Lee Russell: [from trailer] It's every mother for himself!

Neal Gamby: [from trailer] Come tomorrow, there's a brand new principal in town. His name is Neal Gamby!

Lee Russell: [from trailer-unrated version] It's every motherfucker for himself!

Neal Gamby: [from trailer-unrated version] POPCORN! You think there's popcorn in bean bags in the real world? There's not! The real world is full of meanness and SHIT!

Neal Gamby: [from trailer] GET BACK TO CLASS, YOU SAVAGES!

Neal Gamby: [from trailer] It makes me *sick* just looking at all three of you...


Neal Gamby: Sick to my stomach!

Lee Russell: [from trailer-unrated version] EAT SHIT, Gamby!

Neal Gamby: No, thank you. But have fun imagining it, though!

Neal Gamby: [from trailer] You know, I'm gettin' pretty sick and tired of that know-it-all mouth of yours, Russell!

Lee Russell: OHH! Well, then, make your move!

Lee Russell: [from trailer]

[to Gamby about him being vice principal]

Lee Russell: Whatever, Gamby! That should be me...