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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Recall" was especially disappointing in its cardboard characters and flimsy plot line. The roles were uniformly stereotypes, such as the crime boss Sal Ventucci, his nephew whom he doesn't trust, the drug lord, and the two step-brothers who hatch a scheme to rob the powerful Ventucci family of $2 million during a drug sale.

    Not only did the Ventucci clan not protect their money very well, but the two stepbrothers were incompetent in their vague plan to carry out the heist. There was lack of substance in the film's narrative and lack of sympathy for any of the characters.

    In the film' structure, the crime drama was disconnected to a subplot of the personal drama about Mike and his girlfriend Nicole, which is told via flashbacks. That storyline was also poorly developed, relying on a messy ending that never revealed the full story of what happened to Nicole and why.

    The film get bogged down in slow-paced conversations, interminable pauses, and one scene that actually repeats itself in the content: the long, agonizing double sequence (one inside a car followed nearly verbatim in the scene in the bar) where Dale persuades his stepbrother Mike to participate in the robbery.

    The relatively positive reviews that argue that the film has been ranked too low are badly mistaken. The comments on this board are far too generous, and the numerical rankings are way too high.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie had the potential of being interesting, but there were just too many implausible scenes. (1) The mafia is going to leave two million dollars in an unlocked, unguarded car at night with the keys left in the ignition so that someone can just walk up to it and drive it away? (2) Sal, the aging mafia boss, is going to be so good with a gun that he can shoot to death all of the opposing gang members (with guns) in his restaurant and never sustain a scratch? (3) Nicole was murdered by a gunman out in the dark of night for no reason at all?

    I have no idea why some reviewers say there is a twist ending. I see no twist at all. I just see Mikey stopping along a road at night, getting out of his car, and falling onto the road. Are we supposed to guess that he collapsed from a drug overdose? And are we also supposed to guess that he died there? If so, that's not a twist. He told his step-brother earlier in the film that if he wanted to die, that's the way he would do it. And what happened to step-brother Dale, the other main character? Did the mafia henchman John shoot him? It never showed it. And what happened to Alexis?

    The movie ended without our knowing whether the two main characters lived or died and whether the mafia boss recovered his money. This is what I call a rip-off movie. The viewer watches it all the way through and then, when the credits start rolling, he finds out that there are no definite conclusions. Who can enjoy a movie like that?
  • jake-9762727 June 2019
    A go to example for teachers to reference when describing how not to fo things.

    A painful chore to really could not be anything other than a Canadian film made for television. Terrible in every way from script to acting. A better title could well have been 'Dudfellas'.
  • anthonysmith-4933130 June 2019
    We need to make laws on who can make a movie. I think the director studied filmmaking at community college and this was his final project. And he didn't even get a good grade, just enough to pass. The actors perfected their craft in free drama classes at the YMCA. I only watched this because I promised someone I'd spend time with them and they had control of the TV. I'm second guessing that relationship. Life is too short for this.
  • cecada-2096027 June 2019
    Don't bother watching this movie.The story goes nowhere and then suddenly ends. I'm surprised anybody liked this movie.
  • Use every cliche, have nice cameras, add cinematic music, add your friends as really bad actors, and get your product on Netflix. ... Now that I think about it, not a bad formula.
  • Wizard-830 June 2019
    I know the many obstacles and pitfalls independent filmmakers have to face when making movies, especially when the filmmakers are Canadian. But even when you take that into consideration, there is no reason why this indie film had to be so unbelievably bad. I know the filmmakers were working with an extremely low budget, but even then they should have known to include things such as establishing shots and linking footage. As a result of missing essentials such as those, the movie sometimes has some bewildering moments. Actually, the bewildering moments momentarily woke me up from my near slumber, because the story plods along at a really slow pace, even though the running time is just a mere 72 minutes. Also what woke me up were the unbelievably amateurish performances by a no-name cast, though the dialogue is often written to be so awkward and unnatural that even an Oscar-worthy cast wouldn't be able to deliver them with firm conviction. The confusing and seemingly unfinished ending is the icing on the cake. Why on earth did Netflix think this utter weakling of a movie was worth picking up?
  • danielpauldawson4 July 2018
    Movie is slow and doesn't hold your attention. Avoid
  • robin-3320713 October 2018
    Better then it's rating. Not perfect, but enjoyable.
  • Poor acting, poor directing, poor storyline. Takes ages to get going, 40 mins in and still nothing Waste of time and space this film
  • samselimi15 July 2018
    Entire story could be told in 2 min. Bad pacing throughout. Very slow. Main character had a huge pause before almost every line.
  • cassie-9415913 October 2018
    Decent film. Great cinematography. Nice emotional ending. Could tell it was done on a lower budget - which isn't knocking it. Acting from some cast could be better, but the lead was good.
  • I think the story could have been told faster. but I'm not into slow burns usually. Little bit of a slow start, but it does pickup halfway through and gets pretty good actually! Some good actors in it and some memorable moments. Also, good cinematography. I think it deserves more than a 6 for sure
  • joe-4880513 October 2018
    After reading the negative reviews... I actually found this film (and cast) better then I was expecting. It looks like they had a small budget and made what they could with it. More power to them. The pacing didn't bother me, felt like a slow-burner.
  • strogonovich15 August 2018
    Main characters, line the mafia boss, do not really fill in their spot; it's like playing a role with script reading, doesn't look authentic.
  • tommy-jmurphy14 August 2018
    Story is great, good plot twist at the ending, wish it was a but longer
  • cindy-764108 February 2019
    Held my interest. enjoyed the twist ending and good music
  • This movie is just so bad. Such a waste of time. I am such a huge fan of mob and crime movies but this was probably one of the worst ever.
  • I have rarely seen such bad acting, storyline is laughable, acting just horrendous!
  • 07/17/2019 I wanted to like it but most of the movie is wasted viewer time and the ending requires your imagination?Louis Di Bianco should go back to over-acting school for pretend bald headed mob-boss types. I do "NOT" recommend this movie. Bon Appetit
  • Stilted and awkward dialogue. Plot is disjointed with holes big enough to drive a truck through them. Stereotypical, one dimensional characters. Acting was terrible. There is no "twist" ending. You can't have a "plot twist" without first establishing a plot which there is none. At the end you feel like the filmmakers just ran out of money so they crafted a meaningless montage as the ending. Didn't work. Total fail on multiple levels. A perfect example of a bad gangster genre movie done badly.
  • shelley-morningstar10 October 2019
    I couldn't get beyond the first 20 minutes. I swear and I don't mind swearing in movies but the use of the F-Word in this movie was ridiculously annoying.