Soundtracks (17)

  • Todos os sonhos do mundo
    Written by Toti Soler
  • Candlelight Dinner
    Written by Durst
  • Folkjazz
    Written by Rolf Eriksson
  • Magnetic Night
    Written by G. Tommaso
  • Concerto a cinque
    Written by Tomaso Albinoni
  • String Quartet in B Flat Major Op.76, n5
    Written by Joseph Haydn (as Franz Josep Haydn)
  • Soul City
    Written by Alan Blackman and Stuart Hart (as Stuart A. Hart)
  • Walk Down the Lonely Street
    Written by S. Chapin
  • Dulce tres nocturno
    Performed by Pescado Rabioso
  • Sweeping Thing
    Written by Dan Stein
  • Waiting for You
    Written by D. Gerald Lawrence
  • Last Summer's Love
    Written by D. Gerald Lawrence
  • Just for a Day
    Written by D. Fleau
  • Childhood Coda
    Written by D. Gerald Lawrence
  • Hot Day's Done
    Written by Huw Jones, Sam Brown and Stevie-Leigh Goodison
  • Crackin' Up
    Performed by Nick Lowe
  • Canción para los días de la vida
    Performed by Luis Alberto Spinetta