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  • A pretty good movie with great actors , entertainment , intense drama , narrative excitement and fun , too . Cesc Gay delivers an enjoyable comedy in which the main and support cast are frankly outstanding . As the main attraction resides in its excellent cast in which stand out the magnificent stellar pair . Attractive and enjoyable story with emotive and touching moments and very well played . Self-contained Tomás (Javier Cámara) is a sensitive man with goodheart who returns Spain from Canada to find his intimate friend Julián . As he suddenly receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada . Julian has an illness and preoccupied with the question to the point of obsession . Later on , the two men leave their Spanish lives , and set out in search for his son (Oriol Paulo) who lives in Ámsterdam . After that , they return Spain and accompanied by Julián's faithful dog, Truman, undertake the sad existence and dark future , prompted by Julián's difficult health .

    A nostalgic and attractive film about friendship , family relationship , love , death and promises . Enjoyable dramedy with stirring moments , agreeable friendship, father-son relationship and a little bit humor. The picture relies heavily on friendship among two old friends , but this one doesn't make boring , but entertaing . The flick also deals with interesting and engaging issues such as family relationship , deadly illness , assumtion death , and many other things . Filmmaker offers a fresh take on a familiar scenario, a beloved friendship and a father-son relationship , it results to be other of the innumerable stories to deal with family and friends . From start to finish this exciting film contains drama , emotion , a marvelous and deep friendship between two friends who will share emotional and surprising moments . Cesc Gay carries out a solid comedy , achieving a big hit at the Spanish box office . Duo protagonist , the anarchic , obstinate Ricardo Darin , and the sensible , honest Javier Cámara , are top-notch , they steal the show , both of whom turn an efficient acting . Nice film , though it has a few gaps , but anyway, its is compensated with the great performances from Ricardo Darin , chewing scenary as the ill person who suffers a complicated situation, refusing any further chemo treatment . Support cast , and cameos , are frankly extraordinary , such as : Dolores Fonzi , Alex Brendemühl , Pedro Casablanc , José Luis Gómez , Javier Gutiérrez , Oriol Pla, Nathalie Poza , Elvira Mínguez , Eduard Fernández , Susi Sánchez , Francesc Orella , Silvia Abascal and many others . And the dog that interpreted Truman died a few months after shooting due to natural causes.

    Colorful and evocative cinematography with wonderful exteriors from known cities shot in Barcelona , Madrid and Ámsterdam . Atmospheric, adequate score by Nico Cota and Toti Soler .The motion picture was well directed by Cesc Gay . He was born in 1967 in Barcelona, where he often shoots his fims . He is a writer and director, known for the successful Krámpack (2000), Una pistola en cada mano (2012) , En la ciudad (2003) , V.O.S. , Ficción (2006) and this Truman. It had several prizes such as Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2016 Winner CEC Award Best Film , Best Director Cesc Gay , Best Actor Ricardo Darín , Best Supporting Actor Cesc Gay , Best Original Screenplay Cesc Gay ,Tomàs Aragay . Feroz Awards, ES 2016 Winner Feroz Award Best Actor in a Leading Role Ricardo Darín , Best Actress in a Supporting Role Dolores Fonzi ,Best Screenplay Cesc Gay Tomàs Aragay .Goya Awards 2016 Winner Goya Best Lead Actor Ricardo Darín , Best Supporting Actor Javier Cámara ,Best Original Screenplay Cesc Gay , Tomàs Aragay , Best Director Cesc Gay , Best Film : Marta Esteban ,Diego Dubcovsky ,Trumanfilm ,BD Cine ,Impossible Films .
  • Tomás, a long time friend with Julián visits his mate in Madrid. Julián is ill with cancer for one year and he has decided to stop his treatment and assume death. He has told his decision to his family and friends, but not all of them are ready to accept it. Together, they visit different places in order to arrange the day after Julián's departure. Time to stop, I won' tell you more about the story.

    I'm not going to discover the two main actors in the crew. Javier Cámara and Ricardo Darín are normally brilliant and Truman is not different. They By the way, Truman is Julian's dog and his acting is great too. They are omnipresent through the movie and its for the good. Totally opposed in their characters - Javier is sensible and self-contained, whereas Julian is the artists stereotype: impulsive and anarchic - the mix works great.

    Although this is a sensitive topic, the movie does not seek an easy tear from the spectator. Actually, it tackles some aspects of this approach to death very humorously.

    For people familiar with Madrid, the movie is mostly shot in Las Salesas neighborhood, a very centric area in the city.
  • "Truman" (2015 release from Spain; 109 min.) brings the story of Tomas and Julian. As the movie opens, we see Tomas, a Spanish emigrant now in Canada, flying over to Madrid. He is there for an unannounced visit to his life-long friend Julian, an Argentinean theater actor living in Spain. It's not long before we learn that Julian has lung cancer and is refusing any further chemo treatment. Is Tomas there to try and change Julian's mind? And what becomes of Truman, Julian's old dog who has seen better days as well? To tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from Spanish writer-director Cesc Gay. Here he brings an intense and emotional (but never sentimental) look at what a man does with his day-to-day life when his remaining time is limited, and how it affects his relationship with a guy who once was (still is?) his best friend but now lives in faraway Canada. It is important to emphasize that this easily could've been an emotional exploitation movie, yet Cesc Gay manages to infuse the perfect dose of reality. Check out the scene where Julian, accompanied by Tomas, goes to the funeral home to make funeral arrangements. "And who is the deceased?, asks the funeral director. "Me", Julian wryly responds. "Oh..." Just because the movie purposefully shies away from obvious emotional exploitation, we find ourselves sucked in even deeper. I was simply blown away by it all. Cesc Gay movie regulars Ricardo Darin (as Julian) and Javier Camera (as Tomas) each provide towering acting performances. But ultimately I feel that the credit must go primarily to Cesc Gay for this wonderful movie, easily one of the best I have seen in a long time (and that's saying something as I see a LOT of movies).

    "Truman" opened to immediate acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival 2 years ago, and went on to garner multiple awards. Imagine my surprise when the movie opened without any pre-release advertising or fanfare at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati this weekend, I went to see it right away. The Friday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended okay but not great, not surprising to me (given the lack of any marketing for this film). Regardless, if you are interested in a slice of life that will resonate closer to you that you may think, or simply want to enjoy a top-notch foreign indie movie the likes of which are all too rare, you don't want to miss this. "Truman" is HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoilers* This movie struck me hard. Its pace is like several short stories that bring the beauty of life in small conversations. It's not so very much a comedy, as it is more so a slice of life and drama. The pace does match the motif; this is Julian's walk towards the end of life.

    The two friends are different people, but they understand each other - it's clear they fill each other's gaps. Tomas has to dive into the grim reality of Julian's coming death. Julian tackles the challenging procedures that accompany death with a level and mature head, much to Tomas' discomfort.

    However, Tomas quickly understands although Julian is a strong personality and a brave person, he needs help getting through the 'logistics' of dying. He just needs a friend to walk with him to the end. Money is no question for Tomas, and it's interesting they don't speak too much about their personal past or talk about their memories together. But the two actors are so in sync in the present moment you feel like you are a voyeur in a very long and profound friendship.

    It's also interesting to see the power of what having a true friend can do to your life. With Julian's encounters with the fake friends at the restaurant and the friend he hurt, we see very great slices of life. The power of having a great friend, the cowardice of 'fake' friends, the consequences of betraying a friend, and the accountability of taking ownership.

    Although Tomas is at first uncomfortable with coordination with Julian through these painful rites of passage of death, he quickly steps up to the plate. When Julian realises how small an urn is, his eye turns glassy, and it is evident he is replaying his entire life. Hi was a stage legend in his life, and now everything of his being will be fit into a small jar. Tomas is fast to recognise this and takes charge of the conversation and asks for the estimates and billing information. He also facilitates Julian's visit to see his son Nico, and challenges Julian to do the right thing, and tell him of the decision to skip chemo.

    I gave the actor who played Nico a hard time because he seemed so awkward, but when more is revealed about him later, I can understand how a 21 kid could look so uncomfortable. When Julian and Nico hug their last hug, I cried so so so much. I'm tearing up thinking about it even now. This film is such a powerful movie.

    I wanted to mention; someone felt the sex scene was unnecessary. I felt at first the length of it was a bit overkill, but I understood the power in the point of the scene. Tomas and Paula are both frustrated with Julian, but still, can't find themselves being able to express how they feel as they know it would be unfair to Julian at this point of his life *death*. So to find a release for their frustration in orgasm is a touching scene, albeit a bit too long.

    Then there's Truman. I have a dog, and this dog made me cry too much during this movie. Julian is broke at the end of his life. His boss fired from his passion for acting; he has no real friends in Madrid other than his cousin. Julian needs to be in control in the end, and he needs to be the one who decides when it's time for his life to end. But he knows he can't do any of this without knowing Truman is in good hands. Geez, at the very end of this movie, I was not expecting what I saw. When Tomas gives Julian the leash and starts talking, I just cried my life away. The actor who plays Tomas does this scene so well, of hearing out Julian, not interrupting him, and just accepting this gift. He understood that although he was able to bring joy to Julian, and hopefully give Julian strength (and money) to live a little bit longer to see his son again, Julian's choice was clear. He took care of every aspect Tomas would need to know, and gave him the best gift he could afford - his dog.

    It also shows how he proves his love for his friend, he could not speak to him like he wanted to, nor could Tomas spend as much time as he wanted to, he could not express his feelings verbally, but he was present. He was present and able to take action for Julian. And this is such a great testament to what you can do for someone who has lost someone, or is grieving, or is at the end of their journey. Just be there, be present, just acknowledge them, and let them feel empowered to face their life situation.

    I think this is the best movie I've seen this year. It is slow paced and simple but very touching. I hope everyone could have a friendship like this.
  • I was in Barcelona, one of my favourite cities, in December and was looking at the Verdi cinema to find a film to watch. I was attracted by Truman because it's a Spanish film, but has English subtitles. I'm struggling to learn Spanish, so this seemed ideal for me.

    What a great choice! The Spanish dialogue is reasonably simple and slow so I understood most of it. The story is simple and of interest to all of us; I also love animals.

    A really good film - very moving, funny and sad. The words are simple, but the film is excellently well acted and full of underlying emotion. I found myself laughing and crying at different moments.
  • Ricardo Darin plays Julian an Argentinean émigré who now lives in Madrid and is something of a 'has been' actor. He is divorced and his kids are all grown up and forging their own paths in life. But he has a dog – Truman whom he dotes on. Then one day his old best friend turns up. This is Javier Camera playing Tomas. He has come over from his new life in Canada to see his old friend, for possibly, one last time.

    The story shows how despite a gap of many years they are able to pick up from where they left off and can be as honest with each other as only true friends can be. The dog though is central to everything. They also catch up on past lives that had lain half remembered until now.

    Now as a comedy this sort of fails as the humour is more incidental rather than up front. Where it does score is on the relationship side and a very gentle unfolding drama where we sort of know the ending from nigh on the beginning. That said there is enough here to give the plot a degree of vibrancy that engages the viewer. In Spanish with good sub titles this is a reflective film that is designed to be such and will reward those looking for a film with both feet planted in realism.
  • Movies are rarely about just one thing. Each person in a cinema is having a different experience and it is a subjective call for anyone to declare what that movie is really about. This is particularly so with the Spanish film Truman (2015). Described as a comedy drama, some will experience it as a humorous tale of deep male friendship; for others, it is about a man's love for his dog; but many will feel it as an emotional study about choosing how and when to die when all hope is lost. It is all of the above which makes this film an unusually intense multi-layered story and it is told with great warmth and honesty.

    The linear plot spans a four-day unexpected visit by Tomas (Javier Camera) who has flown from Canada to Madrid to see his long-time friend Julian (Ricardo Darin). Both know it is the last time they will see each other and the time is spent helping Julian settle his affairs, sort out arrangements for the care of his dog Truman, and make a flying visit to his son in Amsterdam. However, what happens in this film is less important than how it happens. Many scenes are touching vignettes about small things that are overlooked when living at full pace. He bumps into a friend who does not know how to talk to a terminally ill man and another who does; there are wordless hugs between a father and son; and the meetings about Truman's future seem sadder than taking leave from human friends. Throughout all this, the story remains focused on the friendship between two men as they ride the emotional roller-coaster of knowing that time is short. They share humour and tears as only two old friends can, and Julian's portrayal of brave acceptance holds the story together.

    Dramas about loss and grief too easily slip from melancholy to melodrama but there is little of it in Truman. Camera and Darin are superb in their roles, each articulating an emotional language that is expressed through facial expression and voice tone. They reveal their inner selves using minimal dialogue and the free-flowing etched lines on their faces. The story easily gets under your skin with its open, tactile and gentle masculinity, aided by the way that Truman serves as a bitter-sweet metaphor for grief. Julian's remark that "each person dies as best he can" will be confronting for many but this is one of several recent films that demand an honest conversation about dying.
  • It is not that hard to describe, I mean the entire story in a couple of lines, but scene by scene it embarks on the different level. A very ordinary tale that takes place in less than one week time, at a same time it catches your attention in a gentle manner. A perfect movie with the balanced contents. I admit, this is not what I expected, but still delivered the same quality differently. It takes us to the various locations to capitalise the concept and gives an idea how the real people in the real world express during their distressed time. I think I kind of liked its rich screenplay and the overall production quality.

    The movie was very slow, definitely need patience to watch it. It opened in a snowy Canadian residential area and soon begins to follow a middle ages man called Tomas saying goodbye to his family to board a plane for Madrid to meet his old pal, Julian. This unexpected visit gives an opportunity for Julian, a single father to open his heart to talk about the future plan, especially for his loving dog, Truman. The rest of the movie follows their lead by revealing some of the unknown to about each other.

    Yes, the title name was a dog character. It took some times to figure it out why and how important was this name for the movie. Almost the entire watch, only in the end scene, it all made sense. Besides, that is the part I fell for it, I think it was the best way to conclude. I love this kind of theme, this is where my softer side unfolds and feel the depth of the character or the tale that intended to strike emotionally. But the thing is, it was not a tearjerker drama as I wanted or it should have been.

    "People don't know what to say to me. They smell death and they get scared."

    Another unique narration that dealt with having friendship in the front row for its simple ride. It might be a plot that evolved around two friends' four days wandering everywhere, but covered family issues as well, especially the father-son relationship for a brief time, but strongly. It took all the time in the beginning, but the second half was very interesting after it makes you comfort with the characters and enough story development to move on from there.

    It was a less fun, but a more meaningful movie than I thought. All the comedies were dark, it is unfortunate not to have even a small smile. The main source for it was the argument caused by the differences between the friends over what they decided to do, but in the end held back to normalcy as the character were matured and had a good understanding.

    So the comedy is only the tag that attached to the movie, but it was a very absorbing topic on its progress till the final minute. Yet, I'm very upset with a sex scene that definitely out of the synchronisation with the rest of the story. When everything was going so smooth it appeared from nowhere like a twist in the tale, I felt that was totally inappropriate. And also that 100 seconds changed the fate of the movie from a PG-13 to R product, though there was no strong nudity.

    It was effortless, but exceptional performances, especially by the leading two including the Argentinian superstar Ricardo Darin. And I don't forget the dog in the title role, but sadly his screenspace was very short. Obviously this movie is not designed to impact on all the viewers, so it is going to fail to satisfy a few, especially for its slow presentation without a cheerable background score. That means I suggest you to choose it carefully, by learning what the movie offers against what you actually want from it. But overall, it is surely worth to give a try.

  • I went to the movies without expectation and in the end, that movie moved me like no other before. I don't know why, can't explain. A must see movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's an old joke about Michael Caine that works perfectly for Xavier Cámara. Like Michael Caine, Xavier Cámara is loved by almost everyone and seems to be in almost every film these days.

    "I was watching a video of my niece's first communion and I saw that Xavier Cámara is in it."

    Xavier Cámara has a face like an artist's canvas. I've never seen a face that can express so much. You could repeat everything I just wrote about Argentina's go-to guy, Ricardo Darin.

    There isn't much of a script in this film but these two fine actors make some great lemonade. A man who has little time left. His best friend arrives for a visit. They both go to see his estranged son. It sounds like paint-by-numbers scenario but these great actors make the most of it, and by "the most" I mean a very fine film.

    Two minor players in this movie are the wonderful cities of Madrid and Amsterdam, two of my all-time favorites. I don't know what it is about Spanish film but they just seem to have a knack for showing cities like they really are and not some air-brushed version like you see in big Hollywood productions that seem to think that middle class life is somehow shameful.
  • The movie has a very low rating in Germany, which is weird not only because of a mature scene in the movie, but because of what this movie is about. It's not something children want to see, but more pointed and aimed to "please" an older audience. And it's a very good one with amazing acting and a story that will take you on an emotional ride that will not leave you easily.

    Truman is the name of the dog and also an English title for the international audience. And even here Germany goes a different way and calls this "Friends for life" (translated). Which I guess is a description of the movie, though you could confuse this and think it's a comedy when it's called something like that ... it's drama don't get that confused! Still relish the lighter moments and also the great script this has ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Entertaining all the time, despite the serious undertone and the sad underlying cause that makes everything happen and keeps the story rolling on. It is the unpopular decision to stop medical treatment and scans, to merely await a certain death without all the burdens of hospitals and other forms of medical interference with inevitable death caused by his progressing cancer. Of course, everyone tries to change his mind but they all are doomed to fail (is this a spoiler?). He, on the other hand, causes several surprises while dealing with family, friends and colleagues, in the sense that his attitude is refreshing, far from depressing as could be expected. The dog named Truman that gave the movie his name, is the subject of several attempts to find a suitable new household for him, involuntarily being another cause to keep the story rolling, if not working as a running gag.

    Apart from dog Truman unknowingly playing a central role, the two main characters are Julian, who is terminally ill and refuses further treatment, and Thomas, who is sent by his wife to let Julian change his mind. The two were close friends many years ago but pick up their friendship easily as if there had been no interruption. While Julian does not stop surprising Thomas with unexpected moves, they both behave very rationally and succeed very well in coping with pitiful scenes and dealing with people avoiding contact because of not knowing how to behave or what to say.

    All in all, a strong story line and a movie populated with strong actors. Luckily, there is no tear jerking and I could not spot any overly emotional scenes. There is ample humor interwoven in the script, and the surprises induced by Julian and his sometimes-unorthodox behavior, keep our attention from start to finish.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The problem with this movie is that ALL of the characters are jerks. Except Truman, I guess, but his part is so small and inconsequential that it's absurd to name the movie for him.

    The guy who's dying lies all the time for no good reason, he spends his friend's money like a spoiled, manic child (he's an "Artist" -- an underemployed has-been stage actor -- so he can't be EXPECTED to have anything of his own but mountains of debts), and he's totally -- TOTALLY -- self-absorbed. Nobody matters but poor Julian, or whatever his name is (Who cares what his name is? Not me).

    Oh, but he's dying! Boo-hoo. Everybody dies. It's no big deal, and it is NO excuse for acting like a selfish jerk and abusing the few people who care about him for reasons I CANNOT understand. I wouldn't spend four minutes with him, much less four days.

    His childhood friend Tomas, who drops everything at home in Canada to jet back to Madrid for four days because Julian "needs" him, seems to be an okay guy until he sleeps with Julian's cousin Paula -- in the most gratuitous, unnecessary, shoehorned-in sex scene I have EVER seen in a movie -- evidently as a means of "coping" with their shared grief over the jerk's impending death, totally oblivious to the beloved and loving wife and two kids Tomas parted from with great affection just two days earlier. What kind of jerk does that?

    Paula is no better. She frets and interrogates and pouts and sulks and cries because Julian is making his own decisions about dying instead of doing it HER way, whatever that way may be. And she sleeps with Tomas, knowing all about his family back in Canada -- but who cares about THEM? Nobody in this stupid, irritating, obnoxious movie.
  • Greetings again from the darkness. Is this a cancer movie? A dog movie? A buddy movie? Well, the answer is yes – at least somewhat – to all three. Writer/director Cesc Gay and co-writer Tomas Aragay offer up an unusually paced and uniquely focused film that is likely to strike a chord with many viewers, while leaving some others thinking, what's the point? For those of us in that first group, it's an absorbing ride-along with a not overly likable character who is out to put his proverbial "affairs in order".

    Two exceedingly talented actors take the lead here and draw us right in. Ricardo Darin (terrific in The Secret in Their Eyes, 2009) is Julian, and Javier Camera (an Almodovar regular, so shuddersome in Talk to Her) is his long time friend Tomas. Knowing his friend is dying, Tomas hops on a plane back to Madrid, from his new life in Canada, in order to spend four days and yes, to say goodbye.

    The surprise visit sends the two long-time buds on a kind of (mostly) inner-city "road trip". Their daily outings include: a trip to the veterinarian so Julian can prepare his dog Truman (a non-puppy Bullmastiff) for the coming change; a doctor visit to convey the desire to cease treatment on the tumors; a bookstore to search for material on pet psychology; a diner where Julian confronts old friends – a lunch that provides significant insight into Julian's mindset; an in-home visit to a potential pet adoption family; a direct chat proving 'the show must go on' with the owner (Jose Luis Gomez) of the theatre where Julian works as an actor; a spur of the moment flight to Amsterdam for lunch with Julian's estranged son Nico and wife Sophie; and a meet on the street with Julian's ex-wife. In between, there are exchanges with Julian's cousin Paula (a very good Dolores Fonzi) who can't hide her frustration despite offering unwavering support.

    There are many wonderfully subtle moments that keep the story grounded and prevent anything approaching the typically over-dramatic movie that we have become so accustomed to. Death and comedy don't tend to blend well, but there are some charming and even comical moments that sneak in … sometimes during the moments that Julian is expressing regret for things said or done, or not said or done. He attempts to make amends, but this isn't about the profound moments – no, it's about the small ones. When Julian mutters the brilliant line, "I used to be a romantic hero", we know exactly what it means. This isn't the usual tear-jerker, but it will likely tug at the heart strings, even as it touches on death on one's own terms (a common cinematic theme these days).
  • Because I liked Ricardo Darin as an actor I choose this film. However well acted and genuine, it is a bit boring.

    The story: Ricardo Darin is dying of cancer and he meets his long time friend for a last time and he meets a few other people for the last time. And he seeks a new owner for his dog.

    This movie is not about his dog Truman really. It is basically about dying. It is in no way a bleak movie, on the contrary, talking about dying is done in a lighthearted way..

    The bad: it's a bit boring. How can a story about dying be boring, well it can, because it is definitely lacking drama and it aint really funny either.

    The good: Ricardo Darin is always worth watching as an actor. The story is subtle and friendly.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As the film deals with the about-to-happen death of the main character, the screenplay writer uses the adoption of Truman as the driving force of the film. This is a good idea. It appears a little to late (about 12 minutes) in the film time. But the problem is it scarcely shows up afterwards. The adoption issue should appear more often to give the spectator the sense of important matter. Instead of that, the film dilutes itself in the actual Julián (Ricardo Darín) problems and the story of Paula and Tomás (Julián's friend and cousin). What we feel is the story do not evolve, we get stuck in a sequence of events which take us nowhere. Truman's adoption is taken back later in the film. But it's too late as it is the end of the story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Winner of five Goya Awards (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars), this bittersweet comedy/drama about two men and a dog screened during the recent Spanish Film Festival earlier in the year. It was one of the more popular films in the festival and now it gets a cinema release. This amusing and deeply affecting film deals with universal themes of friendship, mortality, coming to terms with death, and it is sure to appeal to audiences. Julian (played by Argentinian actor Ricardo Darin, from Wild Tales, etc) is an Argentinian actor who has relocated to Madrid where he performs regularly on stage and television. He has been diagnosed with cancer, and after undergoing chemotherapy for a year he has decided to stop the treatment. He is resigned to his fate and sets about setting his affairs in order. Most importantly though he is trying to find someone to care for his beloved pet bull mastiff Truman, and has approached neighbours and strangers. His childhood friend Tomas (played by Spanish actor Javier Camera, from Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed, etc) relocated to Montreal but arrives in Madrid for a surprise visit. he hopes to change Julian's mind and convince him to go back to treatment. Tomas is sensible and restrained whereas Julian is more volatile and emotional in nature. Over the course of the next four days the two men reconnect as they wander the streets of Madrid, talking about their lives, loves, regrets and the future. There is also a side trip to Amsterdam where Julian briefly visits his son, whom he hasn't told about his decision. Truman is largely a two hander as it follows the two friends, although there are a few secondary characters with whom they briefly interact, including Julian's concerned and embittered sister Paula (Dolores Fonzi). The film has been directed by Cesc Gay (A Gun In Each Hand, etc), who handles the material in understated and sympathetic fashion. A droll vein of humour permeates the material. Gay, who co-scripted the film with Tomas Aragay, avoids becoming too sentimental, although the ending is effectively moving. The pacing is leisurely and gives audiences plenty of time to identify with Julian and Tomas. Camera and Darin are two of the most popular stars in their respective countries and they develop an easy going rapport here that seems natural. Gay's warm, honest and humorous script gives the two actors plenty to sink their teeth into and they reveal different layers to their characters. Darin is reunited with Gay, who directed him in A Gun In Each Hand, and he delivers a soulful and subtle performance here. Camera's low key and sympathetic performance here as the stoic Tomas offers a nice contrast. And the dog who plays the titular Truman is also superb; with its sad eyes and hangdog expression it has a warm and humorous presence. Gay and his cinematographer Andreu Rebes (A Gun In Each Hand, etc) make the most of the scenic Madrid locations, which add to the film's winning flavour. Truman is a winning, low key and moving variation on the familiar buddy comedy sub genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has been highly praised for its portrait of male friendship but it is, rather, a portrait of two men unable to communicate even in the worst circumstances. This is why, as usual, the screenwriters need to bring into the story a stereotyped female character whose only function is to channel the emotions the men cannot express. She, of course, is completely at their service, as carer for one as sex object for the other, never demanding anything from them. I just wish the two men had jumped into bed together rather than this woman being used in this pathetic way... Perhaps I'm being unfair and this IS a realistic portrait of how men connect with each other and how they need women to fulfill the need to express emotion. Yet, there are much better portraits of male friendship for which women need not be used: see 'Master and Commander' for an outstanding example. And hundreds of other films.
  • This movie is perfect in every way as far as my movie watching is concerned anyways. It may be a little slow but it is so embracing. Key word embracing. I give it a solid 9 seriously.
  • Truman is a Hispano-Argentinian movie directed by Cesc Gay released in 2015. This dramatic comedy written by C. Gay and Tomàs Aragay is interpreted by an extraordinary duo of simply brilliant actors: "Ricardo Darín and Javier Cámara". Truman is screened in many international festivals (Toronto Festival, San Sebastian festival ...) where it has won several awards; he is also rewarded at Spanish and Argentinian award ceremonies. Crowned with five Goyas, including the prize for best movie and best director, this feature film evokes with tenderness, humor and sobriety the approaching death, Ricardo Darín and Javier Cámara weave a story of friendship and full of tenderness, with its non said and her tears withheld. "Truman" is a nugget of emotions and the great strength of this movie is the extraordinary interpretation of the two main actors who will be incredibly natural and sober, nothing in this movie is forced and you can feel very well all the dramatic sensibility of the story, not a draw, but an extraordinary emotion that has never been there to extract the dramatic side of the film for free. A movie that simply deserves to be seen for all its emotions.
  • Ricardo Darín As Brave & Javier Cámara Man Who Never Ask For Payback Truly A Great Drama Film, Mostly People Get Bored With Slow Movies But I Must Say It Looks Slow But Extremely Emotional Scene By Scene. Powerful Script & Wonderful Screenplay. This Movie Taught His Viewers That Little Things Matters A lot, People Matters A lot & Never The Less Relationships Matters A lot. Ricardo Darín From Argentina Truly A MasterOf Natural Acting. A Must Watch Movie Director Cesc Gay Did A GreatJob. Movie Was Slow So Need Patience To Watch It. Good Humour Less Glamour More To Learn. In My View Everybody Should Watch These Kind Of Movies But Sadly Very Few Love Movies Like This One & Eager To Learn From Movies Mostly People Love Action/Commercial/Comdedy But They Should Watch These Kind Of Stuff So The World Would Be A Much Better Place !