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  • A film based on a true story that can be told in two sentences, and the plot isn't actually even that much based on it. Basically it's a Finnish "slasher" film that isn't scary in any way.

    How can that be possible ? In a horror movie the viewer should identify to at least one "victim" character and hope for hes or her (usually her) survival in some way. This movie makes none of the cast feel innocent or likable and twists the plot in so many so unnecessary ways the characters lose all value and become indifferent for the viewer.

    It feels like the script was just brainstormed together in a single sitting without any work and all focus put into the set, cinematography, sound and music which are all state of art. In some scenes the actors do fine job but very bad in few - losing completely the credibility of the ongoing -panic- situation, although international audiences might not get this. When the movie ends one just feels empty and cheated - it meant nothing and it left nothing to ponder on.

    These are common faults in modern publicly-funded Finnish cinema where tech, music and cinematography are great but driven with lazy writing and recycled boring cast that appears in about every title. Weren't the soviet days already over ?

    For those interested in slightly better Finnish slasher horror, Kuutamosonaatti (1988) is something to check out.
  • tommyknocker-525 December 2016
    5,1 out of 10 is a disgrace to this film. Well-paced, well-acted, suspenseful and a somewhat original plot (see for yourself) with a few good twists and turns. The very most parts of the film take place in the woods, and the solid nature definitely builds up a true horror atmosphere to the film.

    "Lake Bodom" also has this great unsettling "nerve" to it, which reminds me of some of the best classic 80s horror flicks like "Just Before Dawn" and "The Burning".

    In my opinion "Lake Bodom" is the best Finnish horror flick out there. Well worth a watch for horror hounds and/or people who appreciate an entertaining, thrilling 85 minute ride!
  • Some modern teens set out to recreate the circumstances surrounding the real life Lake Bodom murders down to every last detail and once and for all figure out exactly how this happened in the first place. Motivations are scattershot - they aren't so much character motivated as plot (the two main guys are apparently not friends, though why they're on a trip together doesn't come up) and the one guy's "vision" for the weekend no one seems to want to go along with.

    Suffice it to say that killings happen and teens are stalked. There are a fair amount of twists and turns, movies within movies, that make for an engaging experience. Too much exposition and plot mechanics? Probably. But this is fun and solid horror filmmaking.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    • The cinematography
    • The editing
    • Effects

    • The acting for the most part
    • The plot
    • The dialogue
    • The lighting it looks like midday when they are in the woods at night
    • whos idea was to make the most unlikable persons as their main leads for the rest of 45 mins of the movie?
    • The soundtrack is really really generic and annoying. The part where a pop song comes when they go to swim is the funniest thing ever.
    • sound desing/editing. Sometimes you can hear footsteps while nobody is moving. And ADR is really obvious at times.
    • full of plot holes and conveniences. Like they have no cell phones even tho its modern day? Etc

    Skip this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film (in Finnish with English subtitles) riffs off a real-life unsolved crime in 1960, in which two teenage couples were stabbed and bludgeoned during the night while camping by Lake Bodom, near Espoo, Finland. Three of the four were killed, the fourth injured severely.

    In the movie, directed by Taneli Mustonen, another set of teens - two girls and two guys - camp at the site where the 1960 incident took place. The guys ostensibly want to re-enact the crime to test a theory. To lure the girls into coming along, the guys tell them they're going go a party at a lakeside cabin. The girls play along but have their own agendas.

    It's never clear that the characters are two couples. Elias (Mikael Gabriel) and Nora (Mimosa Willamo) swim together in their underwear and then retreat to the tent, but the film is ambiguous about what, if any, shenanigans take place therein. Ida (Nelly Hirst-Gee) and Atte (Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä) hang out by the campfire until they decide it's safe to join their friends in the tent - that Elias and Nora probably are done doing whatever they were doing.

    But if that last point implies that Elias and Nora were fooling around, one might expect them to die first, according to convention for slasher films. Instead, socially awkward Atte is the first to go, stabbed from behind while poking his head into the tent to speak with Ida, who can't see the attacker.

    Elias is the alpha male, a heavily tattooed, Polynesian-looking guy who seems out of place in rural Finland. Atte is a geek, a long-haired guy with self-esteem issues. Ida is a stunning blonde trying to emerge from a dark period in her past, her face masked in sadness. Her friend Nora is wild, tomboyish brunette.

    Like many Scandinavian films, Lake Bodem is visually dark and austere. The production quality is professional, and there is some interesting camera work.

    As the various teens' agendas emerge, the plot takes a number of surprising twists, perhaps too many. I found the conclusion to be muddled, with little explanation or motive.

    Variety reported in February that the AMC Networks-backed genre streaming service Shudder had picked up the rights to Lake Bodom and would start streaming it in May 2017.


    Stu Robinson does writing, editing, media relations and social media through his business, Phoenix-based Lightbulb Communications.
  • So I guess I just didn't "get" LAKE BODOM. Why was it a good idea to go to the isolated site where a group of campers were massacred in the 1960s? To "recreate it"? And if there was an active psycho back then, he'd be in his 70s now...or early 80s? This film just seemed to lurch from one "surprise" to another and instead of show don't tell, the characters sat in the car and explained at great length why they did what they did. I thought the acting was fine, but the character's motivations seemed wildly out of sync with what they were reacting to. And no fault of the filmmakers, but the subtitles (yes, it's subtitled) are pretty bad. What's also interesting is that while the critics love it at RT, with a current score of 100% from 6 critics, audiences only give it a 38%. I'm one of those who is fine with "movie logic" but if you're going to have your psycho appear at the end, he needs some kind of explanation or we're to believe that for no reason whatsoever he hangs out in the woods for 50+ years...just hanging out?
  • Boring, predictable, unlikable characters, and a film that didn't really know what it wanted to be. Is how I would sum this movie up. It reminded me of Wolf Creek a little. But besides that nothing really good to say about this film unfortunately. Not worth watching. They're better movies out there.
  • It was a good surprise this Finish movie. A group of friends go to lake Bodom trying to make a reconstruction on murders that occurred there some years ago. From there the story has a lot of unexpected twists that keeps your interest in the movie. I understand why the rating is low, it's not spoken in English and it's no an American movie, but for me this is really a good movie,with good acting and with a story full of twists. I recommend this movie.
  • Why is this great films score so low?

    This film had me. on the edge of my seat. Great script. Great directing, and brilliant actors.
  • Like anything in life, or I have come to believe this "ratio", 98% of anything is shite, find the 2% that is worth your time.

    This is worth your time. Like tommyknocker's lone review makes note of; there's a creepy tone to this film, rarely seen since Just Before Dawn.

    Thinking back, this very well could be paying some homage to JBD...the atmospheres, the droning score, right down to the outro music. It was the first film that came to mind as the credits rolled.

    Discussing the topic of the film will only reveal spoilers, but this, not unlike The Windmill Massacre, sheds a lot of light into the world of excellent Nordic horror.
  • Based on the real Bodom murders in 1960, friends are going back to the lake to go camping but of course things go wrong. I thought it was going to be a slasher because so many are talking about this flick as being a slasher.

    i can agree on some parts but to be called a slasher therefor it doesn't fit in the terms to be called a slasher. You known, nudity, pov shots, the heroin...but still it does deliver on some nasty parts but you have to watch it closely to understand it all because the story goes everywhere and back.

    It wasn't as nasty as some said it was going to be because some 'slashing' is done off -camera, a no go in the slasher genre.

    On the other hand, the camera did a nice job, well shot and edited but for me the worst thing was the story itself. The red stuff is there but no gore.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
  • Foutainoflife10 February 2019
    In 1960 two couples consisting of two 18 yr old boys and two 15 yr old girls, decided to take a camping trip to Lake Bodom, Finland. Only one of the boys survived grave injuries sustained during a horrific slaughtering that left his three friends dead at their lakeside campsite. No one has ever been identified and convicted of their murders. It is considered to be Finland's most horrific unsolved crime.

    In this film two boys and two girls take a trip to the exact location of the murders and have the intention to recreate the event based on a theory that one of the boys hold. Things don't work out the way they had planned and their night by the lake turns into a nightmare.

    I was impressed with this little slasher. This film did a great job holding my interest. It has a couple of twist that helped with that. The subtitles I had weren't that great. It was in a broken english but I followed it well enough to understand what was happening. I thought the camera work was decent and as far as I could tell, considering that I was interpreting a broken english dialogue, the acting was decent as well. I wished there had been a bit more blood and the kills had been a bit more creative. However, those things didn't take away from my enjoying the film.

    This is a decent film. It deserves a recommendation. I'll give it 7.5 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My Friday the 13th (Part 3d) evening was shattered when I heard a quick plug for this Friday the 13th (Part All) film.

    Despite the MANY horror concepts Lake Bodom "borrowed" from, this was one of the most strikingly original films I've seen in a while. And it didn't start out that way.

    The first half was the movie I love to see with a slight twist: Legend has it, a group of teens were brutally assaulted and killed in this particular area deep in the woods and by the Title's edge back in 1960. So, naturally, one curious young male nerd and his horny tattooed friend lure two slasher-friendly BFFs to spend the night at the very spot some 57 years later.

    As scares and jokes ensure, panic sets in and as in most in-the-woods, killer-on-the-loose films, they get picked off until even I questioned how this was different than the rest of the slasher-in-the-wood subgenre. That is, again, until the half-way point emerges. There comes the boom and boy, let's have some wild fun with many horror subgenre plot-twists.

    Aside from how I relished in the vines of the story emerging and multiplying, the movie was incredibly shot, well-acted and even had a pretty decent score. Yes, I am aware of at least 4-5 different movies this either stole from or played homage to. Didn't matter. It was fun pointing them out to myself as I watched the action, frights and film unravel.

    While the movie really opened my eyes to the delight of seeing many of my favorite types of films in one, the near-fantastic movie wasn't quite there. At a far-too-short runtime that might have just barely under- stayed its welcome, it almost felt experimental at points and might have benefited from some additional scenes and a tad more chapters to flesh more out as it, unfortunately, felt like it abruptly ended too soon.

    That all said, it's a roaring fun ride and if you're like me, a slasher subgenre fan, specifically a Don't-Go-in-the-Woods slasher advocate, you'd probably like this and the directions it takes you.


    Final thoughts: (Major Spoilers, for the subgenres I observed. Didn't want to give most of these away in the body as part of the fun was seeing it unfold to guess how many ideas this movie took. But, I gotta get them out of my head and into print. Just be warned: these could be considered major spoilers so stop now and watch the movie first before learning of the subgenres I observed…Okay, here goes: this is part (as stated) Friday the 13th, Tales from the Crypt, The Cabin in the Woods, I Know What You Did Last Summer and definitely, High Tension.)
  • I guess if there is a tragic accidents or murders, we'll have movies about them. This isn't exactly what happened in Lake Bodom in 1960 and the action in the movie takes place in modern days. This is another attempt at the horror genre to make film with the same plot as almost every other slasher. I was kind of excited to see non-American film from this genre and i was hoping for a cool foreign movie outside of the Hollywood norms and tropes, which i got with movies like "The Martyrs", "High Tension", "Vertigo", "Rec", "Train to Busan" etc, but this is just the Finnish version of "Friday the 13th", just call it "Crystal Lake" and get over with it. If you want to watch new good horror watch "Split" or "Get Out", not this.

    My "hopes" were crushed when i got to the plot, which is totally overused and boring. Guess what was the first jump scare! Yeah... their friend popping out of nowhere. Guess what was the second jump scare! Yeah… a tree branch falling. Cliché after cliché after cliché. And don't get me wrong... i don't mind a good old jump scare that much if it's done right, look at movies like "The Conjuring", "Insidious" etc, they're making it the right way. And they put personal drama in one of the characters, which is totally misplaced. The tone is often off and on, at one time we have "suspense" moment, of course the background sounds, should tell you that, because you can't feel a real tension and then we cut back with this stupid backstory, because I guess, we have to give a motive for the group of people being in the woods.

    And don't even let me start with the characters... emotionless and flat. If you are making them that way, make them at least a little bit different... but hey, why should we have characters that are not trivial? Jerk - check, slut - check, harassed shy girl - check, dumb decisions made by them - check! Of course the bad acting did not contributed. If you are lost in the forest, one of your friends was brutally murdered and there is probably a serial killer, which is after you... maybe you should panic a little bit, not just walking around, talking for normal day drama. What were the director and the writer thinking? "Hey, we have a twist. Well that makes the movie a whole lot better, right?" Twist, which is very dumb, because in order to try something new, they fail and which is explained 20 minutes. "Why the twist should be shocking and interesting when it can be stupid and not well executed?".

    So… the script was poor, the acting sucked, as well as the idea, because it's overused. At least make it over the top fun. I wanted the movie to end after the 20th minute, but i watched it to the end anyway. Boring, lifeless and doll movie that is cliché to it's core. If something distinguishes it from the other indie-slashers is the camera work, which isn't great but it wasn't that bad and this is the best this movie has to offer. If you are bored out of your mind even before the half run time of the movie hasn't passed, something isn't right. 2/10
  • So, Finnish horror movies are rare. A good Finnish horror movie is next to impossible. This movie is faaaar from good. I do know the Lake Bodom story. I have heard about it since I was a little kid, just like every other Finn born after the mysterious mass killing. Why was this movie even referring to Bodom, because the way it forced the Bodom story into it was weak. I am not a fan of Mikael Gabriel, he's a shitty Finnish rapper, but his acting was decent. So was the rest of the cast. But the plot just didn't work. I was hoping for that "oh my god, this is too horrible!""-moment in the movie and that never came. Thank god I didn't spend any movie seeing this on the big screen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Beginning starts with paper thin characters, and you don't care whether they live or die. Towards the middle there' a nice twist, and it seems promising, and then it completely falls flat after another twist. I don't get it, how do you come up with a good idea that grabs your audience, and then run it by doing nothing with it. The ending turned out to be dull and a mess. And then there was this weird editing choice where you would only see quick flashes of something happening, but you couldn't tell what was happening.
  • Lake Bodom is an intriguing thriller that's built on a calculatedly fragile pretext.

    What this slasher/thriller starts out as and what it becomes, hinge on flimsy assumptions and deception that leads to savage, unanticipated consequences.

    This is a well made film which leads you in one direction and then suddenly and inexplicably changes course. There is a degree of certainty in the outcome but misdirection does add an interesting twist, lifting this film above the average slasher flick.

    The acting is solid and the visuals are polished giving this film an at times surreal quality that works well with its gruesomely outlandish subject matter.

    Eight out of ten from me.
  • In this Finnish horror movie, a group of teens decide to go camping by Lake Bodom (scene of one of the most famous unsolved homicide cases in Finnish criminal history) to reconstruct the infamous 1960 murders, but get more than they bargained for when it becomes clear not all of them are there to play. Director Taneli Mustonen toys knowingly with genre conventions to turn in a fresh and smart meta-slasher film that has high production values and some great cinematography. The script has enough plot twists to turn the story on its head several times without things getting confusing, so be sure not to duck out of this sinister campfire tale too early.
  • It pulled reference from our current digital world to freshen the plot line. The cinematography was moody and atmospheric. I found this effective thriller fare.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Bodom" is a Finnish horror film from 2016, so still a very recent release written and directed by Taneli Mustonen, his most known work at this point probably, and this is actually not the only film at all dealing with the Lake Bodom tragedy from several decades ago. It runs for slightly under 1.5 hours and takes us on a trip with 4 young people into a really scary area, namely the lake mentioned in the title. Early on, it is a bit of a film where they get murdered one by one you could say, but it's never repetitive at all as you can also guess who's gonna get it next. And maybe you will be as wrong as I was as my order was pretty messed up. But halfway into the film, when there's only two alive still, the film heads into a completely different direction and it was an interesting one as I found the second half clearly better than the first. As a hetero male audience member, I can also not deny that the two female protagonists were breathtakingly stunning and no matter what you are into, I truly believe that at least one of the duo will really get you juices flowing. The suggestive shots involving the blonde (looks like a mix of Chloe Moretz and the young Elizabeth Moss) clearly didn't hurt the film either. But is not defined by the sexual component by any means. It is a pretty scary and shocking film at times, especially towards the ending, even if I did not like the very final ending too much, especially the extreme change in time and atmosphere that gave off an impression as if they wanted it to be a much more significant and way deeper film than it was. No need for that. Lets just enjoy it from the pointless sexy fun perspective. Story-wise I must say that it was never a realistic film by any means, but that's not a problem either. I enjoyed seeing it nonetheless for what it is. And that comes from somebody who does not enjoy slasher films at all. Then again the actually bloody moments weren't that frequent as I think of when I hear the word "slasher". This is most certainly the reason why I liked it. So I give this one a thumbs-up and of course you will need subtitles if you aren't fluent in Finnish and want to check it out. Which you should. There is also lots of subtle comedy in here like when we hear the guy's voice at the end. A good watch with friends as well as your significant other unless she despises horror and violence (in) movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Four teens go to a cabin in the woods, except there is no cabin. They camp out at the infamous Lake Bodom the site where four teens were murdered in 1960. They never caught the killer. Atte (Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä) is on the nerdy side and has a theory about the killer he wants to test. His friend Elias (MikaelGabriel) likes girls, especially the damaged Ida Mary (Nelly Hirst-Gee) who had a terrible thing happen to her...details later. And her friend and lover (?) Nora (Mimosa Willamo) round out our foursome. Elias drives a Volvo station wagon, a chick magnet in Finland.

    Yes, people die. Ida is set up early as the final girl as her dad "treats her like a dog" because of that thing. The film takes a nice wicked twist, and then changes directions into the film you thought it was going to be all along. It was like they wanted to make 2 different films.

    Guide: F-word. Brief nudity. No sex.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lake Bodom has been described by some critics as the first Finnish horror movie to be up to international standards. I'm not familiar with Finnish horror cinema, so I can't comment on how ground breaking it is, but it was certainly up to my standards. Lake Bodom is inspired by a real-life unsolved murder, and being a true crime fan gives you a delicious tidbit of extra context that adds to the suspense of the plot. That being said, I'm confident that an audience member unfamiliar withthe crimes would have no problem engaging with the film on its own terms. In many ways, it feels like a cross between a Friday the 13th and a film of the New French Extremity --Friday's setting and whodunnit aspect of its first act, and the gore, brief torture, and lesbianism common in New French Extremity. It is essentially three films: first, a camping slasher, then a queer revenge film, and finally, a fight for survival in a torture film. Seriously though, I was clocking one of the characters as gay from her first scene and wowie was my homosexual heart jumpingfor joy when this was confirmed. A re-watch is required for me to fully digest my feelings on its representation of queerness, because though not explicitly, it does seem to punish the queer character. Then again, no one makes it out of this one in very good shape. Check it out for sure!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For a thriller, Bodom is actually pretty good. It keeps the anxiety and tension on mediocre levels and actors doing normal job for a finnish movie. "Just reading my lines" no too much feel for it.

    Main problem in the movie is the plot. It is barely based on the real Bodom's story and yes it's only inspired by the events but this movie could carry some other name and you would not be able to connect this to the real Bodom's story if the actors would not be talking about it. It's just my opinion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The asinine major plot-twist that occurs half-way through the film is one of the dumbest in a teen horror, and that's saying something. The notion that two fairly normal teenage girls could be cold-blooded killers - butchers even - is so far-fetched that it could only play out this way on planet Zong, infamous for its vicious teeny-boppers: those lizard-like green girls listen to Bieber during the day then massacre innocent people at night, especially when picnicking at Lake Bodumb (their equivalent to Lake Bodom).

    The percentage of psychopathy among women is notably lower than among men. (Among European men it's around 1%.) So the odds that two women of this ilk actually meet each other by accident (i.e. not in a prison, for example) is so minuscule as to be near-impossible. This is made more absurd with the fact that the blonde one suggested the murders while the brunette executed (one of) them, i.e. it wasn't just one domineering psychopath who was pushing the other one toward violence - which would have made more sense (i.e. less nonsense). What compounds this hogwash even further is their ability to hatch a plan as complex as this one and to execute it (well, at least the murdering) without a hitch - and at such short notice. Fairly idiotic fare for a movie trying pathetically to build itself on the shoulders of an infamous Finnish murder case, a REAL case. A case this movie has no actual relation to.

    The least that this clueless writer could have done to alleviate some of this absurdity would have been to have the girls react with some degree of appropriate emotion right after the murders. Instead, they mostly behave as if they'd been murdering people for 100s of years! The brunette is behaving as if she'd just been to the cinema, and the blonde seems mopey and bored.

    What the hell was the point of the missing car-keys? Ida dives to get them, and... she gets them. Why have that entire segment when it serves no purpose plot-wise? All that we find out is that Ida is a "great diver". Padding? Quite possibly.

    The dumbest scene - aside from the "great reveal" - is the ludicrous conversation between Ida and Elias right before he gets killed. The blond kid just got butchered, in the middle of the night, in the forest, and yet Elias actually feels like striking up a conversation with Ida about some old incident involving nude photos of her. So he must be used to witnessing murder? That conversation should have taken place BEFORE the first murder. Bad Movie Writing 101. As it is, the writer is showing great incompetence in both structure and the building up of tension. When you disregard some basic rules of human psychology you inevitable sacrifice logic hence tension too. Because who's interested in a movie where people behave like aliens from planet Zong? Just give these people wings, five extra arms, and be done with it: make it a proper sci-fi film.

    There is more. The girls planned this complicated double murder, the sort of intricate plan that couldn't be hatched at short notice, and yet THEY were the ones invited to the picnic - by their own victims! This is beyond far-fetched. It should be the other way round. Killers invite their victims to their own funeral, basic logic and common sense demand that. Nora says that part of the conspiracy was to "wait for an opportunity"; she could have waited for 50 years, in reality. This stinker has no logic, no sense; it's just an idiotic slasher film with asinine twists and absurd characters.

    If the "whole school" saw Ida's nude photos - yet they never existed - then how can she possibly have been so convinced that they exist? Surely the words of Nora could not be enough. There would have to have been more people from the school telling her they saw the photos - or informing her that the photos don't exist. None of this adds up.

    Just not to be outdone by all the moronic American thrillers who throw around plot-twists like free beer, the movie makes sure that the girls come across THE Lake Bodom killer. Or A Lake Bodom killer. It isn't clear which because the (real) killings occurred in 1960, and this particular killer doesn't appear to be anywhere near 70 or 80 years old. He is in his 40s, hence wasn't even born when the killings occur. Planet Zong logic.

    Hence we add up with a typically "cute" modern-thriller finish in which different killers are pitted against each other. First the girls engage in a laughable brawl while their vehicle is still in motion. Then the Bodom killer appears, like some Jason Vorhees ghost clone, just happens to be standing on the road when the girls fight each other. The girls fly 100 meters through the air in the car, bouncing up and down the road, smashing into trees, somersaults included, yet does either get killed? Nah. Seriously injured? Not really. Because the inept writer still needs them. "The nonsense must go on", as the old thriller adage goes. As long as the movie hasn't reached the minimum feature-film length, the killer(s) must not snuff it. Otherwise what's a bad writer to do? Invent yet another anonymous killer? How is he going to get Nora to sprint like a deer if he has her injured by a spectacular bone-crushing car crash? Nora dashes out of that wreckage as if she'd just received Usain Bolt's special cocktail. No doubt, this movie should be used to test people's intelligence.

    The only realistic thing here is that there is a fight that ensues between these narcissistic lesbians once Nora comes clean about her deception. Of course, even that scene had to be idiotic; they start fighting during the drive, after Nora smacks Ida right into her face with what seems to be a blunt object. Ida should have been instantly killed, or at least knocked out cold. Furthermore, the car stays on the road way too long considering that it's a) dark, b) the road is narrow and not straight, and b) the girls are at each other's throats.

    Thrillers really need to start adopting and accepting the basic laws of physics, and to inject real human psychology into their characters, if they are to become great again. (Were they ever great? No. That was a little joke.) Instead, thrillers are getting exponentially dumber by the decade. Because most audiences allow them to.

    The only thing that matches the writer's ineptness is the utter incompetence of the Finnish authorities in the way they handled the 1960 murders. As for the mysterious killer, there is very little doubt who he is. Read the Wikipedia page and it all becomes clear.
  • Some of these reviews are so harsh. I loved this film, and the people I recommended it to did as well. As someone that often picks the ending in the first 15 minutes I loved being totally thrown, and even said a "Oh my god" out loud a few times. Great acting, fabulous script. Overall one of the best horror film I've seen this year - And I watch a lot!
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