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  • Spanish pornographer Alex Romero creates and distributes his own generic product, but double dips by licensing it to big-name outfits as well. This clunker has okay casting of Euro stalwarts but is an empty exercise.

    Lengthy (over 2-1/2 hours) exercise has no stories or characters, just gals humping with or without their glasses on, and enough shots to please an undiscriminating leg man. Black Angelika is always striking, even away from her Dorcel home base and elegant styling, while my faves Angelica Heart and Claudia Rossi turn in professional performances.

    But there's nothing there beneath the emperor's clothes, just standard- issue Romero humping. Why he continues to work and exist in a competitive environment is just one of a thousand unanswered questions (other than my old-standby explanation - money laundering) accompanying the Adult Entertainment biz.