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  • I'm a fan of all sorts of film and I especially love those little "undiscovered" films that stand out. The problem is, when you seek out films of that nature, you run into far more like this. It wants to be deep. It tries real damned hard to be Art. But to this viewer, it was neither. I'd use the word Tedious. Aside from the, and I use this term as lightly as humanly possible, music (which was little more than repeated noises and Girl Moans..), the thing that bothered me the most was the camera filter. At several points in the film it looks like pantyhose with a hole cut in them are stretched over the lens, the edges of the screen are dark and the center almost looks like you are watching the film by flashlight. It's not artsy or claustrophobic, it's sophomoric lighting and cinematography. Actually, if this was a student film... no.. wait. Nevermind, it would still be boring. The actresses are all capable of handling better material. If I were them, I'd fire my agent. As a moviegoer, you'd do better watching pretty much anything else up to and including paint drying.
  • I spend lots of time watching all sorts of films from low budget art to sci-fi blockbusters and i can honestly say this is the worst thing my eyes have ever seen i can understand the attempt at showing human nature in its true form but this is pure drivel and unbelievable.
  • Those windows open inward ladies!!!! Just pull them open and crawl out!!! Unless the moral of the story is that teenage girls are all mindless idiots, this was really disappointing. You're trapped in a house for days without food and you don't even try to break a window... Don't waste our time with this garbage.

    Seriously, you can see the hinges on the windows that suggests they would just swing open. Massive oversight
  • LLgoatJ22 September 2019
    This is about a group of girls trapped in a house, after a catastrophic event, slowly going mad as food and water runs out. You immediately think Lord of the Flies but nothing happens. The characters are just unlikeable. You end up not caring at all about them. It's supposed to be arty but just ends up like a really bad school play.
  • An effing waste of time on a try hard Arthouse piece of trash. What was the point of the movie? Bad acting and direction.
  • I created an IMDB account just to review this movie:

    This movie is a total waste of your time. Everything feels cheap about it, its annoying, and it does not have any sense of story. And it doesn't make sense. Please just watch something else, if you are intrigued by my review, just skip through the movie and you will understand what I mean.

    Hate to say it, garbage.
  • TMT6028 August 2019
    Almost made me fall asleep after 35 minute. No other comment.
  • The standard of movies made by newcomers in the last few years has in the majority, been abysmal. I put this down to accessibility.

    Film making equipment and processing used to be a very expensive affair but now that every man and his dog can afford a really good and relatively inexpensive camera and processing and editing is all digitized, it seems that EVERY man (and woman) and HIS DOG who ever thought "I could do that" are having a go at film making. Often combining writing, acting, cinematography, directing and producing, as if all these roles required no specialization and had exactly the same skill set.

    Driven by ego and a misguided and exaggerated sense of their own abilities as products of an education system that rewards children for simply participating so as not to damage their frail 'self-esteem', this crop of millennial wannabes are, in the great majority, self deluded dilettantes.

    Doesn't anyone study the classic filmmakers of the 20th century anymore? Does no one go to film school? What makes anyone think that because they've seen a film or two their attempt will be a masterpiece? (and you can tell that this IS what they think from the phony 'reviews' that they and their friends give themselves).

    Talentless try hards and wannabes are so abundant now, with the availability of cheap and decent film-making technology that I don't think we are going to see the end of this phenomenon any time soon. Which makes having to wade through the mire of amateur cr*p to find decent new movies and talent a real chore.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plot hole first, then actual review. They can get out at any time. The windows are piled up with dirt, but not to the top. That means they could break a window and climb out over the dirt that would then spill in freeing themselves from the house.

    While all the girls/women in this are decent in their roles, and their acting is good enough to be enjoyable I found the actual script to be much less than stellar. The sound in this movie is the worst thing I've heard in years. Literal years. The sound director should be fired and never work again. The sound was jarring, played for minutes longer than it ever needed to play for, and felt like it didn't belong with any of the shots they were set in. Even the few sounds that did make sense were overly long and thus became jarring. My 3 stars are for the acting only. These peoples' descent into madness and base instinct didn't work for me. Maybe the glaring plot hole was just too much, maybe the half naked women running around was too gratuitous, even without being actually naked? It's all basically came down to 7 women being terrible to each other for no reason.

    Watch it if you feel the need, like I said the acting is fair.
  • I'm amazed i even managed to sit through this movie although i had to divide it into three sittings to get through it, there are movies i could not even watch the whole movie but this movie takes the accolade of being the worst ever film i have managed to watch in its entirety. It's gross to day is $5413 when i posted this, laughable really, five thousand dollars, makes me laugh just who maybe paid to watch this. Whoever made this dross, please don't make anything else in the movie business, please, please, i'm begging you.
  • What drew me to this movie, first and foremost, was the cast. I've been a huge fan of actress Annalise Basso, who played Piper, for several years now. I'm also a fan of Ariela Barber, who played Olivia, who I had seen in a movie that she had done when she was much younger. It was nice to see her in something as a young adult with more mature material to work with. As much as I liked the premise of a close-quarters character study set in a very limited setting, how the movie actually played out (at least to me) was equal parts underwhelming and confusing. Scenes of tension and/or peril would start only to cut to more slow and mundane scenes out of the blue, sometimes right in the middle of the previous scene. It probably would've also been better of they had fleshed out the start and the aftermath of the earthquake a little better. One positive that I will give to this movie is that it looked to me like a mixture of The Shining and Suspiria, what with its deliberately haunting music and frazzled tempo.
  • This film is getting a lot of unnecessary politically charged criticism that has really nothing to do with what makes this film "broken" for a lack of a better word. The acting is so-so. I at least believe them often enough that I forgive a bad reading here or there. There are plenty of loose metaphors scattered about and really this is the main issue. This film wanders in a setting that's to small to really get going.

    And there is the major "elephant in the room"... regrading the windows.... ugh. I get it "wUt iF wE GEt cOMfoRtableeeeeee."

    If you watch a lot of movies already give this a shot maybe you'll get something out of it. If you're a more casual viewer skip it

    Its 'Lord of the flies' meets 'The Hole'
  • anwar-b-t9 December 2019
    This is an abomination in every aspect, the delusional director wanted it to be sort of art piece but comes out as a fart piece of crap... everything is off (acting, lighting, sound...)

    The only thing to retain is that this might be the realistic representation of a generation of shallow, spoiled, narcissistic, gender ambiguous, incapable of being rational or making a decision, trapped into pre-childhood, trying hard to be under spots constantly, desperately expecting recognition for no one's know what... and ah there is mensuration blood as it's a must displayed in every feminist crap.
  • Somewhere between four and six people left the room by time we made it to the second half.

    This is a rather disturbing film that gets into the ugliness of humanity. When the lights go out and food runs short, our suppressed inner selves start to come out. With an eerie score (that's too loud at times), a few mysteries to keep you wondering, and a cast of characters who are unlikable in their own way, Ladyworld will make you uncomfortable through the very end.
  • An hour and a half of my life I'll never get back. Stupid plot, they could break a window and get out. Portrays teenage girls as stupid, screeching, paranoid idiots. The sound track made me want to cut myself. Literally awful. Honestly, the worst movie I ever sat through.
  • Right, well I should have stopped and looked at the rating of this particular movie on IMDb before venturing out and sitting down to watch the 2018 thriller "Ladyworld".

    And why is that you may ask. Well, because this movie was atrociously boring and unappealing. I managed to endure 35 minutes of the torture that the movie turned out to be. And during those prolonged, excruciating 35 minutes I also managed to drift off towards the land of sleep.

    Wow, this movie was a snoozefest. The storyline was so incredibly boring that it was just unfathomable. And it didn't really help one bit that the characters in the movie were equally boring and pointless. Nor were the strange annoying sounds throughout the movie making it better.

    "Ladyworld" from writers Amanda Kramer and Benjamin Shearn was just a massive swing and a miss. I was bored throughout the 35 minutes that I managed to suffer through. And let me just be the first to say that I am not - never ever - returning to watch the rest of the movie. Because there simply was nothing worthwhile to watch here.

    My rating of "Ladyworld" is, without a shadow of a doubt, a single star out of ten. This is one of the worst and most boring movies I had ever had the chance to sit down and watch. Do yourself a massive favor, and give this movie a wide, wide berth.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What if Lord of the Flies only had women? That's pretty much the question posed by this 2018 movie, which was directed by Amanda Kramer.

    The film begins with a disorienting earthquake that soon finds eight teenage girls trapped in a house together. As supplies begin to run low, so does their grip on reality and sanity.

    One of the characters, Dolly, says "We're not boys. We're not brutal." That's not true. After all, I've had numerous young boys punch me in the face and I can't remember their names, while the slings and arrows of women hurt you way worse and are so much more memorable.

    Soon, Olivia (Gert from Marvel's Runaways) and Piper (Annalise Basso, Oculus and Ouija: Origin of Evil) are vying for leadership over the pack of girls, who are soon dressed in increasingly strange and more fashion-forward costumes. Their world is dominated by worries of further earthquakes and the potential of a man who may have snuck into the house.

    Ryan Simpkins, who was the young co-lead alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby, plays Dolly. Maya Hawke, who was such a breakout actress on the most recent season of Stranger Things, also appears.

    The film comes off as quite similar to a stage play. Your willingness to deal with its long pauses and extended takes will determine how much you enjoy it, as well as how much you can deal with artier films. Don't go in expecting a slasher movie.