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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I give this show a 9.2. It started out slow and i admit the first few seasons they were trying to find their flow and failed a few times, but this show has picked up its weight and gained the muscle to do it. It is now fleshed out with 70 percent of Gotham's excitement. It really truly is a remarkable show, the writers do a wonderful job building the city of Gotham to the dark knights world we know and love. Might I add maybe even the best performance of story building on any DC TV show. I would recommend this show to anyone who has a slight interest in batman, comics, or any super hero. Also, young Bruce Wayne is a great young bat. I believe he will actually grow up to look so much like the embodiment of batman, that they will have no choice but to make him the next great batman. They have built him so well.The cast is phenomenal, penguin is a character of a lifetime, Jerome aka joker(expect much more of him in the future) is the best joker I've ever seen. Jim Gordon was boring to me before this show, this show actually made me relate to Jim in so many ways i never did before. I love this show and I hope it stays on forever. God bless you Fox for this show. Truly phenomenal it makes me HAPPY!

    PS. Also a huge thanks to the writers for maker me laugh, while still keeping the melancholy backdrop. Not many can do dark humor like that.
  • As a pretty engaged Batman fan (I read the comics, played the heck out of the Arkham games, saw all the movies, the first Animated Series and I even play the tabletop miniature game) I was apprehensive about this show.

    After all, what could be good about a Batman show without Batman? Not to mention the fact that all the rumors mentioned different takes on characters, etc?

    I tried it anyway... and I'm glad I did!

    There is an awful lot to like here. First of all, the characters are interesting: interesting enough to make you forget all about Batman! You root for Gordon, you're annoyed at Bullock, Fish gives you the creeps and Penguin... let's just say he's moved up in my favorite villains list (and he was near the bottom, let me tell you!).

    The acting is great (again I must mention Penguin) and while some have said it's over the top... maybe it is, but it's never distracting and fits within the universe that we're presented with.

    As I mentioned above, the series has its own take on the universe - you'll soon recognize certain characters, even though they're introduced in ways that are different than what you knew from the comics - and yet, even as a seasoned Batman fan, I was never bothered by the differences and enjoyed the fresh perspectives on familiar characters.

    Also, don't worry about the writers shoe-horning in characters, just to get them on screen. Every character I've seen makes sense within the series.

    The first season (which I'm basing this review on) has overarching plot lines, but occasionally has "freak of the week" episodes. I was never bored, though (as I regularly was when watching Flash or Arrow) and it's obvious the writing went towards longer plots when it was clear the show was doing well. It never steeps to "cop show" levels, which is an achievement.

    Finally, I must commend the "atmosphere" of the series. It all feels very "Gotham", including the shots of the city skyline, the sets, the extras... it all comes together feeling very Batman, without actually having Batman in the mix...

    Do I have any criticism? Not really, no. I would love it if they do a Batman series to tie into this one... there's so much they could work with.

    Go see it and enjoy it!
  • I've never really watched any batman related stuff before except BatMAn trilogy of Christoner Nolan, so I don't really have any expectations on what characters should be.

    Season 1 is decent, boring forgettable characters, the mafia bosses were super lame even Gordon and Bullock didn't do anything memorable, all I cared about was what Penguin, Master Bruce and Alfred would get up to, and they had about 10 minutes of screen time every 2 episodes.

    Season 2 however is way better, probably the best super hero show for that season. Some very interesting villains come along that actually do stuff for a change, they start killing about 10 red shirt cops every week, and you feel like the characters are actually impacting the story and the city rather than which mafia boss runs the local fish and chip shop from season one.

    Season 3 and Season 4 reached Pinnacle of Awesomeness.

    Not a Comic Reader, so I found the TV series too good.
  • I must say, if you have an...average opinion of season 1, I don't blame you. The show was decent, good at times but it lacked continuity and it had way too many "Villain of the week" scenarios and all the side story lines were seen as irrelevant mostly.

    Now after watching a few episodes of Seasons two, I can say that just the first episode is way better than maybe the entirety of season 1 ( maybe a stretch but I just think it's amazing ). So if you are done with Gotham after the first season, please give it a go as I feel that the makers of this series have injected some new life into it and it shows in every episode so far.
  • Gotham is a unique and wonderful insight into the famous city before the birth of DC's most beloved hero. The show mixes comic book content with their own twists. On top of that they have one of the most talented casts on tv. To name but a few Ben McKenzie is an excellent lead as the young Jim Gordon. David Mazouz is a young man with extreme talent and handles every storyline that comes his way as Bruce Wayne grows up. Sean Pertwee is an ass kicking and witty version of Alfred to rival all those who have gone before. Whilst Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith are nothing short of extraordinary in their portrayal's of the infamous Penguin and Riddler. Highly recommend it to any DC and in particular Batman fans. I love it and long may it continue!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am actually surprised how much I like this. Its a bit of Goth and a bit of Noir and a bit of Comic-Con rolled in one.

    I wasn't a fan of Smallville, so the idea of Gotham before Batman didn't really appeal either, at first. Normally it just tastes like barley before its brewed - the story just isn't ready. But thanks to interesting acting from Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and especially Robin Taylor (Penguin), Gotham without Batman is still interesting. Bit like a glorified Gothic Law and Order or something..

    Robin's Penguin reinvention is really what I like. Simply way more interesting than the camp clown cliché portrayed by Burgess Meredith or the pervert-raised-by-penguins(wtf...) played by Danny DeVito. Robin Taylor that is, not Robin Grayson LOL.

    BTW seeing Sean Pertwee in a decent ongoing role is also interesting.

    What I definitely don't like is "Fish" (Jada Smith). She tries to scare me but she doesn't. Sorry folks, no Heath Ledger here just us Spice Girls trying to act all baddie. I'm annoyed when her scenes start and relieved when they end.

    Here in Australia we only have half of season one so far, and the story seemed to get off to its anticipated slow start. What kept me coming back was the developing storyline, good production effort and some of the acting.

    I am keeping an eye on this one, because whatever it has planned I think it has only gotten started.
  • The only thing preventing this masterfully crafted series from getting a perfect rating is the fact that its virtually impossible to have a flawless show over the phase of 100 total episodes. However to call Gotham underrated would be an massive understatement. The brooding, yet lively aesthetics, the multi dimensional characters, the exciting action sequences, and the engaging storytelling make Gotham an must watch television series. Robin Lord Taylor's portrayal of Penguin in particular is the standout performance, however virtually every villain, the riddler, joker, poison ivy, scarecrow etc, are perfectly portrayed, and certainly stand as the highlights of the series as a whole. However there is a strong philosophical message inherent within the show, beyond the action and flare, about law and order, justice, moral lines, and the greater good. The storytelling is another aspect the show perfectly nails. It isn't easy to nail an amalgamation of different narratives to create coherent television, however Gotham succeeds, engrossing the audience with its emotional resonance, and creativity. However, despite being one of my favorite shows of all time, Gotham isn't without its flaws. There is sometimes an excessive reliance on filler and "too much" substance which prevents the narrative of the series to flow more smoothly, and occasionally bogs down the pacing of the series as a whole. Furthermore there are sometimes one too many plot elements which slow down the series resolution, and prevents the series from spending more time on critical and more intriguing story elements. However despite the flaws inherent within Gotham, the series has all the elements which make engrossing television. Interesting characters, an engrossing narrative, and a central element which always pulls the audience to watch more, the city of Gotham, which in and of itself, with its enigma, visual beauty, and dilemas, stands as a character in and of itself.
  • callmeaman22 October 2015
    Gotham is basically about how Jim Gordan along with his accomplices solve homicide crimes, etc. If you think it's about Batman, you're wrong.

    I was skeptical to watch this show, as I thought since Batman would not be there, it'll be boring. Well, I found it later I was so wrong. So Wrong. It got me hooked on.

    I watched a couple of episodes and it wasn't too bad. I started watching more episodes, then I loved it. You really don't need Batman actually. Many villains come such as the Penguin, etc are there in the show . Penguin is portrayed by Robin Taylor ( Oswald Cobblepot ) . He surely deserves an Emmy for his acting. I also loved the acting of Cory Michael Smith ( Edward Nygma ) . He's bit a weird though, with all his strange riddles. Nonetheless, he is great. Ben Meckenzie did a good job in portraying Jim Gordon . I think the acting of Jada Smith was a bit too much. Sometimes it was just too bad but at times it was good.

    Well, I must say Gotham is a very promising show. I simply LOVE it. I hope they also renew for many more seasons. Again, I would suggest you to watch at least the first three episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After just two episodes, this show seems to be drawing a lot of negative reviews. However, most of these come from comic-book uber-fans, resentful that there are no capes and masks in the show. Of course, that's exactly the point - this show is about the mythic Gotham *before* it exploded with 'super' heroes and 'super' villains. It uses the dark, surreal *style* of the Batman comics to ask some fascinating questions about morality and the relevance of 'extreme' characters in the real world.

    The seventy-plus-year-long Batman saga is fundamentally a fable about morality. It asks if one man can make a difference, against inconceivable odds. The limitation of the premise is that this one man has amazingly super-human abilities - a vast intellect, enormous wealth, Olympian athletic abilities, and few, if any, human frailties. Gotham, the series, obviously wants to dig a little deeper. Could such a person exist? And if he doesn't, what can normal people do in his absence? In the real world, the activities of a Batman are supposed to be carried out by the police. But we're seeing the police increasingly losing its way - tasked with upholding absurd laws, often pitted against the public they're meant to protect and serve, increasingly isolated and compelled to act out of self-interest rather than altruism.

    Gotham takes that situation to a stylized, surrealized extreme. It shows us a police force that's completely forgotten morality. Forgotten that it must set an example, uphold the law TO THE LETTER, if it expects anyone else - public or criminals - to take it seriously.

    Into this dark, exaggerated world comes One Honest Cop - James Gordon. He's young, he's confused, he's out of his depth - a lot closer to the real-world Frank Serpico than the mythical Dirty Harry. What can he do, when confronted by a system that expects him to be crooked - to embrace the shades of dark grey? In the first two episodes, we get the feeling that Gordon may be the man for the job - but that he has a lot to learn. He has the moral fibre those around him lack. He's obviously plenty tough. But he needs to learn how deep the sickness goes, and what lies at its roots.

    It's a fascinating premise. I can't wait to see it developed.

    Lots of reviews are complaining about bad acting, bad writing and bad directing. What?? Maybe this show is TOO literate for them. The plotting is in fact clever, the dialog flavorful. The acting is uniformly top-notch, much better overall than in cartoony shows like Arrow (which I do like a lot, but in a very different way). The direction, the look and feel and mood of Gotham, are near perfect.

    As the title implies, Gotham, the city, is the real star. This show is about a strange and desperate city, which could represent a lot of cities in America today. (Detroit comes to mind.) This is a show for desperate times, a platform for talking about desperation itself - about a desperate need for heroes, who refuse to appear politely on queue. It's a show that suggests maybe the heroes are *us* - regular people like Jim Gordon. People who can't solve the problems with magical gadgets and over-the-top abilities. Who just have to make do with basic human courage, and some unshakable principles.

    Who knows how Gotham will develop? So far, it's a real breath of fresh air to at least two tired genres (cop shows and comic heroes). Let's hope that smart viewers discover it quickly, and don't overlook it because of its fanciful Batman tie-in. Yes, it's at heart a comic book - but it's the darker, more intelligent, more imaginative kind, that rarely gets enough acknowledgement.

    Fans need to take a deep breath and accept this show for what it is - a side-trip, not the main superhero event they crave. Non-fans need to give Gotham a try, with an open mind. This *could* be a really great show. I hope we'll have the chance to find out.

    UPDATE: As we close in on the end of the first season, my opinion of Gotham continues to climb. Recent episodes have been darker, more twisted and more intense than ever. Characters continue to develop in powerful and unexpected ways. This is one of the best series ever derived from comic books. Don't let your preconceptions get in the way - Gotham is almost a new genre unto itself.

    UPDATE2: At the close of Season Two, the frenzied, psychotic momentum continues to escalate. But always with a solid dramatic core. We're beginning to understand who Bruce Wayne must become, in order to save Gotham. The Penguin is brilliantly multifaceted as ever, and Edward Nygma just gets more likable as he gets crazier. But the season belongs to Hugo Strange ('The Philosopher'), a mad genius with unexpected depths. *Beautifully* done... I hope they continue right into a Batman series in the same style.
  • Finally made an account on IMDb, and it was to make sure I reviewed this show!

    This beats all the superhero shows on national TV. Better than Arrow, Flash, Agents of SHIELD, etc. Better even than Netflix's Like Cafe, Jessica Jones... Gotham is bested perhaps only by Daredevil. The villains have been superb! Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow, Tetch, and of course... The future Joker. I won't get into each of them, but I will say the role of the Jokers have been done justice to Heath Ledger's legendary performance in the Dark Knight.

    I can't say it enough. You gotta watch this show!
  • Of late, I have realized that TV content is getting developed much better than movies and I find myself binge-watching many recent TV series than movies. This is happening all the more because of the gripping and taut story lines (TV shows, given their length, used to ramble on about the plot, but thankfully no more) and brilliant overall delivery.

    Gotham stands out even amongst this new wave of brilliant TV shows. The first season of Gotham exuded brilliance. Tight direction, brilliant (overkilling this word no?) acting, fantastic casting and this amalgamation is truly one for the ages. Every cast member seems to be perfect for their role and they deliver and how!!

    Without giving much away, Jada Pinkett Smith, you ma'am are as much of a powerhouse performer as your famous husband! What a performance by her! Every scene she is in, she totally steals the show. Robin Lord Taylor is mesmerizing in his role of Oswald Cobblepot. I found the entire cast to be perfect and the above two were mentioned for no particular reason but for their sheer brilliance on screen.

    As a fellow reviewer, I too thought another 'Batman Begins' won't be much fun but I did expect some detailing seeing this is a TV show. But was I blown away! This was more of a Jim Gordon Begins or more correctly, Ascends kinda story. This storyline works perfect for this show as gradually the different villains are introduced in their own chilling manner (and man, the violence and mafia story lines are a delight) and gradually build up to why Gotham would end up needing a masked (and caped) crusader! Anyway, that's where I hope the future seasons are going. A lot to look forward to in Season 2 of Gotham and boy it sure looks promising!
  • What a fantastic new take on classic DC characters and stories. A cast chalked full of new face actors and actress's, that are only no names for the time being most of these new actors really have the chops and have delivered very strong performances since season 1 episode 1. This show is stylish, smart, and wickedly entertaining. It does have some plot lines that can be comparable to soap operas but again the acting. Costumes, scenes designs, and creative camera work makes up for that.
  • redx170822 January 2021
    The main problem with IMDB ratings is that people often throws 10 at shows just because they like them. So yes, I enjoyed Gotham, but rating it 10 is just as absurd as some people rating it 1. I think that the most accurate way of rating shows is not going from 10 and down, but to start at 5 which should be considered average. Now Gotham is clearly above average, but it's not without flaws. Most of the acting is good, in a few cases even very good, but in other cases really bad. And then there's the question about how the show holds up quality over 100+ episodes. As we all know most series show a decline in quality the longer they run, and Gotham is no exception. 1st season was very good and the 2nd and 3rd were pretty much ok too, but already in 2nd season there were signs of the writers having trouble coming up with fresh ideas, and that trend became more and more obvious as the show went on. Again, this is a show worth watching, but I think 7 is a fair overall rating.
  • Gotham has long been the TV show many like to pick at, its first season, while compelling was mostly a mundane origin tale. Happy to report that since that time, the show has evolved into something really special. Lavish, atmospheric set pieces, great performances and a constant drift from episodic story arcs are just a few qualities to love about this show. Moreover it does justice to many comic book characters that everyone knows. While it does face some tonal inconsistency and gets the villain-of-the-week treatment on occasion, at least it builds its characters and does proper justice to them.
  • Too many cases with too many stories are connected in a very professional way ! This is the lovely old comics spirit
  • claredin28 September 2014
    At first I didn't know what to make of this... a TV series that's basically a prequel to Batman... no wait... a prequel to Commissioner Gordon with Batman as a side character?! How is that going to work? But, as I watched, the story began to unfold and make sense. The production values are top notch... this looks like another Batman film you'd see in theaters... and the mix of too many bad guys in one movie reminded me a bit of Spiderman 3, but it just worked here. The plot is set up. Everyone is kind of interrelated in this whole mess called Gotham City and we're all waiting with some baited breath not for Batman to arrive, but to see how the bad guys develop around Jim Gordon, who is masterfully played by Ben Mackenzie (who is kind of hot, by the way). One can only guess that, as the series develops, that the mess that is Gotham keeps escalating to a boiling point whereby the caped crusader is truly needed to help Gordon keep Gotham stable.

    The bad guys are truly vicious. Many of the scenes are cringeworthy and the story flows nicely. I hope they can keep it up for the remainder of the season.
  • A show set in the Batman universe.. except without Batman? A lot of people didn't like this concept but i was one of the people who did. I wanted to see the villains' rise to power most of all.. but how would they be interesting with no Batman to counter them? Well that's where the early years of Jim Gordon come into play. The show follows Jim as he cracks strange cases whilst trying to help a young Bruce Wayne solve the mystery of his parents' murder. It seemed each week for a while we would see a new villain come in and act like they run Gotham City before Jim and Harvey Bullock shut them down, but it turned into more than that.

    After a while the show did start to feel repetitive and i wanted to see more focus on a single villain that on a bunch and we ended up getting that by the end and i absolutely loved the finale, but before we talk about that let's talk about what i liked less. Over the course of the series we were introduced and hinted at early incarnations of villains we could expect to see. Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and even The Joker have been hinted at and whilst these are some of the best Batman villains i feel that they should have been left for later series' and that this series should have focused on three particular villains who i will talk about later. The biggest gripe for me was hinting at Jerome being the Joker.. Joker is obviously a big deal in the Batman universe and i feel without Batman being introduced then Joker should be left well alone, but also early hints to Bruce being Batman felt shoehorned in, i feel less focus should be drawn to him and the Batman references as well as the awful cat puns from Selina Kyle should have been toned down a huge deal.

    However, i do feel Gotham is a very entertaining show to say the least. It is ridiculous and some of the characters act even more cartoony than they do on Batman: The Animated Series which is saying a lot. This isn't so much a bad thing because the show knows how ridiculous it is whilst still maintaining a gritty feel to it and i give it props for that. The acting is over the top but Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon and Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock are absolutely true to the characters (especially Logue) and play well off each other. The villains i mentioned are Fish Mooney, a new character who isn't in the comics played by Jada Pinkett Smith who brings a stylish yet creepy edge to her character, she was one of the best on the show. I also loved Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, his slow descent into becoming the Riddler was at times shoehorned in but when it worked it was incredible, especially in the finale. The absolute stand out of the show however is of course Robin Lord Taylor who plays Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin. My god, he gave one of the best performances i have seen in TV for years, he made me root for the Penguin's survival and the Penguin has always been low down on my list of favourite Batman villains (that is until now). If anyone can be praised for single handedly making this show work and bringing a whole heap of crazy, ridiculous yet incredible acting skills to the table it is Robin Lord Taylor who honestly deserves a lot more work. He has clearly earned it.

    So no, Gotham does not go without its flaws and characters such as Edward Nygma should have got more screen time if they were to be introduced now to let their characters develop but i expect series 2 will open a new set of opportunities for them which i look forward to. If Jerome truly is the Joker though i'm not sure how i would feel. The finale, without spoilers, was very satisfying to me. Some of it felt maybe too ridiculous such as the scenes with Dr. Lee and Barbara but overall i was entertained and am intrigued to see more so that is always a good sign. A fun show that doesn't take itself too seriously. It doesn't quite scale a show like Daredevil but it doesn't exactly try to and it also gives us one of the best characters in recent TV with Penguin.

  • Just watched the pilot and I daresay I've got a feeling it's gonna be a great success for the production and a treat for the viewers! Pre-Batman era never seemed so awesome! :D The plot seems elaborate and the way the story is spreading and building up suspenses, we can definitely expect a pretty epic ending. And I really don't want the ending to come anytime soon! The cinematography was absolutely awesome. Though it has a distinctive Dark Knight feeling, it also differentiates itself from any other Gotham city. The simultaneous filthy and sophisticated city is given a perfect amalgam of all other Gothams, picking the finest features! The series also has a subtle dark tone in it that really gives you a chill. The score was pretty good even for a movie, and definitely out-stands almost any TV series. The acting was well out of the league. I liked Jim Gordon's cast (Ben McKenzie). Robin Taylor (cast by Oswald Cobblepot) seemed promising too. The large chunk of antagonists would make for a great rivalry. And Falcone might as well turn out to be another mastermind villain like Jim Moriarty! And boy, wouldn't that be something! It's a Batman series without the Batman! Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. For now, Gotham can do with Jim Gordon! :D
  • RobScott-1310 February 2021
    I though Gotham did a great job at building the world of Batman as he grew up and before he actually became Batman. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and the villains were all the real stars of this show. The only weak link is the actor who played Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). He just doesn't come off as someone who can play a tough guy or beat people up, quite the opposite actually. All his fight scenes were so unbelievable and actually made me laugh. But overall the show is very good and worth watching!
  • One of the best TV series out there keep this going can't get enough of it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'd been procrastinating to watch this show because I didn't like the fact that it was focused more on Jim Gordon and the villains rather than the early years of Bruce Wayne, but once I saw the first few episodes on Netflix, I was hooked. It is pretty good so far. Not as good as Smallville's first couple of seasons, but it's better than Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash combined. I think the biggest drawback is that they don't give young Bruce enough scenes...I mean come on this is called Gotham for Pete's sake. Also introducing Selina Kyle with her nickname being Cat is kind of another drawback because unless Bruce develops Smallville anemsia (lol), he's going to figure out real quick who Catwoman is when they become their iconic alteregos. Everything else is pretty solid. The acting is not too much except for Jada Pinkett's performance at times is a bit much but I really enjoy watching her character as well...I feel like in some of her scenes she's trying to embody Earth Kitt as Catwoman somewhat in her voice at times which can be annoying but overall she does a really good performance as Fish Mooney and Penguin does a really great performance in his role.

    I would highly reccommend anyone who loves DC comics or just like watching crime driven shows in general to watch this because it's not as bad as some have made it out to be and its actually the piece that has been missing from TV since Smallville wrapped up in 2011.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would like to begin by saying, I have not actually watched all of the batman films however Gotham is just brilliant! It was recommended to me by a close friend and I have to admit-I wasn't too enthusiastic,but after the first episode I was fully emmersed.

    I think a few characters need a special mention; penguin is incredible, the actor seems to portray his phycotic mix of tragedy, madness and pure evil just a little too well. Oswald had me hooked from the very beginning and I'm always excited to see what will come out of his mouth next.

    Secondly I think Butch is just......the best. He is possibly the most humane of the characters, struggling with mixed feelings for both Phish and Tabitha. And boy! What hell he has been through- getting shot, brainwashed, forced to hurt Mooney and being mutilated! He sure doesn't get enough praise.

    Lastly, how awesome is Selina Kyle-I mean, her hilariously witty lines tie the whole show together. Also her cat-like way of moving ties well with the fact that shelater becomes the amazing cat woman!

    I would definitely say you should watch this show,whether you like batman or not, fair warning though, you won't be able to stop!
  • mtreve5 April 2019
    Gotham is outstanding. I am still binge-watching it.

    I never liked the character of the Penguin. But holy hell!! Robin Lord Taylor's performance is awesome, award-worthy. Watch Gotham! There's nothing more to say.
  • I've been very frustrated by Gotham. The premise is solid. The characters are interesting. The actors are generally excellent. The atmosphere is wonderfully seedy. The overall story arc of corruption is quite good.

    But from episode to episode, the quality varies widely. Much of the problem is the crime-of-the-week format. While the various side stories are generally quite good, the main investigation is often rather dull. And that's a huge hunk of the show. Gordon himself is a decent character but he's less interesting than Penguin or Selena or Nygma, yet gets more screen time than all of them put together.

    Some episodes are great, and most episodes have great segments, but at times (as during the dreary, 3-part, serial-killer episodes), I've considered giving up on the show altogether.
  • Believe me if you are looking for a show that never throw you into unnecessary pit of suspense/drama and at the same time is full of thrilling experience,just go for it!! no stretchy scenes,no boring buildup..just pure entertainment...story,drama,thrill,meaningful suspense and characters are just wow!!..a complete package!! P.S-don't be fussy over some unrealistic details and scenes just enjoy it 'cause those are too trivial as compared to what this show has to offer.
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