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  • The movie is good. Im a Denzel fan, and a Fuqua fan, so naturally i enjoyed it. I would like to draw attention to one part specifically - when Denzel has the serious talk with the young gentleman after they get off the elevator about halfway through. In my humble opinion, acting doesn't get any better than that. It is the cream resting at the top of his consistently excellent work. A remarkable example of the power of film.
  • If there's anyone in Hollywood that I would believe is actually a real life bada**, it's probably Denzel Washington. The first Equalizer was a surprisingly brutal and visceral action film that gave Liam Neeson movies a run for its money. While the sequel is full of just as many, if not more, incredible kill sequences by Denzel's character, I think there's a lack of connection I felt this time around. I wasn't nearly as connected to the story, and perhaps that's because the revenge didn't feel as sweet this time around. The ending of the film is a great sequence on its own and there are certain scenes I will certainly revisit, but I'm not sure the film as a whole works quite as well.

  • Preserves the spirit of the first one while telling its own story. This is a good new chapter and all I was hoping for.
  • I had my expectations high because I was very impressed with the first one. Unfortunately this one is a bit of a disappointment owing to the pacing and predictability of the story. It was slower and boring. If they decide to make a third one then they should make it a bit more fast paced.
  • We expected this to be as fast paced as the first one. Very slow narration and at times dragging with too many slow side stories. Action not as fast paced and impactful as the first one. Can wait for it on HBO. Cant believe the director Antoine Fuqua is the same on this one ! Denzel Washington is good but not at his best.
  • elliotjeory31 October 2018
    If you are a fan of Denzel Washington and the first equaliser you will love this. Met expectations in story, action and fight scenes. Yes the first one was probably better but this is still a worthy sequel and highly enjoyable. It would be great if there was a third to complete the trilogy.
  • One good actor can not produce a movie, when nothing else is there to add. Small talks may not always contribute to the atmosphere, expressly when randomly thrown into the soup. And a crude story remains just a sketch, whatever you try to do with it. And this is the case with this movie. A huge potential wasted in a mediocre script, with barely convincing characters and a totally flat course. No music, nor the hurricane, could add to the lack of vibration in this scenario. This is a "Gran Torino" with a silly fake action movie beside. Denzel, who is a great actor and is playing excellent here too, becomes almost ridiculous trying to give some substance to nothing. Total disappointment, and an unreal over-rating...
  • I was really excited when I started seeing the commercials for EQ2. I read they wanted to make a sequel for years, but nothing really came about. I really enjoy action/adventure movies, so this was right up my alley.

    The story line was similar to the first one- Denzel helping those who have been wronged, but there is a new location, new job, and new characters.

    There is enough action and suspense, and not a ton of CGI like other movies, which in my opinion, makes this a little more believable. You get a couple of twists and turns here and there and Denzel's acting really fits the role.

    I judge a movie on whether it's good enough to see again, and I would definitely see it again!
  • It's hard to say which one I loved more, but if I think hard enough, I'll give EQ2 a couple of more points over EQ1 but I can't wait to add part two to my collection. I was so emotionally invested in the sequel, but I think that's what makes it so good simply because the stories are more on a personal level and it allows you to see another side of McCall that you could have possibly missed in the first one now that we already know who he is. The action sequences were very well balanced out and kept you on edge. It didn't even feel like I was in there two hours I was so caught up in the journey. Great work. Plan on seeing it again before it leaves theaters
  • I really enjoyed his character. He is very methodical very relaxed even in tense situation. Believable no flash just gets the job done. Denzel Washington is very entertaining.
  • water70829 July 2018
    The first one had potentials, so i really bad high hopes for this one but sadly It felt like a long episode of a TV series.
  • I'm a fan of Denzel Washington and enjoyed the first "Equalizer" movie. That said, "The Equalizer" was not a film I was necessarily clamoring for a sequel to--although I still was looking forward to it since Denzel Washington and the action scenes in the trailer would be worthwhile. After seeing "The Equalizer 2" at an advance screening, I can say that while the film is not perfect, it's an entertaining ride for adult action junkies that is on par with the first movie in terms of quality.

    Denzel returns as Robert McCall, a vigilante-type figure and former special forces operative who begins the movie on a mission in Turkey. After such prologue, the film centers in on its primary narrative thread: a woman who he worked with on multiple missions has been killed by thugs in Brussels. The rest of the film primarily concerns McCall's attempt to bring the perpetrators of such heinous crime to justice, although the film also contains multiple sub-plots--including a new, older adolescent-age character who could theoretically become somewhat of a protégé to McCall in a possible third movie in the franchise.

    The action scenes in "The Equalizer 2" are thrilling and intense. Sometimes the intersection of Fuqua's cinematography choices and sound edits can feel and appear a bit choppy at times, but the film certainly brings the white-knuckle goods. The film's action-packed finale scene, a climatic showdown in the midst of an incredibly rough hurricane, is thoroughly effective and satisfying. Just like the first movie, the violence in "The Equalizer 2" certainly earns its R rating. Denzel Washington is great as McCall, blending a unique mix of charisma and ferocity. Just like in the first movie, he is able to carry the film on all of its levels from beginning to end. That said, the film does have one large flaw--that of which the story is highly predictable. If you've seen any other "vigilante"-style action movie before, you'll be able to guess the key plot elements well before they unfold, and the film's sole attempt at a plot twist can be guessed within the first 20 minutes of the movie.

    Fans of the first movie and Denzel Washington should be able to look past such banality and enjoy the action-packed ride, and I do recommend the film to them. 7/10
  • I was well entertained on Sunday when I watched the film. Denzel Washington is a favorite actor of mine. I have seen such good films of his in the past: Philadelphia(1993), The Pelican Bried(1993), Crimson Tide(1995), Virtuosity(1995), Fallen(1998), The Bone Collector(1999), The Hurricane(1999),Training Day(2001), John Q(2002) and many more...

    I am also a great fan of director Antoine Fuqua and I love his style of direction. The movie continues from the previous one, Robert McCall(Washington) now lives in a diverse apartment complex in urban Massachusetts. He is working as a Lyft driver and assists the less fortunate with the help of his friend, Susan Plummer. One day, Susan and DIA operative Dave York, McCall's former teammate, are called to investigate an apparent murder-suicide of an agent and his wife in Brussels. When the two separate after reaching their hotel, Susan is murdered in an apparent robbery. When he receives the news, McCall begins to investigate both her death and the case she was investigating.

    The action sequences in the film, background sound-effects and cinematography are extremely well executed. Antoine is a director with great vision and you can see that in all his movies. Denzel gives another excellent performance and his acting is very convincing. I give the film a rating of 8/10 because the film is a solid entertainer and held my attention the whole time.
  • In this day and age, I need to see a hero like this. Not just a good guy, but a kind man (to those who deserve it). Washington is the closest thing we have to the next Clint Eastwood. That quiet swagger is very captivating. I hope they make another.
  • MikeC1918 September 2018
    As someone that enjoyed the genre thrills of the first film, I thought surely the second one, most likely, would be more of the same. I felt... that it failed miserably. Knowing that Denzel Washington doesn't usually make sequels, I figured this one should probably be pretty good. It feels like, though, that he just cashed a paycheck for this one. A long section in the middle just feels aimless, and like it's just wasting time. It takes a little while to really set up the story, and then just kind of wastes time. The action picks up more near the end, but by then, I was checked out. Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman are wasted in their roles, and have very little to do. The good guy vs. bad guy fight at the end just feels like every other action movie, and just isn't that impressive. Very disappointed with this film. They could have done so much better!
  • gizzie-4042412 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I loved EQ1 as it was a great story. Clear cut and believable enough. However, EQ2 was quite boring and predictable with a very unconvincing gang member about to commit a crime and a rogue agent who seemed to get killed very easily. EQ1 showed DW as an ordinary guy with a hidden past that helped those who were oppressed. The story escalated quite nicely yet in EQ2 it seemed that he now travels the world like a one man A team. I feel that Hollywood made a generic action film with this one and would watch it when it's out on DVD.
  • Very long for only 3 action sequences. Not better than the original. Very bad camera lighting and Directing. Several things didn't need to be related to the movie. Very very disappointed exspected much more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well performed and excellent character development by all characters and parties performed with gusto. Music was very appropriate for the continuing changing scenes. I only hope that Mr Washington accepts a third installment to round out the reprisal of the original TV series. Edward Woodward would have enjoyed the display of looking out for others after retirement to make up for past transgressions for a thankless job.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plot holes, no story, no main villain, edited with an old butcher's clever, boring from start to finish, muslim, race mixing and gender neutral agenda pushing all over the place.

    You have no idea whats going on half way through, story so thin you dont really care to find out what happens next. Makes no difference if Denzel Washington is in this movie or Jim Carrey.

    Where is the main villain man ? What exactly is Denzel doing throughout the film nobody cares. Fight scenes boring, gun fights a great big yawn...

    It felt like someone is trying to force a piece of rotten slice of bread down your throat and wash it down with milk gone bad. Terrible movie for the confused and people who like watching movies while sitting in their toilets. Or for people who like to scroll through movies with a mouse and watch the whole film in 6 seconds max.

    I will probably catch up with all future Denzel movies after he is long gone and Im just too bored. Or watch Nicholas Cage films instead. Which is not good.

    Just change the movie title. Call it : The Equalizer The Crappy Version
  • This is a film that spends most of its time in a haze. A bunch of unrelated set pieces loosely being woven together by such a small string. There aren't really any stakes for Denzel's character. I love this director, but I don't understand how he read this script and signed on. The only thing great in this movie is Denzel's performance.
  • SUPERB! Right from the start it has you on the edge of your seat....and an Orson Bean sighting no less.....that was great!!! Excellent direction, editing and acting by one and all...a must see.....
  • Of course this movie was great, it's Denzel. In the first sequel of his career, it didn't disappoint. Very methodical. In the first film, he was the hunted. In this one, he is the hunter. First movie has a fantastic villain that was just as powerful as Denzel. The sequel didn't have villain, but with that being said, still a must see.
  • alexb-5513722 July 2018
    I was totally blown away by the whole movie. It was better than the first one by far. I hope Denzel does another one and another one and ....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Went to watch this movie over mission impossible because i was too late for tickets, i heard the first one was good and i was with my cousin and we said "F it", that was an "F it" i will always regret, to start off i came in with a mindset of oh denzel washington being a badass mofo its gonna be lit, nope quite opposite, the first 10 mins had action, after that it went downhill, it had a very all over the place story line, i swear tg their was only like 4 action scenes the whole movie, beginning, one with some rich guys in an apartment, one in a car that had nothing to do with the plot, and the last showdown and thats IT, well as far as i remember, on my mom i slept through the movie after the final showdown cuz the theater had heated recliner seats, very boring, very all over the place plot (you really had to pay attention to know whats going on) and i dont want to be paying attention to no action movie, smhhh i wish i got a refund but the nap i took was bomb so i wont complain, when it comes on TV its gonna be a good background movie to do stuff around the house, this is my first review hope u guys liked it
  • josephcapp-3398829 July 2018
    This movie is all over the place and is, in no way at all, like the first. I should have left 20 minutes in. Total waste of time.
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