap at the screen at that point. And that really took away from the feel of the series.

    Overall, Akame ga Kill! has a decent start, but by the mid-point I was done. It lacked realistic or engaging characters, a decent (but promising) plot, and a little too much magic. The fights were quite well done, however, and the first few weapons introduced are cool and fit right into the universe of Akame ga Kill! You may think I have no right to write a review, having never finished it, but I know and have seen enough to know that this show really just isn't anything special. I'm fine with them killing off characters, that doesn't take away from it for me, I just didn't care enough when the characters died. In the end, I wouldn't recommend Akame ga Kill! But if you liked it, then that's fine. If you don't, that's fine too. If you still want to watch it, though, then go right ahead. There was nothing here for me, but maybe it'll click better with you.
  • selfzombie9 December 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    This anime shocked me, never did i think that i would get into this at all. But boy oh boy was i wrong i watched it almost non stop. Love how most of the chars where almost all girls sad that so many greats died i'm hoping on more seasons and if i could read Japanese id be all over the comic yeah i'm that into it. Its a bold statement i know to compare it to dragon ball but i believe so. Again iv never seen a anime like this such a great story line, such great action. This is my first review and i hope all enjoy it as much as i have and hope to with the possibility of more seasons. It be great to see more chars added and and maybe a few specials or a movie just my thoughts over all i loved it greatest anime iv seen in years.
  • A lot of people absolutely love this anime, a lot of people hate it to its core. The question is, is it good or bad, which one is it.

    First of all, lets talk about the aspects everyone agrees upon. This anime has- 10/10 music, 10/10 animation, 9/10 fighting seq. Great right?? So why so many people hate it?

    This anime has a unique story development. It only tells bare minimum. People often criticize the lack of back-stories of the main characters, lack of world-building materials. However, all anime should not follow the same path. This anime tells a story about the contribution of a certain organizations part in a rebellion. The organization members never had much empathy for the people or independence, or even justice. So the back-stories about the characters, the anime-style-epic-B&W-flashback scene, the relation / interaction between some characters was somewhat avoided and I think it is for the good.

    Some people hate it for the deaths. I think it certainly is a fresh and bold step, far from the no-death cliche. Also it somewhat moves away from manga ending. Some people don't like anime-original endings.

    This anime ventures to a place where no anime had the courage to go before. Like it, or hate it, this is a must watch for all anime fans.
  • A perfectly well told story. Each episode is shocking, with spectacular battles, stories with which one connects. All the characters are unique, interesting and with well-defined personalities. A perfectly well told story. Each episode is shocking, with spectacular battles, stories with which everyone connects. All the characters are unique, interesting and with well-defined personalities.
  • klnhtw21 June 2019
    Lovely anime, great animation and main character arcs through the show. But most importantly there isn't any plot armour for anyone, noone is safe. This adds a strange weight to the show, but it only makes it better and gives more meaining at the end.
  • This anime tells the story of a young man that comes to the capital to make money and save his village, but instead joins a group of rebels that want to overthrow the government because it is too much corrupted. The story goes around this group of people, their training and their missions, and it doesn't deeply describes the society, nor the setting, which are interesting. You just need to know that the society is corrupted and the rich take everything they want from the poor. It does a great job visually, and the music is also well suited, and it is perfect for those who seek an anime with adventure, fights, a tiny bit or romance and a slightly dark athmosphere. The characters aren't deep but they are all different, and their backstory is explained, making it easier to become affectionate to them. As I mentioned, the atmosphere is dark, but it has some funny moments (perhaps too many). One of the things I liked the most was the fact that it isn't obvious whether a main character will die or survive, which makes the story less obvious. On the other hand, the sadness caused from the death of a main character is soon replaced by a sense of anger, because too many of them die, and you end up wondering whether it was necessary for the plot or just a cheap way to make you feel bad for the others. Nevertheless, when I think about it I still have sad/bitter feelings for some events that happened to some characters, and these after-feelings aren't often found in an anime.

    Some things could have been done much better, like spending more time in developing some characters or making sure to describe the setting more deeply, and it I didn't like the fact that when someone dies, in the next episode they're almost forgotten and only mentioned casually when needed for the story. In the end the only problem with this anime is that it is a bit shallow, and it could have been really great if only it was spent some more time in the writing.

    I recommend watching it because it does its job of carrying you away in a different world and making you live, for a little while, the lives of these people, in a world far away and far easier than ours. For this I give it an 8/10, that could have easily been a 9 or even 10 for the reasons just mentioned.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Akame ga Kill is basically about a boy from a small village, Tatsumi, wanting to work for the capital in order to send money back to his village. His dreams are crushed when he realizes that the empire is corrupt and the rich killed his best friends. He joins up with Night Raid, a revolutionary army of assassins designed to fight against the empire, in hopes to getting rid of that corruption.

    The Good

    Nothing really new about the plot itself, just a corrupt government and the people rebelling. A new idea was the imperial arms that the empire, about a 1000 years ago, created so his empire will prosper. The anime itself had great animation and art style. The well drawn characters and background and the fluid movement all make this a beautiful anime. Even the beautiful imagery present throughout this anime was beautiful and excellent. The music was very good and really shaped the mood at times.

    The Bad

    I felt like the art and music was wasted on this anime. Even the idea of the imperial arms could have been moved to a better anime. My, where to start...

    Pacing: this is a basic story, but they manage to screw it up. Each episode felt like filler with fight scenes. I didn't even feel bad about the characters because they would kill them as soon as we got to know them.

    Characters: they were horrible stereotypes. You have the average protagonist guy, the cold assassin, the tsundere, the leader, the best breasted wild girl, the wild older bro type, the clumsy girl with glasses, and the perverted comedic guy. At least, I think the guy with the green hair was supposed to be the funny stereotype, they didn't flesh him out enough. Let that sink in. They didn't flesh out a character enough for him to be a STEREOTYPE. I also didn't like Esdeath because of her weird crush on Tatsumi. It would have been interesting if she had a crush on Bulat or even Najenda to create something interesting. Nope, it has to be the main character (because we all know this is a self-insert). Seryu had this weird twisted obsession with justice while killing people for stealing a few items. Chelsea was also a horrible person because she picked on Mine for NO reason, it wasn't even logical.

    Tone/Genre: This anime doesn't know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a dark fantasy? A comedy and action anime? A romantic comedy? A harem? Pick a genre and stick to it! Tatsumi's friends died and seconds later we have slapstick of him joining Night Raid. Each time a character dies, we have a light hearted scene playing right after. Even after Tatsumi died at the end, characters were talking about him coming back, like the writers wanted to have some sick ironic joke.

    Everything, except the art and music, sucked. I almost rated it lower because of the art and music being wasted on this crap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Akame Ga Kill is an anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. Many hyped this show before its release to be the next big thing like Attack on Titan, boy was I disappointed!!! *there are no spoilers, maybe only hints so don't worry*

    The story is set in a world where the government is corrupted and people in power get away with things like murder, rape, torture, theft and all the "good" stuff humanity has ever produced. A boy trained in the martial arts and sword comes to the biggest city, the Capital, with the motivation to help his poor village. On the first day he encounters a group of assassins that save him from evil people in the Capital, thus he joins them to overthrow this evil government by taking missions to kill corrupt people abusing power. Sounds good, right? Something of a dark and serious setting, right? Right. Well the problem lies in the execution. This show has a problem with it's tonal shifts, one moment you have killings and dark situations and the other fluffy and "comedic" moments that ruin all the immersion, thus making it impossible to take the show seriously or to feel anything about the deaths of some characters. Also the show has pretty much black and white morality, the bad guys are extremely evil and it seems for the purpose of just being evil, don't expect to find grey zones here like in real life(with few exceptions).

    The characters are clear cut stereotypes and really one dimensional, from the good guys to the bad, with almost no exceptions at all but one char maybe. I honestly don't remember them much.

    What this show does well are the fighting and action scenes,there is blood(if you like that). Animation is pretty good and soundtrack is pretty amazing. So overall you might enjoy it and kill some time.

    I would advise to have low expectations though, this was the purpose of this review after all.
  • This anime doesn't know what it is. It takes the most cliché aspects of a lighthearted shonen and a gore fest and mashes them together in a way that feels awkward.

    Pros: great OPs -Esdeath - No plot armor. its not a matter of if a character will die, but when.

    Cons: -the show constantly goes from super serious death to lousy comedy in mere seconds making the drama feel cheap. -The ending....The last 6 episodes... Its really rushed, full of plot holes, and just a clumsy mess. -Characters are sometimes offered no time to develop and are simply killed for the sake of drama.

    I can't really recommend this show because no matter what you are looking for, there is an anime that does it better, which isn't to say this show really does anything good. If you want a dark battle anime with great animation, just watch Fate/Zero. You want a shonen that can be silly and over the top while still having drama? Watch Gurren Lagann. Unless you really want to see it, I recommend you just skip it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An 8 out of 10 is an undeserving score for the trainwreck known as Akame ga Kill. The main reasons are simple: Characters and Story.

    The main protagonist, Tatsumi, is a bland and boring character in both design and personality, to the point where there is no reason to care about him. The beginning is just that when he finds that his two friends are died, didn't care at all. The group known as Night Raid also has characters with no depth and are just stereotypes. It's easier to distinguish them by hair color than anything since they are so worthless. The Yeagers are no different and often have really stupid characters doing stupid things. You have a character who is a sadist, but also falls for Tatsumi, for some reason, as if that's how people work. Justice B**ch is even worse when she has two different personalities that doesn't mesh at all, and that she has to be the worst character I have ever seen in an anime. Everyone else is just comically evil just for the sake of being evil and don't care about any of these people.

    The writing is definitely its worst points. Not only is this anime terrible at establishing the world, but it often relies on dumb characters doing stupid things in order to move the plot and relies WAY too heavily on magic as a plot device. Even though I find this anime to be trash, one thing I liked was the idea of the main characters facing death, unlike other anime that prevents characters from dying. But it does this a lot and it becomes predictable after you hear their pointless backstory, which doesn't matter since they're dead. This anime also tries to be dark and edgy, but fails miserably to takes itself the least bit seriously.

    Overall, this anime is nothing good and not something I would recommend to anyone. It's lazy, bland, and overall shallow.
  • Here goes my first review. I won´t make a plot considering you will understand what´s going on after the 1st episode.

    First of all i want to point out that if you are planing to watch this series, i feel there are better ones out there. Having said that, you can always find something in an anime that you´ve never seen before, and for me that´s enough to make it a worthy watch (which is why i´d never tell anyone not to watch an anime). However, there are some things you need to know before you watch.

    This is a shonen. Fights are the main focus of this anime and i must say some of them are very entertaining and overwhelming. During the fist 6-7 episodes i though i was in front of one of the best anime out there; i got hooked inmediately by the story and the fights.

    However, this feeling disappeared while i continued watching. The episodes seemed to be repetitive. The story was too simple and there was never a twist to make things more interesting. I dont want to exaggerate but i believe character development is one of the biggest flaws of this series. Love scenes felt completelly rushed and I didn´t care about the characters because they weren´t complex at all, and sometimes i just wanted to stop watching due to idiot behaviors from part of many characters. Not to mention the ending is one of the worst i´ve ever seen.

    I would say you may enjoy this anime if you are mainly interested in good fights and you don´t care too much about storyline or character development. Its a 4/10 for me, but feel free to give it a try.
  • randy-265564 August 2019
    The is awesome anime, the story is very dark and brutal.
  • I can't think of very many series I hated as much as Akame ga Kill. I sat through every godawful episode of this damn thing on Toonami. It was only 24 weeks worth of episodes and, even without the breaks for marathons, it felt like I'd had to watch it for a full year.

    I will give it this: It's well animated. White Fox did a mighty fine job here; the characters move smoothly and there were very few (if any) times I felt they were half-assing it, which is fairly admirable considering the ultra-generic designs and tight budget.

    That's where the good stuff ends, though. Nothing else about it works. The characters are little more than lame archetypes or dumb non-entities. They try to be all grimdark by throwing around gore and politic and crap, but then they use optimistic hero crap and "comedy" that left me praying for Adam Sandler's paid vacations. A lot of the action scenes are full of ass-pulls and nonsense. Most of all, however, it can't figure out what the hell it's supposed to be! Its tone is obnoxiously inconsistent, it flip-flops between modern and medieval notions, and, again, ass-pull after ass-pull.

    This is without a doubt, not just one of the worst anime I've ever seen, but one of the worst cartoons in general I've ever seen. Nobody in it made me care about them. None of the jokes got a single laugh out of me. And it can't even decide its tone. It's just groanworthy and manipulative at best and worthy of being tortured to death at worst.
  • this anime makes you feel nothing , just some good fight scenes overall the story is good but the way it is told is really lame and boring . characters: just like every other anime out there characters are filled with cliché , it has an super skilled female lead and amateur male lead who constantly practices and becomes powerful and every other female characters falling for him , i could have digest it really easily but there is no character development as though the makers made this anime in a lot of hurry .. the story is simple about corruption in an empire and has not many surprises , the story behind each character seems very dull with no effort made to develop their background , they just show two minute explanation as to what is driving them and it felt to me like they make no sense about why they are doing whatever it is they are doing . this anime could have been way better with very little effort .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, one thing I will immediately say about this show - it does some stuff really well. The characters, animations, action scenes and most of the story stretches from good to great. However, having an ending that feels conflicted (and made me conflicted about this whole show) and a few 'drama over logic'-things present throws the show away from the Anime Hall of Fame and into a basket of 'yeah sure, it's good, but it disappoints'.

    Spoiler: 8 out of 10 main characters die. Brutally. And the main character is one of them. All of these deaths are well executed (no pun intended) except for the main character's, which is rather ironic. But it doesn't hide the fact that a few were completely unnecessary, or just served to further the plot or remove plot elements such as romantic interests, probably to keep the viewer guessing.

    That's one of the major faults - the treatment of the wonderful characters. Most of them are killed, at appropriate and logical points, which creates a good sense of continuity as their 'Imperial Arms' are inherited by other members of the team or even by enemies.

    But then one of the assassins are killed in an episode that basically screams it out a good while before it happens (having the stereotypical 'what are you gonna do when this is over'-talk with the main character) and it just goes downhill from there, with the main character dying by the next-to-last episode, being dead in the finale (wtf) and another lovable character dying tragically for no other reason than the creator's wanting Akame and the forgettable 'Boss' left standing. Akame for the sake of the show's symbolism and an after-credits scene.

    There's the issue of the tone as well, with the show being extremely brutal and gory but also very, very childish in it's humor. Many of the shonen-anime clichées are there. Harem, nosebleeds, chibi faces. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to stand the crap if it weren't for the fact that the humor is decent. But it really doesn't sit well when people are killed left and right. Especially one character only got mentioned TWICE after he died awfully, despite being an integral part of the team. It was simply poorly written out of a logical standpoint.

    With that said, if you're looking for a complete story arc, some awesome fights and some stereotypical shonen anime with a couple of flaws, I recommend this.

    Though I'll never forgive the creators unless there's some sort of sequel series with Akame as the main character...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show was absolutely fantastic, until the final episode. Then it became an okay show. The ending completely ruined everything, in my opinion, but I'll rant more about that later. Like I said, the show was pretty great up until that point, so it was obviously doing something right. I mean, I even stayed up till 4:30 in the morning on a school night to finish the show. It was addicting. Anyway, the show kept its focus on its characters and on the action, which is what a show like this should do. It didn't focus on the plot, as it wasn't original and it didn't need to waste time developing it. A bunch a people trying to take down a corrupt capital? Seen that many, many times, so there was no point on focusing on it. These characters aren't complex or anything, but they're likable and enjoyable to watch. If you hated them, the entire show would be unwatchable, as you're supposed to be rooting for them to win. The action scenes are violently entertaining, beautifully animated, and plentiful. Once you've combined that with the likable characters, you have a pretty great show. Alas, the ending ruined it all. *SPOILER FROM NOW ON* From here onward I'm probably gonna go into spoiler territory, so you've been warned. OK, the final battle is happening, everything has led to this. Tatsumi dies from stopping the Emperor's Imperial Arms from crushing everyone, Akame faces of with General Esdeath and wins, and Leone dies after being shot by the minister. That is what they go with. Now, I would have been OK with Tatsumi dying if he was a stronger, more complex character or if he and Akame would have had a stronger relationship. If he would have been more complex, I would have felt some emotion when he died. Instead I felt nothing to be honest. Since Tatsumi dies in Akame's arms, them having a stronger connection would have also been a good way to make me feel sad. Alas, Tatsumi just dies and I didn't really care. I have the same opinion about Leone's death. I would have been fine with it, except for the fact that it came out of nowhere and felt incredibly rushed, sloppy, and all around stupid. After seeing her kick all sorts of ass, and survive having her arm cut off, seeing her die by gunshots was extremely underwhelming and stupid. The all powerful Leone was taken down by freaking gunshots. Lame. Those 2 things really made me angry and did take a lot away from the show quality wise. However, I don't think they were enough for me to not recommend this show. It's fun, addicting, and has plenty to appreciate, just has an awful ending. 6.9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I were to say a positive comment regarding this anime, I would agree that it is very action- packed, creative with characters and their "imperial arms". But technically, that all I can give out.

    There are a lot of flaws within this anime. Although I did say the depth of characters is creative, I wouldn't agree with the antagonists. Generally, almost everyone of them is literally insane, such as Seryu and Zank. The themes of killing is very repetitive; in every episode, someone dies. I was excited for the final fight against Akame and Esdeath, but as I got to it, it wasn't what I expected. The "romance" between Mine and Tatsumi was completely rushed. The whole anime was somewhat corny, cheesy, and unsurprising in many ways.

    I was also confused with the title. Who is actually the MAIN character? Tatsumi or Akame? I also didn't like the character depth of Kurome, it just seemed so cheesy and original. Being the result of an experiment was an idea used everywhere, it could've been explained better still.

    Was that inspired by Attack on Titan? Take a look at the walls around the city.

    Aside from that, it is still a great anime. Just look out for these inconsistencies.
  • What's to be liked: Sexy characters, most of the time pretty interesting fights with open outcome, moderately developed characters.

    What's not so great: The incredibly simple story that will sometimes make you say: "No! They didn't just make that so obvious and stupid!"

    What's really annoying: In the beginning they try to make any evil guy who gets killed maximum evil. Similar-to-damn-Hitler-evil. Little example: "Yes! There she is! We can still have fun with her body after we killed her!" Yap. And you will be like: "Woo, that is a little too much. I mean... out of nowhere." There will be more interesting characters on the "evil side", too. But from time to time they just drop one of those mindless evil-as-can-be-freaks. Random evil little absolute Hitlers. I just don't care for that. That is so cheap story-writing.

    All in all: If you are into awesome creative weapons, nice fights and fan service: go for it. But be aware that there is nothing else worth noting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This anime is so like Game of Thrones, it started off great but then suddenly the ending came out as a complete disappointment. As well it involved killing off good characters that didn't necessarily need to be killed at the end of the day...

    Tatsumi didn't at all die in the manga but yet they killed off all the good characters just to give the anime some hype. Also himself and Esdeath didn't end up being together as the anime would 've liked for them to be. I felt this was just so uncalled for that they didn't think twice in connecting with the manga a bit more. I mean they only had a year when it was officially finished, why was there a need to rush at all?

    Don't get me wrong I really liked the characters, the English Dub voice actors, the soundtrack and the setting but the storyline just literally did go downhill for me. Sorry to the anime fans, I did want to like it since it was a popular anime but it was rather an anime that I wouldn't put as one of my best anime list.....
  • After having watched pretty much every single anime out there from one peice to hunter x hunter to death note to attack on titan i can with confidence say it is one of the best animes i have watched. TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA in 3 days i watched the anime twice and read the manga which sounds impossible but believe me i did it.

    this should give you an idea to how great this anime is BUT IT HAS ONE NEGATIVE and that is that every single character pretty much dies and it is hard to come to terms with.
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